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    “Reader Emails,” “Dr. Reality Steve,” BIP Cast Announcement & Next Week’s Column

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    So yesterday it became “official” when People announced a partial “Bachelor in Paradise” cast list. Mind you, every name they gave were names I’ve given you in the past week, yet no credit given. You might ask, “Steve, why do you keep mentioning them not crediting you? They never do.” Oh I but I beg to differ. In fact, it was exactly one week ago today that People pulled their heads out of their asses and finally credited me with a story that they ran, which was the one about Chad buying domain names. Which is why it’s so infuriating. When ABC releases their cast photos and bios every season, do I ever give them crap for not crediting me? Of course not. Because they don’t mention me. Ever. But for People to have no problem mentioning a story I broke last week, but then turn right around a week later and pretend that all these contestants weren’t already spoiled is laughable. Either never … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” More Chad, and Villains Gotta Vill – Courtney Talks to Olivia

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    So I didn’t want to go down the whole list of guys who’s Instagram followers I posted yesterday, since the only one most people are talking about today is Chad. Just since yesterday morning, he’s gained another 4,500 followers. You’re welcome Chad. You can send your money via PayPal. That’s what this has turned into now. Who can gain the most popularity on the show, and who can take that popularity on social media and turn it in to something worthwhile? I’m sure Chad is doing whatever he can to stay relevant for the next week while he’s still on the show. Of course, there’s BIP as well, which I’m pretty sure he’ll end up going on as well. You know, producers will give him the ol’ “Hey, you can be the JJ of this season where you totally redeem your character,” all while not giving a crap in the world whether or not he redeems himself, they just want to make dramatic television. I’m sure Chad will … Continue reading

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    “Reader Emails,” Ashley & JP, the Grant Ex-Girlfriend Story, & JoJo Denies Everything Ever

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    It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours. Non stop emails, texts, phone calls, meetings, etc. Fun times I tell ya. Let me first get started with a couple corrections to make from yesterday’s column. As I tweeted out then added to the column yesterday afternoon, I incorrectly reported that Ashley & JP were going to be on next season’s “Couples Therapy.” So I apologize for that. With that said, I’m pretty sure they did film a show. I just had the wrong one. My guess is they did “Marriage Boot Camp.” I’m waiting for confirmation. Also, totally drew a blank on a couple of BIP contestants on the cast list yesterday, along with you can cross a couple of them off. Lace and Lauren H. will most certainly be on. Rachel Tchen has a boyfriend, so you can cross her off. Also, you can cross off Courtney Robertson. I heard she’s not doing it. Whew. Anything else I screwed up on? No? Ok we’re good. I hope.

    Jojo … Continue reading

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