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    “Reader Emails,” Nick Speaks Out, and Your Trivia Contest Results

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    So I got a few new details on the Reality TV Awards that I was nominated for yesterday. Still waiting to hear more confirmation on things, but the basics are that voting will open to the public on Sept. 2nd. I will be tweeting out a link to where you can vote. No idea how many times one person can vote. Then the awards show is on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd in LA. Last year I believe I read it was at the Roosevelt Hotel. They contacted me yesterday on Twitter and said they wanted me to attend. Well, you don’t need to twist my arm to get me to go to CA for a few days, so probably a good chance I’ll attend. Even if I do end up losing to some site like TMZ, or Perez Hilton, or Media Take Out, which certainly shouldn’t even be in the category for “Best Reality TV Website.” Those sites couldn’t be more NOT reality TV based. Makes sense. Andy … Continue reading

  • Bachelor in Paradise 3

    “Reader Emails,” Josh’s Mom Talks About the Edit, & Your Reality Steve Trivia Contest w/ Video Answers

    JoshAmanda JoshAmanda
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    I’ve told you many times that I can, at times, have a horrible memory. For those that watched last Thursday night’s live chat, what did I tell people to remind me of? I told them to remind me to upload the video from two weeks ago of the 2nd Annual Reality Steve Trivia Contest we had at my party. Someone emailed me that night like right after the show to remind me – and I still forgot. But then yesterday someone reminded me again that I forgot to upload it, so I did it immediately and here we are. Finally, you have your video you can play along with. As mentioned, I’m pretty sure this will become an annual party that is open to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is find a way to get to Vegas every year. And there will be a Trivia Contest every year as well. I think I might do a different hotel next year and even possibly make it … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” MTA Mini-Recap, Aaron Rodgers Speaks, and the “Baby Bachelorette” MTA

    CHJojo CHJojo
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    Mercifully, that’s over. We’ll get to your MTA brief, brief recap in a moment because frankly, there really isn’t much to say. Almost half the show was spent on Chad and I’m pretty much over it at this point. Sure, he backed up a lot of the stuff I’ve been saying about Robby and Grant, but then again, I didn’t need his validation. It’s not like I was guessing on that stuff or went with some flimsy reporting. But the MTA didn’t disappoint in terms of what we expected from it. Lets face it, it’s ultimately the same thing every season, just with different people. It’s overhyped, the soundbites end up being better than the actual show, and the people who got eliminated at #3 & #4 go up to the hot seat to tell their sob story. So much of the show is stuff we’ve already seen anyway, and when these guys are two months removed from it, it’s hard to believe any of them are really … Continue reading

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