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    “Reader Emails,” Misinformation Again in the Nick/Blake Feud, Jordan V.’s Exit, & Your Daily Roundup

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    Some good emails this week for “Reader Emails,” but the one recurring one that I got more than any surrounded Jordan V.’s exit. Mostly people just asking why didn’t he have a chance with Gabby once Rachel didn’t want him. Short answer: she didn’t want him either. Plenty of other topics today in “Reader Emails,” so check those out. But clearly a lot will be talking about what I covered mostly in today’s Daily Roundup, and that’s the Nick/Blake feud that continued yesterday. You knew Nick wouldn’t let Blake’s IG post from last week calling Nick a hypocrite go unanswered, so Nick addressed it. Could he have let it go? Sure. But god forbid he got called a hypocrite, so he spent time on his IG talking about why he thought Blake was a hypocrite, to which Blake responded to because Nick said something that was blatantly wrong. And that’s the main point I cover today in the pod.

    You can listen to today’s podcast on a number … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Rose Ceremony #3 Questions, & My Two Cents on the Nick/Natalie/Katie Beef

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    I have a feeling that today might be adding on to a little bit of a firestorm that has started the last couple days, but hey, I feel absolutely inclined to add my two cents to the situation at hand, because I think people are forgetting something major when it comes to this whole Nick/Natalie/Katie ordeal. And I will repeat this until I’m blue in the face. Please take the time to actually listen to what the arguments are on both sides and what both sides said, and not just go off hearsay, or soundbites you may have heard online. Listen to what Katie said on her TikTok live, listen to Nick/Natalie’s response on his podcast, then form your opinion. I think I know where most people will lean once they do, but still, take the time to listen to each of their stances and go from there. I listened to the first 20 minutes of his pod, because I really wanted to know what they were so … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” & Thoughts on Last Night’s FINASCO

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    Today’s “Reader Emails” basically has 4 types of emails in them – ones sent pre yesterday’s spoiler, ones sent post yesterday’s spoiler, ones sent post yesterday’s spoiler but pre last night’s episode, and ones sent post last night’s episode. Now, you’ll see on page 3 that all the emails that were sent to me after last night’s episode don’t have any responses to them. I’ll give you my thoughts on last night in the next few paragraphs. So there was really no need to respond to how each of you viewed the episode. But I wanted to show the audience how different the responses can be while we all sat and watched the same thing. So get ready to read responses defending both sides. I feel one of the biggest things is, when episodes like last night air, it just takes the fun out of things. Everything’s so serious now, and everything is so hyper sensitive and black and white to most people, that the notion this show … Continue reading

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