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“Reader Emails,” Update on the Women Tell All, & @BachelorData Has More Significant IG Numbers

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One of the things I was looking at from yesterday’s fallout was once the new spoilers was dropped, how did it affect Daisy and Kelsey’s IG followings. So yesterday morning when the new spoiler went up on my website, podcast, and IG feed at 7:30am, Daisy had 415,000 followers. As of this morning, she’s at 430,972 a little over 24 hrs later. Kelsey yesterday morning at that time had 55.4k followers and as of this morning, she’s at 77,237. So Daisy’s gained 15k followers and Kelsey has gained 22k since the announcement. Solid gains for each, but for those who think Daisy has so many more followers than Kelsey because I gave the spoiler, I just don’t see it that way. Yes, it’s only been 24 hours and Daisy had a 3 month head start with people thinking she won, but, Daisy only had 20k followers on Jan 22nd, premiere night. And her biggest jump in followers came after episode 2 which, you guessed it, was her first 1-on-1 date. I’m sure the spoiler out there early on had some effect, but it’s not nearly the effect you think it had. It all has to do with your likability factor (does the audience like you/your story) and screen time. Daisy and Kelsey before this past week were I believe 5th and 6th in screen time, and Kelsey doesn’t post much content. Well, she’s starting to do more now, but for most of the season, she kept it tame.

I have an update on your Women Tell All taping. It’s happening next Wednesday, March 6th and seemingly will air on March 18th. Get ready because we only had one dramatic storyline all season, and that was whatever was going on with Maria. They certainly aren’t gonna let that die, so, expect fireworks at this seasons WTA. Hopefully I’ll get behind the scenes info on what really happened at the taping versus what’s gonna be shown to us on the 18th since they have the ability to edit anything out they want. Should be interesting.

Suzana Somers, last week’s guest, has your Screen Time numbers for this past episode.

Lets get to your “Reader Emails”…

I’m a labor nurse so I decided to watch Nick vialls YouTube version of their birth story. And holy fuck you were not kidding this man can literally not help himself but to talk about himself. Everything is about him. I’ve never seen a dad be the main story teller of a birth before. Saying like “we asked for an epidural” the fuck you did not sir, SHE did and I don’t know what world you live in where you thought any part of her pain management was your decision too..??!!!!? This was not giving supportive vibes this was giving control vibes. He is nuts. Couldn’t even finish it.

He was like giving the doctor shit for not getting there fast enough? I just can’t. Telling people getting an epidural isn’t bad it must’ve just been bad in the old days but today it’s so easy and painless. Sir, no one gave you an epidural how do you know what it feels like?

Sorry had to vent to someone and 0 people in my life know who Nick vial is lol

Comment: I mean…should anyone be the least bit surprised?

Hey Steve! I’ve been a loyal listener for years but I can’t remember if you’ve ever answered this question.

Do you pay your sources like other news outlets, or do they just send you info for free? I was talking with a friend about a random bachelor spoiler that had come out years ago from a video someone sent in and she said that person must’ve made a lot of money. I’m not sure why it didn’t even occur to me that you may pay people for their information! I do not pay for info. People just like telling me stuff.

Also, I have a suggestion. Is it possible to put timestamps in the podcast when you mention spoilers for bachelor, instead of just writing “spoilers” in the beginning of the episode description? I know you’re the spoiler guy, but I like to be spoiler free. I enjoy listening to the podcast for your interviews and takes on different topics and I want to be able to do that without being spoiled!

Otherwise, I love the podcast!

Comment: Timestamps would never be correct because I never know how many ads are gonna run and that throws everything off. And that bothers me so I don’t use them. And it’s much easier to have “SPOILERS” on every episode description because it’s also impossible to know what someone considers a spoiler. Might not just be the ending. So I don’t want to have to distinguish every episode, “Hmmmm, was that a spoiler?” So just assume every podcast will have a spoiler in it. It’s much easier that way.

Hi Steve,

To me you didn’t get it wrong because you corrected the spoiler BEFORE the ending. If your niece knew then you would have known it wasn’t Daisy all along so I believe you. Oh and that comment where you said Daisy didn’t go all CLAIRE CRAWLEY on Joey had me laughing out loud! I remember that on Juan Pablo season. Could that guy be any more narcissistic lol

Comment: I mean, it was still wrong for 3 months. Yes, it’s been corrected and it means there’s still only been one season where you didn’t know the spoiler going into finale night.


