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“Reader Emails” and Corinne’s Whipped Cream Bikini

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Wine was good, just like any regular wine. I got all 3 bottles … they weren’t too expensive but the shipping sure was! I really only bought them so I could enter the giveaway with a picture for the women tell all!

Comment: Oh, I didn’t know they were giving away prizes. They emailed me and asked if I wanted some. I told them no need to. They’d probably just end up sitting in my wine rack that’s starting to overflow.

No token single mom on this season (unless I missed it)? Interesting…

Do you think Nick had a say in that?

Comment: It’s possible. We usually do get at least one single mom every season.

Hey, Steve,

Saw your note in the column and wanted to clarify:

Hey, Steve,

I know you mentioned this before, but today in her podcast, Heather McDonald (Juicy Scoop) was saying that she told Chris Harrison (at a Christmas party, not her podcast, however, she told the story on her podcast) that she’s excited that it is Nick (even though apparently she isn’t) and he said that it was supposed to be Luke, but he was being too difficult with his music and wanting it to be on TV.

I figured I’d email you in case this explains it — you were right.

Have a great night & keep up the great work on the website!

Comment: Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification. I thought she actually had Chris Harrison on her podcast. But he told her in private and then she talked about it on her podcast. Got it. To me, even more truth to it then.


Just wondering: what ever happened to Ali’s Roberto? He seemed to fall off the face of the earth after they broke up.

Comment: He started dating a former Playboy Playmate, Sara Underwood, and they were together a couple of years. But they broke up a while ago. No idea what he’s up to now.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader and fan! Thanks for making a show I love to make fun of even more to make fun of. However, this e-mail is not going to be regarding the Bachelor, but instead the ultimate reality show…

Listening to your podcast a couple weeks ago, I was interested in your thoughts about the Survivor finale. I always enjoy reading Fish’s recaps, but it’s nice to hear your insight as well.

I have to say, I disagree with your notion that somehow, contestants on the jury should be able to view the show before casting their vote for the Sole Survivor. Here’s why – the entire purpose of the show is to drop people into a difficult environment, force them to vote each other off, and then let the people who have been voted off vote for a winner. Because of this, the social aspect of the game is huge, but not as important as perception. I agree that several seasons would have different winners if the jury had been able to watch the show back before voting (Tocantins comes to mind), but this would make it a completely different game. In order to win, you have to have your finger on the pulse of the game, be liked and respected by your fellow survivors, and most of all, be able to convince people that you played with strategy. The way others perceive you in the game will determine your fate, and if you can’t actively convince people that you are playing a smart, strong game, then you don’t deserve to win.

Case in point, the Tocantins example. Stephen was arguably the major strategic force in the game. However, and more importantly, JT was perceived by the jury as being the strategic force. That, combined with JT’s likability, won him all of the votes on the jury. However, several jury members, after watching the show, admitted they had no idea Stephen controlled as much as he did and likely would have voted for him had they known. That’s not on them not watching the show, it’s on Stephen for not establishing himself as a strategic player and articulating his strengths in the game.

So, while I think it would be interesting to allow the jury to watch back before they vote somehow, I think it takes away a big piece of the game — that the entirety of the game takes place in this remote bubble, and all you have to rely on is the way you come off to other people. For me, that psychological aspect is one of the most interesting parts of the game, and the main reason it has lasted for so long. People aren’t necessarily predictable, and you never know what the mix of people they throw into each season will produce.

Hope you had a great New Year, Steve. Congratulations on spoiling another season of the Bachelor – can’t wait to watch it all unfold.

Comment: A very good opposing view email. And I don’t necessarily agree with it. I just hadn’t really thought it through nearly as much as you have. I was kind of thinking out loud. Like, I know it’s something they’d never do. The voting will always take place on the island. My beef was that because of how they do it, we’ve totally gotten some winners that shouldn’t have won. But like you said, that’s the game. So really do I want the whole infrastructure of the game changed? No. So I agree on that aspect. I guess I just wished we could have some revisionist history for some past winners.

…AND the Nickessa or the Vanick crazies are here to stay for a while. Let’s face it, any couple with those name combos will never last (note the sarcasm).

