“Reader Emails,” Your Full BIP 2 Cast List, & SPOILER Info on Nick

So People magazine released the partial BIP cast list this morning, however they left out everything important – namely the four guys (to start off) from Kaitlyn’s season who are on the show, and the “surprise” guest. We’ll get to that in minute. One thing this article did was confirm that they definitely started out with 16 (9 girls and 7 guys), and made the list I’m about to show you official. So anyone who’s thinking this was somehow planted and sent to me so I’d post it and that’s not the cast, well again, that’s not what happened. I can’t make this any clearer than I do every season: This show does not go out of their way to try and fool me with planted information or anything like that. It’s never happened before. Info that I’ve gotten in the past that’s been wrong has never come from anyone even remotely associated with the show. I say it all the time: people just like giving me info. This BIP info is no … Continue reading

“Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” BIP News, & Live Video Chat Tonight at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST

So today is a first. A few months back, Olivia and Nicholas’ school had an auction and my sister put up a “Lunch with Reality Steve” for bid. That lunch is happening today. I don’t know the women who purchased this thing (although my sister tells me I’ve met one of them before) but they’re all mothers from the kids’ school who are fans of the site. This should be interesting. Looking forward to it though since I need to prep myself for the questions that’ll be thrown my way this coming weekend in Vegas I’m sure. I’m always up for when people ask me questions about the show. Especially when it’s “Why is the driveway always wet.” Those are my favorite ones. Hey, at least it’s at South Coast Plaza today, since I need to go to Nordstrom’s to do some shopping before the trip tomorrow. Now I get to kill two birds with one stone. Win Win!

Speaking of Vegas, since I’m leaving tomorrow, as I mentioned yesterday the live video chat … Continue reading