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    An Exclusive Candid Interview with Wes Hayden

    Remember how I told you it’s very tough to have the booted contestants from this show come do interviews because ABC won’t release them to me? Well thank God for Wes Hayden. Very much a breath of fresh air in this very revealing, inside look at what really went down with his “character” this season on the “Bachelorette”. Let’s just say Wes is pretty pissed off with how things shook down, and all he’s here to do is tell his side of the story. At that point, then feel free to make your decision about what you saw on TV vs. the real Wes Hayden. Yes, I’m continuing my one man crusade to expose the show for the fraud it is. Wes Hayden most certainly helps with that and paints a pretty clear picture of what this show does to get the results it wants.

    Let me say that I understand a lot of you already have formed your opinion, you hate the guy, and probably nothing he says will change your mind. … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

    The Bachelorette 5 Recap – 7/6/09

    -I’ve really been out of the loop for the last five or six days having been out of town. So there really isn’t much to address beforehand. The store will continue its sale throughout this week, and if you want your picture up on the site, you can see we’ve added a flickr photo album. Thanks to Holly, DeAnna, Natalie, and Richard for their pics. Good stuff. A lot of you have sent emails over the last week that I probably didn’t get to. My apologies. But I wasn’t really around a computer at all and didn’t want to respond through Blackberry to everyone. And when I got back yesterday, there were just too many to go through pretty much all asking the same questions. So if I have time today, I will get around to them. If not, don’t take it personal.

    -The only thing I want to say about last week is I stand by what I did. I was kinda surprised so many people ran with the “do what you do best” … Continue reading

  • The Bachelorette 5 - Jillian

    A VERY IMPORTANT Bachelorette 5 Recap – 6/29/09

    -First things first, we are having our first ever sale in the merchandise store, effective immediately. Starting today, everything in the store is now $3 off for a limited time. So click on the link to the right and pick up a great gift for the whole family (Ok, that just sounded good). The sale won’t last too long, so get in while you can.

    -Hope you all enjoyed the Holly and DeAnna interviews. It was a lot of fun, and I can guarantee, you’ll be hearing more of that sometime in the future. Here’s the problem I run in to with the interviews. I think a lot of you want to hear what the contestants on this show have to say. Trust me, if I could talk with every single person after they got eliminated, I would. But I can’t. ABC/Next Entertainment (Fleiss’ company) will never give them to me because they know what my site is about, they know all I do is make fun of their show, and they … Continue reading

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