Comment: Oh yes. They aren’t going anywhere I’m sure. Happens every season. Frankly, it goes in one ear and out the other. I don’t care what they say. They don’t know what I know unfortunately and they never will. Sometimes you just gotta bite your lip and move on.

Hi Steve,

Love your website and podcast! Thanks!

My question is this: I know you say after the Bachelor is over, you aren’t concerned about the couples, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I would love to know the status of Jordan and Jojo. You said previously you were close to positive that this was going to end and Jordan was in no way interested in marrying Jojo. I kind of thought it would have ended by now. Do you still believe they won’t work out? Are you still as positive as you were? What are you hearing?

Comment: Yes, I still believe they will never get married. Just as positive as when I previously reported it. If they prove me wrong, props to them. I’ve heard nothing either way to be honest since the initial reports. Been kinda quiet. I just don’t think they’ll ever get married.

So according to last week’s question column, someone mentioned that Carly and Evan have separate places in and around Nashville because of creating space for Evan’s kids. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you had posted during Bachelor in Paradise that Evan doesn’t have custody of his boys and rarely sees them. Did this change in the last six months or was it simply played up during that update segment on the premiere? Very possible. Or he could be seeing boys a lot more once he was called out.

Also, I don’t know how i missed this major fact about Nick during his first three appearances, but he is one of 10 siblings?! The only families I know who have that many kids are uber-religious, and call me crazy but I don’t get that vibe from Nick. Is he a black sheep or does the huge family just not fit the stereotypical religious mold? He’s one of 11 I believe. Yes. Giant family. I have no idea why they have so many kids in their family. I guess they just wanted to start a mini country in their home.

But what I would have loved to see most of all is Josh and Amanda break up back in the summer, so they could’ve done a bachelor show-down between Josh and Nick, like what they did to Kaitlyn and Brittney. Now that would’ve made great TV!

Comment: I think Josh should just stay off television for like, forever, before he embarrasses himself further.

Hey Steve,

So I have an obsession with GOMI forums and I was reading Jillian Harris’s page and they were talking about why she would “fake” a Christmas proposal! Her fiancé tagged the ring in a pic of her and the baby back in November (and yes it’s still on Instagram) I mean even in the comments of the pic he is talking with jeweler about the “big” diamond and getting it cleaned! So it seems Jillian “curated” the proposal she wanted not share the one she got!

Comment: What’s a GOMI forum? And frankly I haven’t followed them at all so I have no real reason to comment on it. All I saw was she posted they got engaged on Christmas. Other than that, I know nothing.

Hey Reality Steve,

I was just reading your ep. by ep. spoilers, and I found it really odd that even though she makes it to hometowns, Corinne never once gets a single one-on-one date. Sure she has the two-on-one but after doing my research, in the past sixteen seasons of the show, not one final four contestant has made it to hometowns without at least one one-on-one date. And even though she’s the villain, I’m confident in saying that just about every villain who has made it to final four within the 32 seasons of this franchise has had a one-on-one date (i.e. Trish, Sarah W, Wes, Vienna, Courtney, Nikki, Nick V, Nick again, etc.). Do you think it will become a storyline, or do you even think it will be mentioned in the show? I can already see people bashing Corinne when Nick meets her family about them not have even had a single date yet. I’d just like to get your thoughts because it seems odd that a season with 10 episodes can’t find time for a certain girl to have a single one-on-one in episodes 2-7. But after all, who knows, maybe her bare breasts, golden heart, and platinum vagine are all he needed to see to bring her all the way to episode 8 and then dump her. I doubt it will become a storyline, but yeah, it definitely is weird she got as far as she did. Producer Nick knew what he was doing apparently.

Also who of these women would you expect to see on Paradise? Corinne possibly… fingers crossed. Also, do you think maybe whoever it is between Rachel and Raven that doesn’t get the Bachelorette gig would join, kind of like Caila? Corinne is 1000% gonna be on Paradise. So is shark girl. Yes, I know Alexis is her name, but she’s shark girl to those who are fans of the show. I can’t see Raven or Rachel going there to be honest. Especially if Rachel is named “Bachelorette” obviously she won’t go. But I just can’t see them going that route.

