“Reader Emails” and Kelsey Moving to Paris

Well that didn’t take long. Not one day removed from Kelsey’s glamorous exit from the show and she’s already getting out there front and center to talk to anyone who’ll listen. A reporter was at her viewing party Monday night and has informed us that she is taking a writing job in Paris and left yesterday for two weeks. She’ll come back for the birth of her nephew then head back out there in the summer and stay “as long as Paris will have me.” Good riddance. Hope it’s forever. This chick is all about self promotion and she’s obsessed with what people think of her. Her father even took to the comment section of that article to defend his daughter, making this whole thing even more bizarre. Lets just all be happy Kelsey is out of the country as we speak, is no longer a guidance counselor because she “quit” (wink, wink), and will be spreading her word all over Paris for hopefully years to come. Couldn’t have happened to a more … Continue reading

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“Reader Emails” & Final Reaction to the Family Letters from Last Week

I think those of you that have read me long enough know what a huge “24″ fan I am. It’s my favorite show of all time, followed by “Friday Night Lights,” then “Lost.” Well, since channel 500 on DirecTV likes to show like 2 episodes a day of “24,” they get me hooked every time. I think they’re running season 7 episodes right now, and I started watching them a couple weeks ago. Well, once I did, 2 episodes at a time wasn’t enough. Since I own every season, I basically just finished off season 7 two weekends ago. Then this past weekend I watched all of season 8. I know, I like to binge watch. It’s an addiction. Anyway, I’d forgotten how good those seasons were. I know long time fans may have been upset once David Palmer was out of the picture, but I’m telling you, if you re-watch those seasons, they are just as good. It’s definitely a different show in seasons 7 and 8 as it was in seasons 1 & … Continue reading

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