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  • American Idol 9

    American Idol Recap – 3/16/10

    Breaking down last night’s “Idol” performances in today’s column, and pushing all the other stuff back to Friday. Makes it easier to do Wednesday/Friday columns than cram it all into one. So the stuff about the 20/20 Bachelor piece will be in Friday’s column. Thank you to everyone for the well wishes regarding Maddie and I’s two year anniversary. I tried to get her to be excited about it but, well, she didn’t seem to care. Nor understand what the hell I was telling her. Oh that’s right. I forgot. She’s not a human. Could’ve fooled me. She knows when I’m taking her to Doggie Resort before we even get in the car, so to me, that means she’s fully aware of understanding the English language.

    So our first live show of the season and they went with the Rolling Stones theme. Funny, I thought I knew a few Rolling Stones songs going into last night’s show. Apparently not. I guess I only know “Start Me Up” and “Satisfaction”. Sure, I was familiar with … Continue reading

  • Interviews

    Reality Roundup 3/15/10 Including a Vegas Interview, “Idol” Thoughts, & an Anniversary

    Back after an almost two-week hiatus, we’ve got a few things to discuss. Namely, what happened on the Vegas trip, the Rozlyn sex tape, my thoughts on Jason and Molly’s wedding, the Top 12 of “American Idol”, and what 2-year anniversary is today. Yes, I realize the ABC’s “20/20” fluff piece on the “Bachelor” airs tonight, but I will cover that in Wednesday’s column, which will have a recap of Tuesday’s “Idol” performances. So you can expect a column every Wednesday from here on out as I give my opinions on each of the previous nights performances, followed by who I think SHOULD go home vs. who I think WILL go home. And the way this season has gone so far, it seems like anyone can go home any week, so it might be a little tougher. Lets get started.

    One of the first things I did when I got to Vegas was conduct an interview with RawVegas.TV. Thanks to “Chops” for setting this up at Caesars Palace and getting this done. Funny thing was, … Continue reading

  • The Bachelor 14 - Jake

    Some Closing Thoughts…

    T-minus 25 hours and counting. I need a break from all this “Bachelor” nonsense. I really do. I’ve been going at it for two months straight and to finally get to Vegas, have some fun, and not have to think about Jake and Vienna at least for another few weeks til he shows up on DTWS will be a nice break. Of course, Vegas lasts less than two days before I’m on a plane to NY for work, so, even my fun vacation gets cut a little short. Boooooooooooo. Last chance for anyone to get in touch with me today regarding the Vegas trip. If you were/are interested, and you didn’t receive the group email yesterday, I suggest you email me immediately so I can give you the info. Or if you just feel like showing up and looking for me, I can guarantee you I’ll either be at the pool or at a craps/blackjack table. That’s a given. Get together will be at TAO inside in the Venetian around 10:30. See you there.

    I … Continue reading

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