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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Jef/Robby, & Thoughts on BIP Episode 5

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    I’m sure you saw a couple weeks ago that Jef Holm had filed a restraining order against Robby Hayes. Well he dropped it the other day and Robby spoke out for the first time yesterday and, ummmmmm, just go read that article. Can anyone make sense about any of this situation? I sure can’t. It’s obviously he said/he said, but that story was such a clusterf**k. I have no idea what’s real and what isn’t, who’s lying and who isn’t, or what eventually will happen with this situation. But man, the whole thing is just so bizarre. But not the least bit surprising when we’re dealing with these two clowns. Drama has followed these guys ever since they were on the show. It’s never changed.

    Ratings are in from Monday night and it was the most watched episode of the season. I didn’t do the ratings last week, but last Monday drew 3.2 million viewers while Tuesday drew 2.65 million. … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ratings, Bachelor Talk, & Today is Gotcha Day

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    Today is a big today. You know why? Because three years ago today is when I adopted my dog Luka. Always an easy date to remember because it was 8/18/18. Damn, I can’t believe it’s been three years. To commemorate, I will be doing a photo dump on Twitter and IG stories later today, so you can look forward to that. She will get extra treats today, we’ll be going to the dog park, but other than that, a pretty tame day per usual. I mean, she has no idea it’s her Gotcha Day. I tried to tell her this morning but she didn’t seem to understand. Not sure why. I mean, I clearly spelled it out for her in Engligh, but dammit, she hasn’t quite caught on. While she can get much crazier than my last dog Maddie, I’d say she’s more attached to my hip than Maddie was. Maddie was very independent and basically just slept on my bed all day when I’m working or watching … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Finale Ratings Double (CORRECTED), Final Thoughts on the Season

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    Today’s “Reader Emails” are loaded with your final thoughts on the season, the Katie/Blake duo, the Katie/Greg fight and what not. Because Nick’s podcast with Greg dropped later last night, no emails with reaction to that which is fine, but for anyone wanting to hear what Greg had to say, I suggest go listening. Clearly it pains me to promote anything Nick Viall does, but, you’re tuning in to hear what Greg now thinks of everything in an unfiltered format. I listened to most of it (I’ll be honest, I had to fast forward through a couple things), but it’s definitely a good listen. Greg finally owns up to how he came across to Katie, talks about his dad’s death, talks about going to therapy, and how he’s processed everything over the last few weeks seeing it play back. At least the guy was finally honest. I think that’s all anyone was looking for. Now, if you want to say he’s only saying it now to save face … Continue reading

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