“Reader Emails” & Taylor Swift Last Night

Well to say last night was quite the experience would be an understatement. I could probably write 3 pages about attending the Taylor Swift concert but I’ll spare you the intricate details, not to mention I have a plane to catch homne. Just now that my niece Olivia had a blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Great concert. Lets just say the “Swifties” are an interesting clan. Can’t say there were too many men there that’s for sure. And a lot of little kids barely made it through the first half of the show before falling asleep. The tickets said 7:30 but her website says 6:00. So of course I listened to the website and got there at 5:30 when we were told the opening acts don’t start til 7:30 and Taylor goes on about 9:15. Wonderful. So yeah a lot of sitting and waiting, but in the end, more than worth it. It was loud, I got a glow in the dark wristband that lit up to the music, and it … Continue reading

August 26th, 2015 | 24 Comments | Posted in Bachelor in Paradise 2, Reader Emails

“Reader Emails” & A Throwback to Jake & Vienna’s Public Breakup

Devastating news this morning. Just gut wrenching. Well, not really but in case you missed it, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have decided to separate after 11 years together, 5 of which were as a married couple. Man, that blows. Ok, I’m kidding. It doesn’t whatsoever for a couple of reasons. 1) Megan Fox is now single (and totally in my league) and 2) This paves the way for David and Donna to finally get married for real. Not this campy TV stuff that isn’t real. No, I’m talking about David Silver proposing to Donna Martin and makin’ this bitch official. I know Donna is over David banging Ariel in the limo while leaving the condom wrapper on the floor. And I’m sure David can look past Donna’s bizarre infatuation with Noah, the drifter drunk who somehow lasted a few seasons on that show as her boyfriend. We’re grown adults now. We can move past bad decisions. Lets make this happen, lets invite the whole gang to the wedding, and David and … Continue reading

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