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“Bachelor” Nick Episode 3 Recap Incl “Beard Hunk” & Rodgers Family Drama

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The greatest reality show on television played out again this weekend courtesy of the NFL playoffs. Sure Saturday’s games were two stink bombs, but Sunday’s were filled with much needed drama after 6 blowouts preceding them so far in the playoffs. Yes, I may live in Dallas but I’m not a Cowboys fan. I don’t hate them either. I’m just indifferent. I didn’t grow up as a fan, so just because I moved here doesn’t mean I automatically root for them. They had a great season, their future is bright, but I’m fine with the outcome Sunday. I’m also fine with it because it’s only adding to the Rodgers drama off the field. We all know Aaron has been estranged from the family for two years now, and the NY Times decided to drill home that point even more this weekend. Nothing I didn’t tell you 6 months ago about what was going on and that there was no relationship between Aaron and the rest of the family. But I hope you realize that the longer the Packers keep going in the playoffs, the more this story gets talked about. While it’s sad, it’s sure making for some adding drama. I’d be surprised if this relationship is repaired anytime soon either based on all that I’ve heard.

In case you haven’t been to the site since Thursday, podcast #7 was released with special guest the Possessionista, Dana Weiss. Being a friend of Nick’s, this was a really good discussion. I also had the first “Dr. Reality Steve” call on this podcast as well. Rate, review, and subscribe if you’d like. Be sure to download on iTunes, or you can listen right here:

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This week’s guest on the podcast coming Thursday is none other than Nick Peterson, former “Bachelorette,” “Bachelor Pad,” and “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant. A triple threat so to speak. Should be a good one so look forward to that coming Thursday.

Get your “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in the next couple days. Right now, I have exactly zero “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. Zero. Unacceptable. And with the brilliant advice I’ve been doling out recently, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to hear from the doctor. Get em’ in, and I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be posted Thursday.

Our own Nell Kalter has her Vanderpump Rules recap now up for your viewing, as this show continues on and sucks the lives out of most of us. I don’t watch so I can’t say it’s sucking the life out of me, but I’m guessing Nell has almost reached her limit of life sucking.

Did you catch SNL’s second parody of the “Bachelor” they did on Saturday with “Beard Hunk?” Here it is in case you missed it:

I guess Chase felt his name hasn’t been in the news enough recently, so he decided to tell US Weekly that he too had also signed his contract to be the “Bachelor” this season, before they gave it to Nick. Further proof that contracts signed mean nothing anymore. Just means they have you ready to go if they want you, but the signing itself means nothing. So again, when discussing the upcoming “Bachelorette,” it’s kinda pointless to say who’s gonna get it because we don’t know. We obviously know who the candidates are, but to say one has a leg up on the other wouldn’t be based on anything.

Ratings are in and the “Bachelor” drew it’s highest numbers of the season, with 7.1 million viewers and a 2.4 rating. I think we can attribute that to the first episode this season that didn’t go up against major college bowl games. That number is consistent with past episode 3’s of the last few “Bachelors,” although still down a little. Ben’s episode 3 drew 7.5 million (2.1), Chris’ drew 7.5 million (2.1), and Juan Pablo’s drew 7.8 million. So no, it’s not Ashley I’s ridiculous prediction that Nick would be the highest rated “Bachelor” season ever (completely biased of course), but it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, which is win it’s time slot for women 18-49 for 2 hours every Monday night. And it did again.

Nick’s blog for is now posted where I believe he continues to defend his decisions regarding Corinne that have almost become embarrassing at this point.

And finally your poll question this week. I’m pretty sure I know where people are leaning on this, but I’m asking it for a reason:

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  1. hayleyyy

    January 17, 2017 at 10:24 AM

    Based on what I’ve seen on social media, I know I’m in the minority when I say that Vanessa just doesn’t do it for me. Initially, it was her abnormally small head/face (compared to her body) and too thin hair – petty, I know, but it’s a turnoff for me. And after watching her on TV and perusing her instagram, I get the sense that she might be a lot more sassy than the edit lets on. Call it women’s intuition, but she seems like she could have a really b-tchy, bossy side to her! She also comes across as slightly too norm core for Nick. She doesn’t dress fashionably or have that pretty group of girlfriends (based on IG), whereas Nick is all about that Instagram-trendy-girl life. I dunno. I’ll probably get lambasted for these assumptions – which I know they are just that – ASSUMPTIONS. But it’s what I feel!

