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The Bachelor 21 - Nick

“Bachelor” Nick Episode 3 Recap Incl “Beard Hunk” & Rodgers Family Drama

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-“Backstreet’s back, all right!” I saw enough Backstreet Boys references on Twitter last night that’ll last me a lifetime. So I promise I won’t give you any. But when they showed up to surprise the girls at the mansion, it was like Oprah was giving away free sh** by the freak out job some of these girls did. “You a get a Backstreet Boy, you get a Backstreet Boy…” I can’t remember which one it was but they were sprinting in place like they had to pee. This is the Backstreet Boys, you do realize that, right? Hell, none of you were probably over 5 years old when they were relevant. Keep your panties on. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself at their concert in Vegas come this June, which I’m thinking right now is when this year’s Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party is happening this year. I will keep you updated on the exact date and location. Don’t have it finalized just yet. I will let you know when I do for all those interested.

-You’re never gonna believe this, but Corinne is a horrible dancer and she’s nervous to perform in front of so many people. The chick who doesn’t mind taking off her top and acting like a complete bimbo for 7 million people a week nationwide is embarrassed about dancing in front of 500 people. Makes sense. Then again, how could we expect her to be good at dancing when her nanny isn’t there to help move her limbs in every direction. Considering Racquel does just about everything for her, it’s no surprise Corinne can’t dance without any nanny help. I was just watching to see who was worse: Corinne on this group date, or Nikki when she had to do the K Pop group date dance on Juan Pablo’s season. You be the judge:

God that was bad too. The South Koreans must think we’re all a bunch of weirdos.

-As for the concert itself, we got a lot of pics and videos the night that took place that were almost better than what we saw last night. However, because we knew Corinne hated dancing and being there, I’m glad the show decided to focus on her a couple times to see how truly terrible and horrified she looked up there. No doubt Corinne was struggling up there. Of course she was. Because she wasn’t allowed to be naked or spray whipped cream all over herself. You mean, actually using a talent for something? Unheard of. Danielle L. killed it, you could see it coming a mile away and the Backstreet Boys awarded her with the serenade for the night. So she got a full make out with Nick in front of the other girls which basically sent Corinne into a tizzy because she couldn’t handle someone else getting attention from Nick. Even though there are 17 other girls remaining in the house at this point. So in one sense, Corinne is no different than any other “character” in the past who can’t handle when the leads dates other people. She just takes it to the 1000th degree. And she’s annoying.

-At the after party, Corinne had to steak Nick away first and she did. She tells him that she just doesn’t do well with “planned dancing.” Nick: “You mean choreography?” Corinne: “Yeah, that.” Good Lord. I’d say Corinne is about as bright as a box of hammers but that would be an insult to all hammers. Corinne mentions she isn’t great at planned dancing because she has bad short term memory. Translation: I’m a blonde ditz. I don’t get anything. She then apologized for not being at the previous night’s rose ceremony, and Nick completely dismisses it. “Don’t worry about last night.” Ummmm, why? She’s the first person in show history to ever miss a rose ceremony that I can remember, and you even apologized to the girls before the rose ceremony for it. But you can’t tell Corinne to get her sh** together and not pull stuff like that again? Oh that’s right, Elan is your marionette just pulling the strings and you’re going along with it. All makes sense now.

-We get to see a little time of Danielle L. with Nick and she tells him “I can see myself falling in love with you.” That’s nice. Filming at this point had been going on 6 days, she had a group date on the 2nd day, a cocktail party, and now this. And she can see herself falling in love with him. Something tells me if Danielle L. was sitting across from Luke, or Chase, or any other person they had sign a contract to throw people off, she would’ve said the same exact thing. Considering she’s already lying about how many businesses she’s owned, and considering how much we’ve “seen” of her all across the internet, I don’t think it’s far fetched in the least bit to think Danielle will be front and center come Paradise time, bopping around in her bikini for 2 ½ weeks trying to land some guy to keep her relevant for another few months. Just a hunch.

-After her meeting with Nick, Corinne was tired so producers let her she really needed a nap. When she came back in with the rest of the girls, she told them she was napping, mentioned something about her nipple being out, then decided to drop on all of them that she has a nanny. Jasmine’s response was priceless? “Do you have kids? Why do you have a nanny?” We find out that Corinne’s nanny makes her bed, makes her vegetable slices for lunch, puts just the right amount of dressing on her salads…like you couldn’t make this sh** up. So if Corinne is, it’s just stupid. And if she’s not, then there is no stereotype of her being a spoiled brat because she is one. The biggest thing we learned is that her nanny makes the best cheese pasta, which in my book means “Kraft Mac-n-Cheese.” And if Corinne can’t do any of this stuff for herself, she might as well just check straight into a nursing home. She’ll never make it in life. And oh yeah, Danielle got the group date rose, Corinne is none too happy, and I’m sure she’s got something in store for Nick at the next cocktail party. Does she ever.



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