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    “Reader Emails,” Conversation Cut from ATFR, & Ratings

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Well here we are at roughly 9:00am Wednesday morning, and the “Bachelorette” Facebook page hasn’t put up the guys for Katie’s season yet. Maybe it happens later today, maybe it happens overnight. But if they keep with recent tradition, we should be getting the list of possibly guys for Katie within the next 24 hours. I’ve given you nine (they’re all on my IG Highlights), and I’ve got at least 3 more coming later today as of now. Those will be posted on my Twitter, IG Stories, and saved on my IG Highlights. So that’s a little over a 1/3rd of the cast since I assume we’ll be given around 33-35 guys and 3-5 won’t end up making the cast. That’s how it’s worked since they started releasing these casts early. Can’t remember what season it started, but I wanna say they’ve done it 5 seasons in a row? Maybe 6? Either way, I will keep you updated once it’s up and will start filling in the guys … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Emmanuel Acho on GMA, & (EXCLUSIVE) What’s the “Bachelorette” Twist This Season?

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Seems that in recent weeks, I have a new piece of info to break to you almost once a week. First it was the Matt/Rachael breakup, then it was the location of the next “Bachelorette” filming, then it was who the next “Bachelorette” was, then it was the details on how the rest of the season plays out. Welp, now I have yet another exclusive for you today that goes in conjunction with who the next “Bachelorette” is. But hey, I know nothing, right? And everything I post is wrong anyway, right? Hilarious. Anywho, we teased it last night on the IG live with Ashley, because in yesterday’s column, you clearly saw me post that there was a twist (or curveball as Emmanuel is calling it) coming at the ATFR, but I didn’t know what it was. All I did know is that whatever this was, it didn’t take away from the fact that Katie is the next “Bachelorette.” And that still hasn’t changed. So maybe this isn’t … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Last Night’s IG Live, & Chris Harrison Set to Speak

    Photo Credit: ABC

    A lot of stuff coming up as we’re down the home stretch of the “Bachelor” season with overnights on Monday and then the finale and ATFR on the 15th. We know Emmanuel Acho will be hosting, but we haven’t heard a word from Chris Harrison since his February 13th post on IG saying he was stepping aside for a period of time for the show. That will all change, allegedly tomorrow, when he sits down with Michael Strahan on GMA. It hasn’t been officially named which day he’ll be on, but that’s the rumor going around it’ll happen tomorrow. I think we know pretty much what Chris will say, but, seeing and hearing him say it will be quite interesting. And as Ashley and I discussed on the live last night, I think the fact this is happening seems to be step 1 to Chris’ rehab tour and I think this is a major step into him returning to the show at some point. … Continue reading

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