    Oh and praising her for speaking 3 languages besides English? It’s not that big of a deal. Like her, I come from an ethnic family so I speak 2 automatically. And people who are born and raised in Montreal all speak French, so no big whoop.

  2. j1scarlett

    January 17, 2017 at 10:32 AM

    They didn’t show Christen getting the group date rose, but it was one of the first things one of the girls said at the beginning of the show. They didn’t need to acknowledge it at the rose ceremony because they already had, you just weren’t paying attention I guess..

  3. crushonspivey

    January 17, 2017 at 10:39 AM

    Vanessa grew on me last night. But I do want to see if she has a wenchy side. Calling Danielle L fake and being very direct in a rude way might be a turn off. Some girls don;t get that most guys prefer girls who are more chill and real, and not insecure and cray. And we have seen nothing so far to make Danielle L seem fake. Plus, she is probably the prettiest girl in the house overall.

    Corinne is pure entertainment, and it is easy to see that she is all too willing to just do what the producers ask her to do. I mean, as if she had organized having a bouncy house there herself right? Let’s stop pretending that some contestants on this show aren’t cast to play a role. Because she clearly is. So obvious. The bounce house. The constant sleeping now. Her overaggressiveness. All a role to get under the skin of other girls, and it is working. Hope she got paid well for her role.

  4. rob22

    January 17, 2017 at 10:53 AM

    I know Corrinne is entertainment, but it’s annoying entertainment. The things she does are wholly predictable, clearly producer driven and pathetic. I feel (a little) sorry for her because she’s obviously been spoiled beyond belief by her rich moronic parents. She is now unable to do anything for herself & that’s sad. This is what parents do when they don’t want their little angels to suffer & struggle at all with basic life responsibilities. Then they wonder why their kids wander out of the house and implode completely. When you refuse to do things for them, refuse to buy non essential items for them and make them learn how to wash clothes, have a job to pay for their fun, buy their own car, cook and clean up behind themselves, they learn valuable lessons. Corrinne is an extreme example of the opposite approach. He parents really should be whipped for their complete failure to their daughter. And Corrinne knows she’s incompetent. She tries to put on a brave face and make a spectacle of herself for attention. But her heavy drinking tells me she’s in a lot of pain & is unable to cope with the world without her nanny there to do everything for her. That’s really sad.

  5. shouldbeworking

    January 17, 2017 at 11:17 AM

    rob22 I totally agree with your analysis of the train wreck that is Corinne. I, too, feel sorry for her. She’s in for a rough life.

  6. kimmyfromdablock

    January 17, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    Count me in as someone who does NOT feel sorry for Corinne. Taking into account that some of her behavior has been created for television, she is an adult and needs to be accountable for ALL of her behavior, including crying like a petulant child when things don’t do go her way.

    Vanessa seems okay, but I too get the impression that she is a bit superior and doesn’t seem like the right fit for Nick. I actually don’t know who would be the right fit for Nick because the boy is clearly not there to find a wife. He seems very young for his age.

  7. purplerayne

    January 17, 2017 at 12:11 PM

    LOL Focusing on someone’s hair thickness and putting down her ability to speak 3 languages (which the show/nick are impressed by, its not something she’s shoving down our throats), screams of some weird insecurity on your side. But thats the bachelor fan world… a lot of weird people who pick apart these contestants based on their own issues.

    I really like Danielle Lo, but like RS said, she would be saying same thing to Chase or Luke. So yeah, I can see how she could be labeled fake.

    So far both Danielles, Vanessa and Raven are coming in strong. Still hoping to see more of Rachel’s personality.

  8. rob22

    January 17, 2017 at 1:47 PM

    Yeah Kimmy, I get the NOT part too. She’s not 15, so she is an adult and responsible for her own behavior. And parents are not wholly responsible for how their kids turn out. You can do the best possible job and they can still become pathetic adults… or conversely, I have some friends with terrible parents that are nonetheless wonderful people. What I was reacting to is the nanny. Essentially, at an adult age, the parents identified a problem called “our daughter is helpless”. Rather than having a moment of clarity and starting to teach their daughter some life skills, they instead hired her a nanny. Think about that thought process for a minute. They couldn’t be bothered to actually teach their own daughter ANY life skills. Again, I get it. There’s nothing that prevents Corrinne from taking a cooking class, learning how to do laundry, etc…. or hey, maybe move into her own apartment. Boy, that’s a bridge too far, I guess. She does have to own that as an adult. But the pathetic parenting in enabling Corrinne’s incompetence & helplessness is just so painfully obvious.

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