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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelorette” Back to Its Original Time Slot, & Screen Time from @BachelorData

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I’m sure you’ve heard the good news by now, and that’s this: Starting next Monday, the “Bachelorette” is back to its normal time slot. No longer is “Claim to Fame” going to be the lead in for the “Bachelorette,” as they are switching spots, and “Bachelorette” will be on at 8/7 central, with “Claim to Fame” coming on at 10/9 central. Not sure why they did it for 4 weeks, if this was the plan all along, or what. And we probably will never know. Especially if the reason is because they feel they made a mistake. They’d never admit that. But it’s probably for the best. They never should’ve switched it out in the first place if you ask me. What did that accomplish? “Claim to Fame” has outdrawn “Bachelorette” in weekly viewership for the first 4 weeks. They average around 2.5 million viewers a show while “Bachelorette” has been around 2 million. And it’s not because CTF is a better show. It’s just that it’s been on earlier. Next week I guarantee you those numbers flip and “Bachelorette” will now outdraw CTF. It’s inevitable.

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Two more great episodes tonight of “Temptation Island” and “The Big D” tonight. That temptation light is working overdrive tonight. The women’s bonfire is definitely an emotional one, and I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a lot of blacklight in the bedroom shots tonight. If you thought the men all basically dismissed their women last week at their bonfire, just wait til tonight. Two can play that game. As for the “The Big D,” an absolutely up-and-down range of emotions in tonight’s show. You’ll see someone’s edit and absolutely feel a certain way, then within minutes, you’ll see something else and re-think what you originally thought. Another “twist” I guess at the end of the episode too, but man, this is getting good. I think I wanna have Dr. Jada on the podcast soon.

Our friend Suzana (@BachelorData on IG) has the breakdown of Monday’s screen time, and once again, Brayden won the night and has had twice as much screen time as any other contestants through the first 4 episodes. That’ll obviously change since he’s off the show now til the MTA, but man, kinda goes to show you can talk all you want about new producers, etc. Doesn’t matter. This show will always focus on the drama in the earlier episodes and create mountains out of mole hills or else it’d be quite boring.

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