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    “Reader Emails” incl My Theory on Ben’s Season & Your “Women Tell All” Spoilers

    LaurenJoJo2 LaurenJoJo2
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    A lot of emails this week regarding the Caila vs JoJo debate. You take into account yesterday’s poll question, then read a lot of these emails, you’ll see most people are way more Team JoJo. As am I. However, I don’t think that means anything. I will stand by what I’ve said for the last couple of weeks and I really think that we’re headed for a season of Caila as the “Bachelorette.” Nothing official yet as the announcement obviously hasn’t been made, and I haven’t been told by sources that she’s locked in, but I just get a feeling based on numerous factors that they’re going to eventually go with her. I’m sure that won’t make a lot of you happy, and you’ll probably tell me that you won’t watch next season. Just know that that doesn’t matter. Have you looked at the ratings for the last two “Bachelorette” seasons? Both seasons roughly averaged 6.5 million viewers a week with both finales pulling in around 8 million … Continue reading

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    Your Biggest “Reader Emails” of the Season

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    Not sure what someone put in the water this week, but, we have over 70 emails to cover today. A lot of questions about JoJo’s ethnicity, more “Bachelorette” opinions, and a whole plethora of other things. I can’t remember the last time we had 70 emails in a column. Been a couple years I think. But that’s good. The more the merrier. Just took me a little longer than normal. Not to mention, there were a few repetitive ones that I had to delete. Obviously with all these emails coming in from last Wednesday through last night, you’re going to get people asking the same question at some point. It’s inevitable. I try to limit the repetitive ones as much as I can, but, sometimes people bring up the same question but have a different opinion on it, so I’ll leave that in. All depends. You’ll see today. I think the most repetitive one centered around JoJo being just as “diverse” a candidate for “Bachelorette” as Caila because … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” & Former “Bachelor” Contestant Dies

    Lex Lex
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    So yesterday I posed the question of assuming they’re keeping the same shooting schedule, and they will start filming the “Bachelorette” the week the “Bachelor” finale airs (so sometime between March 16th-18th), how can they make JoJo the “Bachelorette” when she has to appear on the ATFR on Monday night the 14th and talk about her time with Ben on the show. The only thing I could come up with is if Chris Harrison says, “We are going to be making our decision at the end of the show and the ladies in the running are all here with us tonight.” And THEN they pick JoJo, being honest about not having made their decision until that moment. However, the more I thought about that scenario, there are two problems that I see: 1) Making your “Bachelorette” choice in front of other girls who DIDNT get picked? Ouch. That’s really rubbing it in and something they’ve never done before. This show is very structured. They don’t deviate from the … Continue reading

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