The “Women Tell All” Recap Including Some “Reader Emails”

Whew. Only six days away. Six days away from this finally being over. A culmination of four months of having to wait to be vindicated. Sure, there are people that are hoping the spoiler is wrong like it was last season, but c’mon, really? You really think it is? Interesting. Ok, well then I guess you’ll get your answer in six days. I’m not the least bit worried, and haven’t been since I gave you all the spoilers back on November 20th. For the last couple weeks I’ve been focusing on Andi’s season. I’ve started to put together the guy’s profiles. Right now I have 12 guys, a couple of which filmed their intro videos over the weekend and even yesterday. Of course, zero other websites are reporting anything on Andi’s season because they don’t have anything. Kinda the way it works. I release it, then they take my info. Some credit, some don’t. I will release the first 5 guys a week from today in next week’s column. I’m pretty sure filming starts next … Continue reading

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“Reader Emails” & Your Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

I feel like I haven’t left my computer since the show ended on Monday night. I’ve been typing non stop for three days and can’t seem to detach myself from this seat. The “Reader Emails” this week took forever since it’s the biggest batch we’ve had since like week 2. All over the map with these emails today, so we got some diversity to say the least. I think people seem to forget that during Sean’s season of the “Bachelor,” they aired back-to-back episodes in February as well, but it was like episodes 4 & 5, or 5 & 6. Can’t remember. Since it wasn’t hometowns and overnights back-to-back, I think that’s why people forgot this has happened before. People definitely have short term memory when it comes to this show since, well, they only seem to remember things that they just saw, when in reality, this show really doesn’t bring anything new to the table. Kinda just does the same thing every season, just with different people.

I got a couple emails from … Continue reading

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