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    “Reader Emails,” MTA Mini-Recap, Aaron Rodgers Speaks, and the “Baby Bachelorette” MTA

    CHJojo CHJojo
    Photo Credit: ABC

    Mercifully, that’s over. We’ll get to your MTA brief, brief recap in a moment because frankly, there really isn’t much to say. Almost half the show was spent on Chad and I’m pretty much over it at this point. Sure, he backed up a lot of the stuff I’ve been saying about Robby and Grant, but then again, I didn’t need his validation. It’s not like I was guessing on that stuff or went with some flimsy reporting. But the MTA didn’t disappoint in terms of what we expected from it. Lets face it, it’s ultimately the same thing every season, just with different people. It’s overhyped, the soundbites end up being better than the actual show, and the people who got eliminated at #3 & #4 go up to the hot seat to tell their sob story. So much of the show is stuff we’ve already seen anyway, and when these guys are two months removed from it, it’s hard to believe any of them are really … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Video of James Taylor, & (EXCLUSIVE) Who Returns at the Overnight Date Rose Ceremony?

    JoJoJordan3 JoJoJordan3
    Photo Credit: ABC

    So yesterday I gave you an update on what to expect in next week’s episode. When we pick up the episode, JoJo is wailing away after Luke tells her he loves her. Well, that was done for dramatic purposes since she ends up still sending him home anyway, paving his storyline to be the “Bachelor” next season from everything I’m hearing. I also informed you that on the overnight dates, Chase and JoJo do go back to the fantasy suite, but while there, JoJo basically says she’s not feeling like she should, and she lets Chase go before they spend the night together. They don’t end on good terms. Basically she’s upset and telling him essentially she didn’t mean to hurt him and that’s not her intention and he comes back with, “But that’s exactly what you did.” So when he leaves, he isn’t happy. But that isn’t the last we see of him. At the rose ceremony, Chase shows back up…but not to ask for a second … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Aaron on HBO Tonight, My Access Hollywood Appearance, & An Update on the Live Video Chat

    aaronolivia aaronolivia

    As you know, Spreecast went out of business so there hasn’t been any live chats in at least a month. I think that’s about to change. I found a great partner in Crowdcast that does pretty much everything Spreecast does and then some. I have another video call with them today, but if all goes well, and I can get up to speed on their set up, I’m thinking we might have a live video chat tomorrow. Obviously this will be a transition and there will be some kinks to work out, but from everything I’ve gathered so far, it should run pretty smoothly. I think the best part about it is the archived feature. I know a lot of you can’t watch it live, so you watch the replay. In the past, there weren’t any markers to fast forward to something maybe you wanted to hear. With Crowdcast, if you watch the show on replay, you’ll see the list of every question I answered during the live … Continue reading

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