Haven’t listened to the pod yet, but just read your column. Nice job of putting the facts out there and addressing your inaccurate previous spoiler. Love the fact that you didn’t pass any blame to sources and simply stated you reported what you thought was accurate but you were wrong.

It’s refreshing to have someone accept responsibility even for something as simple as reality TV endings.

Comment: Thanks. I really don’t see a reason to. I’m never gonna out sources anyway, so it seems rather counterproductive to blame other people. It’s not them posting the info, it’s me. It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.

I’ve always admitted when I was wrong. Shit, I’ve admitted more wrong doing than probably any Bachelor recapper on the internet. Then again, I’m also the only one who actually sticks his neck out and posts spoilers season in and season out, so, there’s that. Very easy to just throw opinions and takes out when there’s zero repercussions on whether you’re right or wrong.

I hope you don’t get a lot of crap today. I’m just happy you tell us the spoilers every year. You are right most of the time and that’s all I care about. We usually always know the spoiler before the episode airs so people needs to get over it. You’re not perfect, no one is. Keep bringing the spoilers! Thanks for admitting when you are wrong. You’re a good role model.

Comment: I don’t want to make this Reader Emails today about all the support I got yesterday. But it is good to see so I wanted to share some of them. I think it’s more about apologizing. I’m not apologizing for forgiveness for getting it wrong. The apology is moreso about how I handled some of the messages I personally got from people. Should’ve just ignored them.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for everything you do, week after week for our amusement of this silly show. I can’t imagine the work you do to get us the spoilers year after year. I truly believe if you hadn’t been spoiling the show all these years, there’s no way I would’ve continued watching all this time. Thank you. And I’ll keep trying to provide them every season. New season starts filming in 3 weeks and it all starts over again. One season has nothing to do with the next.

My question is regarding your new venture to having YouTube videos. I want to support you as fully as possible, so I’m curious to know which way of consuming your material will be a higher revenue earner for you. Would watching the YouTube daily/weekly podcast be a bigger earner for you than listening to it on Apple Podcasts? If possible, I’ll try to consume your show via both ways, but on the days I can’t, I’ll definitely support your show in the best monetarily way possible.

Thank you for what you do. Truly.

Comment: Well I’m not sure, since I think once the YouTube videos start, it’s just gonna be 1 a week, which will be my Thursday weekly interview podcast. So at first I’d say at least watch a little of the YouTube video every Thursday, then switch over and finish it on the pod? I don’t know. I gotta see how it works.

Long-time reader though stopped watching the show a while ago. Nevertheless, just sending support considering your overall batting average. You are rarely wrong – which did make me think of the Des/Brooks thing way back in the day. As I recall some of the bachelor producers threw shade at you then. Think they’ll do it again?

Comment: No, only because production has nothing to do with my spoilers. That season? It was wonky. I know that one my main sources that season ghosted me once the season was over, so yeah, they clearly misled me on purpose. This season? No. I’ve spoken to the sources since then and as I said yesterday, they believed what they were being told to be true. That’s why I don’t fault them. It’s not like they were blatantly lying to me.

Hi Steve,

Just an observation: there seems to be more women this season who have a more “natural” look—fewer women with hair extensions, less makeup (Maria and Rachel especially), and a little more variety for body types. Maybe this is something to do with Joey’s preference, but regardless, I would hope this trend continues because it’s nice to see women on tv that aren’t made up like beauty queens 24/7.

Anyway, thanks for all you do!

Comment: I honestly haven’t looked that heavily at that, but if you say so, I’ll take your word for it. But definitely a lot of attractive women this season for sure. One of our best looking casts ever I think.


Just want to send some support to you today. You are the best Bachelor Nation spoiler out there! I know I can always count on you! And, if you get the ending wrong once in a while, it ‘s not the end of the world. I know the podcast must have been hard for you today, but you have millions of fans out here! You always are gracious and an upstanding guy, and that’s why I listen everyday and continue to be a Big Fan!

Go have some Olive Garden for lunch or dinner today!

Comment: Well, I didn’t have Olive Garden yesterday to “celebrate,” but, it’s in my future, I’ll tell you that.

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