One last one: could you make a prediction of how many of the male suitors Rachel will hook up with on UnREAL this upcoming season? I’m placing my bets on two or three.

Thanks Steve! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into all of this!

Comment: I’d definitely take that bet. You KNOW she’s going to. It wouldn’t be honest to her character if she didn’t hook up with someone on the show.

Hey Steve!

I was just wondering if you could shed any light on the “drama” between James T and Jordan Rodgers. During his Laugh Factory appearance Robby posted a Snapchat of him talking about Jordan and saying something along the lines of “I wish he would’ve just been like hey this is my issue. But no we don’t talk anymore”. To then which the host of the Laugh Factory appearance said to the crowd, “Can we get another sack of sh** chant for Jordan”. So I did not see the whole appearance but I was just wondering if you knew anything about what happened. Robby, Chase, and some of the other guys still look to be close, but not Jordan.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Comment: Nope. Don’t follow any of them and have no idea. But to hear that the guys aren’t fans of Jordan isn’t the least bit shocking.

Is it just me or does it seem that Nick is WAY more social media savvy than other Bachelor/ettes? He’s kissing ass to the right people, saying the right PC things, etc. Is this because he is, in fact, a douche or is it because this generation is just more savvy with the public image than the previous contestants 5 or more years ago?

Comment: It’s a combo of both I’d say. He’s been through this four times, so he’s the most savvy lead they’ve ever had. No one’s been on it more times than he has before getting the lead role. And he doesn’t want to piss anyone off, so he kisses ass to the right people.

Does the lead have a say in what type of girls/guys they recruit for the show? For ex: can the lead say he likes tall girls with dark hair, or blondes, and the have to be this age etc. Or does the casting crew just recruit what they feel like will make good tv?

Comment: They ask the lead what their preferences are and they’ll throw a couple of them in there, but always keeping in mind they’re casting a television show, and finding the most perfect person for the least is not their main concern. It probably isn’t even 10th on the list.

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say you should be swearing as much as you want on your podcast… That’s what podcasts are for.

Also, never listen to anyone who uses “have a blessed day!” Unironically, but I’m sure you know that already.

Comment: I will curse on occasion on the podcast when it calls for it. I curse in real life. Never cursing on a podcast would be me trying to be someone I’m not. But I’m not gonna drop an f-bomb like I’m doing stand up or anything.

The email last week who told me how I should conduct my own podcast I just laugh at. You can’t reason with ignorance unfortunately, so you just ignore it.

Hi Steve,

I’m kind of mad at myself for not getting these questions in for week one, but I’ll ask them anyway because I’m really curious.

1. Kaitlyn nor Andi are natural actors. The opening skit of Kimmel was HORRENDOUS. The whole interview on the couch later was super uncomfortable. I really liked Kaitlyn on Chris’ season and on hers to an extent. Since filming ended, I just find her super obnoxious, and the Kimmel episode was definitely her most obnoxious display yet. She seemed really hostile towards Nick, which I felt would have been more justified from Andi. Andi was better than Kaitlyn, but I definitely think she could have offered more commentary than “This is sooo awkward;” she’s absolutely smarter than she looked during that segment. And because the two ladies were such a sh** show, Nick barely said anything. What’d you think about how Nick, Andi and Kaitlyn handled themselves? I preferred the Joel McHale segment the best. He killed it. The three of them were awkward, and rightfully so. I don’t think it had the effect Kimmel and the producers probably thought it would, just because you could tell Nick wanted no part of it. He doesn’t care for either of them and had to pretend like he did.

2. Andi Dorfman and Kenny Santucci. I love the challenge on MTV, so I am really excited about the prospect of the bachelorette and challenge colliding. Kenny and Andi have been photographed together recently because they share a few mutual friends. They also comment on each other’s instagram posts, the latest being Kenny commenting on Andi’s picture of her on Jimmy Kimmels couch. He said “from my lap to jimmy’s couch.” Have you heard anything about these two being romantically involved?

Comment: They’re not dating. They have mutual friends, hence the reason you see them hanging out together in the pictures, but they aren’t dating.

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