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  • Bachelor in Paradise 4

    The “Bachelorette” Episode 4 Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) “Bachelor in Paradise” News. Can it Be Saved After All?

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    Feels like we haven’t spoken to each other in months. Years maybe. Craziness happening in the “Bachelor” world, but today I can exclusively report, that comes to an end. I don’t see any other outlet reporting this, so anyone after this post I would appreciate giving the proper credit. According to my sources, ABC’s investigation into the BIP situation has been completed, they found no evidence of any wrongdoing or sexual misconduct, and they will be announcing this soon. Possibly as early as today. After seeing some stories get out over the weekend which really questioned Corinne and her behavior, this isn’t at all surprising of an outcome to me. I kinda saw where this was headed when I was getting all the information coming to me last week. There just didn’t seem to be enough there to warrant the things that were being said and how certain outlets were claiming what was going on. This opens the door to a lot of questions I’m sure you all … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

    The “Bachelorette” Rachel Episode 3 Recap, My Appearance on Olivia’s Podcast, & DeMario’s Ex

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    Quite an interesting day yesterday. I got the gamut of emotions on Twitter and email regarding the change in spoiler. One thing to keep in mind is that original spoiler was posted Wednesday, May 17th. Rachel didn’t start doing her media rounds until the next day. You bet your ass the show is fully aware of what spoiler was put out there before they let Rachel start talking, so maybe that did play a role in her saying immediately she was engaged, with them thinking that everyone would just assume the spoiler to be true and they’d hope I wouldn’t find out the real ending. So remember what when you’ve seen Rachel in any interviews from May 17th up until yesterday. I guarantee she was coached to say certain things based on the spoiler that was out there. Now that it’s changed, lets see if anything changes in interviews she does. Although, I just don’t put too much stock into what is shown on the show, nor necessarily … Continue reading

  • Bachelorette Rachel Spoilers

    (SPOILERS): “Bachelorette” Rachel Episode-by-Episode Spoilers Incl an Update to What Happens at the End

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    This has been a really weird season to say the least. If you were following along during filming, every date in LA and South Carolina was spoiled publicly. In episode 2, I’d posted pictures of Rachel’s first group date at the Malibu Wine Safaris, then Peter’s group date, and the basketball date was attended by hundreds. Then in tonight’s episode, the Ellen date was made public basically that day, we saw pictures of Rachel and Anthony riding around LA on horseback, then the public was in attendance for the mud wrestling date. The next episode (which won’t be til the 19th since there’s no new episode next week due to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, even if there is a Golden St. sweep) when they go to South Carolina, all three of those dates were public as well – Dean’s 1-on-1 in front of the public at the Russell Dickerson concert after the Goodyear Blimp ride earlier in the day, the group date that was a Spelling … Continue reading

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