“Reader Emails,” Andi’s Book, Another Contestant Blames Editing, & the Next “Bachelor”

I want to publicly acknowledge US Weekly being a full month late to the “Ben H. is the next Bachelor” party. E! Online and this site reported that a month ago, yet somehow US didn’t put it out til today’s magazine that hit newsstands with Ben H. on the cover saying “Meet the New Bachelor.” For the last month, all I’ve heard is people telling me how Ben isn’t doing it, Ben turned it down, they’re gonna do two Ben’s, it’s gonna be Nick, it’s gonna be Ben Z., Ben H. is dating Tenley…on and on and on and on it went. Mind you, none of that information came from any solid sources, just people thinking that because they see something on social media it must be true. The fact is they did exactly what I said they would: they played Nick. Guess what? They hired Nick a personal trainer. Just like they did Arie last season. Womp wooooooooooooomp. Sorry bud. It was Ben and they played you like a fiddle making you think you … Continue reading

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“Reader Emails,” Marcus & Lacy, & UnREAL Producers Talk Season 2

So the big news to come out of yesterday that many of you asked about was the TMZ report that Marcus and Lacy’s wedding was fake. I don’t know anything about this and it was the first I’d heard, but I think people are getting caught up in semantics. If there’s no wedding license in Mexico or the U.S. that they’ve found, then I guess by technical terms they aren’t legally married yet. But when they post that headline, you get people thinking that they aren’t even a couple and/or they were just hired for the show. That’s not true. They live together in Orange County, they are engaged, everyone of their family members that was flown down to Mexico that day was paid for as were their accommodations. So did the wedding we saw on TV legally bind them as a couple? I guess not according to that story, but they are a couple and living together and are planning a ceremony in the states when Marcus returns from Coast Guard boot … Continue reading

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