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    “Reader Emails,” Stats from Episode Before Hometowns, & Screen Time from @BachelorData

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July yesterday. Mine was a bit up and down. Why? Because the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest toyed with my emotions. For 2 hrs it was on a weather delay. And then there were legitimate Twitter accounts saying it was canceled – until it wasn’t. Which was great. Thank you. My day was made. Granted, the extra waiting didn’t seem to help as I can’t remember the last time Joey Chestnut ate as little as 62 hot dogs, but he still beat the 2nd place guy by double digits. Chestnut might be our greatest American hero at this point. He’s won 8 in a row, and 16 of the last 17 championships, which is just absurd. And it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon considering no one ever really comes close to him. Do all the sudden you lose the ability to shove that much down your gullet? Is this something you can teach your body or is it something … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Charity Spoilers

    “Reader Emails,” What’s Impressed Me Most About Ariel & Gabi Post-Filming, Fleiss is Out, & Info on Charity’s Group Date Yesterday


    One thing we learned yesterday from Zach and Kaity’s media tour was Zach calling out editing for how they showed Gabi and Kaity’s last date. On the show, we saw him have his last date with Kaity first, THEN Gabi. But when he was asked on the finale when he knew, he said it was when he saw Kaity on their last date he knew she was the one. Well, that didn’t make sense or he had lied to Gabi since they showed us Gabi went second. Zach made the correction yesterday. In reality, Gabi’s last chance date was first and THEN it was Kaity. So him saying once he saw Kaity on that last date he knew it was her makes more sense and proves he didn’t lie to Gabi about that. But again, that’s all on production because it fit the narrative they were trying to tell to the audience. Sucks, but I’m glad Zach cleared that up.

    (SPOILERS) Today’s Daily Roundup covers a deeper dive … Continue reading

  • Podcasts

    The “Bachelor” Zach – Overnight Date Thoughts, “Reader Emails,” Your Opinions on Zach & “Bachelorette” Filming Update

    Photo Credit: ABC

    Sorry about no column yesterday. I got so behind with the two podcasts, and getting backed up after Monday night’s episode, that I just included all of it in today’s column. So today you’ll get my recap of my weekend in Vegas and California, my thoughts on Monday’s episode including the mistakes Zach made on Monday night, your “Reader Emails,” and then pages 4 and 5 will have YOUR reactions to what Zach did, which all seem to be in agreement with each other, so there was no need for me to comment on those. I just wanted to share almost 30 emails that came in in regards to Zach’s actions to show that most people all seemed to feel the same way. Pretty fascinating, since most things that happen on this show divides opinions from people, but not this one. Seems to be universal that Zach could’ve handled this way better than he did, and you tell me about what your stance is and if/when you’d want … Continue reading

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