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“Reader Emails,” Lexi Shares Her Endometriosis Journey, Daisy’s IG is Skyrocketing

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I’m so into Vanderpump Rules now. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna go back and watch 10 seasons of it. I don’t feel I need to. I’ve got a pretty good grasp on these people just having read recaps and seeing clips here and there. And I’m 100% all in on James Kennedy. Easily my favorite character on the show. I’m very well aware of his problematic past on the show with drugs, drinking, and cheating. I’m not condoning that. I’m talking about the James Kennedy we’ve seen from the reunion episodes on. He’s hilarious. Great one-liners, good sense of humor, and at least keeps things a bit light on the show regardless of how upset people are getting. And I really like his new gf Ally. Seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and is loyal to the women. However, I can do without the astrology career and reading Schwartz’ birth charts. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that last night. Other than that, enjoy watching them together. I would take a Kennedy spin off any day of the week. Please. Bring it on. Oh wait, we’re getting “The Valley.” Ugh.

For those that didn’t see it, Lexi documented her endometriosis journey on her IG feed with 3 separate videos. If you haven’t seen it, I embedded it for you here. A really impressive look at what she’s been through. Couldn’t have been easy for her to share this, so I commend her:

Also, @BachelorData has broken down the IG gains of all the women this season. And what Daisy has been able to do is something we haven’t seen in at least 5 years. I mean, last season’s winner Kaity Biggar, didn’t surpass 200k followers until the day after the finale aired. Daisy has been able to accomplish that in 3 episodes, or, 16 days to be exact. It just goes to show this audience will always get behind an underdog story and Daisy’s story is really resonating with people. Here’s the breakdown:

“Reader Emails” begins on Page 2…

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