“Reader Emails” and E!’s So-Called Exclusives

As I head to Vegas this weekend for my friend’s wife’s 40th birthday, I got to thinking about some of the Vegas stories I have with him. This is a friend I met in college and we’ve been buddies ever since. I’m the godfather to his second son, and to say we’ve had our fair share of Vegas stories would be an understatement. Some funny, some ridiculous, one that’ll never get re-told and some just being too inside where you’d even be interested. When we were in college in LA, there were nights where we’d be sitting around on a Friday or Saturday and just be like, “Lets go to Vegas” and we’d just pack some stuff, hop in the car, get there in about 3 1/2 hrs if he had his lead foot going, we’d gamble, take a nap in the car, then drive back. So we’ve been going for a good 20 years. You can imagine the stories. He had his 40th there a couple years ago, he wasn’t able to attend my … Continue reading

“Reader Emails” 7/8/15

Kind of a slow week in “Bachelor” land, no? Not a whole hell of a lot of stories to report, not much social media activity, etc. I think that’ll change as we head down the home stretch of the season. MTA tapes this weekend, a lot of the BIP 2 cast will be in attendance to promote it, and then after that, once we get down to the final 2 after next week’s episode, we’ll have 2 weeks of “Shawn vs Nick” debate in the media. That’s what they hitched their wagon to all season, and that’s what they’re gonna roll with. By the end of next Monday’s episode, we’ll have them in the final 2, and with the MTA airing July 20th, that means from July 14th – 27th, we have nothing to talk about other than that debate between the final two guys. “Bachelor” talk can’t start until someone is named. They’ve released those at different times in the past. Could be as early as the ATFR on July 27th, and could be … Continue reading