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The Bachelor 21 - Nick

“Bachelor” Nick Episode 3 Recap Incl “Beard Hunk” & Rodgers Family Drama

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-The track and field group date is up with 7 women: Dominique, Jasmine, Rachel, Astrid, Sarah, Brittany, and Alexis. In other words, 6 girls that are background noise so the producer’s can start bringing Rachel to the forefront. Although even though she’s background noise, Astrid’s boobs are certainly not going to take a backseat to anyone this episode dammit. They are out in full force. She said if she would’ve known they would be doing more athletic things, she would’ve worn more support up top. Don’t you love how the “Bachelor” positions itself as this romantic love story and tries to get you to believe that their show is just like real life and about finding that special someone, all while focusing on Astrid’s up tops bouncing up and down during track and field exercises? It’s times like these where you can always point to the show and tell them no one should ever take them seriously. Maybe Astrid is comfortable in her body and doesn’t care, but don’t tell me that wasn’t the show taking advantage of someone who couldn’t help herself. My guess is Astrid doesn’t care. But that’s not the point. They exploited her then they wonder why people bash their show.

-Remember the first night when Rachel had that cheesy line in her limo entrance about her fantasy team lineup and what not. Well, Rachel is full of those this season as last night she gave us: “I’d love to track and field Nick all day.” Ummm, I’m not even sure what that means, but ok. We’ll go with it. For a lawyer and someone who I’m assuming has to speak in front of people a lot, she sure has some cheesy lines. Lets make sure she never drops another one of those again. No promises though. That seems to be her thing. Rachel, quit while you’re ahead. First impression rose, Nick is into you, you’re a front runner in the house. Lets not kill all that mo with some ridiculous line either a producer fed you or you strained all day trying to come up with. Frankly, they suck.

-So we have the Nickathalon this date as the women compete in different “events” to try and win Nick over. You know, like the limo long jump and the cupid javelin. All things that Olympians totally do in preparations for the biggest 2 weeks in their lives every 4 years. Or not. We couldn’t really tell who was doing well in any those events other than Dominique was miserable and didn’t want to be there. So based on Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix, and Michelle Carter’s judging (or producer prodding), Rachel, Alexis, and Astrid made it to the finals of this date where they had to compete in the 100 yd dash, grab a ring at the end of the race, and give it to Nick who was waiting in a hot tub for them. Rachel absolutely smoked the competition as Alexis and Astrid were left in her dust, but Rachel ran too quickly by the ring, dropped it, and Astrid ended up picking it before her and got the hot tub time with Nick that she used for mouth hockey. Nick: “You killed it.” Translation: Your boobs won the day. Congrats. Now get in my mouth. Not her boobs, her tongue. Sick pervs.

-At the after party, it turned into a lot of talk about Dominique who just couldn’t seem to get out of her own head. Her term, not mine. She felt Nick wasn’t paying enough attention to her and she wasn’t doing well in the situation. Basically, this show wasn’t for her. Before he got to her though, he had some time with the other girls:

Alexis – somehow got a life size cut out of Nick, layed it on the ground, and they made out on it.
Jaimi – mentioned something about not wanting to be the “weird lesbian.” Wait, huh? I thought she was bi?
Rachel – was the complete opposite of a Corinne and a Dominique, not complaining about not having a date last week and said she was just happy she got time with him this week. They kissed and pretty much solidified her group date rose.

-Dominique confronts him to say that she “doesn’t think you gave me a fair chance.” Basically that she tried to be close to him at the date and flirt and he seemed to ignore her. Said she hasn’t gotten much time with him and that it’s been tough. This was basically Nick’s opening for sending a girl home he knew had no future on the show. “I don’t know if our relationship can make up for the ones I’ve built with others.” Time for you to go. See ya. Wouldn’t want to be ya’. And with that, Dominique is gonzo. Yeah, Dominique probably didn’t get a fair shot. She didn’t have a date last week, so how much time did she really get with him? Probably not a lot. But she was filler when they cast her, production knew that, and she didn’t. She’s a casualty of this show that we’ve time and time again season after season. So while it sucks for her that she was probably led to believe she had some sort of chance – she didn’t.

-Nick cancelled the cocktail party for the rose ceremony in favor of a pool party. Now, I don’t feel like going back over every recent “Bachelor” season, but isn’t this becoming a staple? I know Juan Pablo’s season had one. I think Chris’ did. Can’t remember if Ben had one. Just saying this is nothing new and has nothing to do with whether or not Nick wants one. Production makes this decision, and it’s basically just to add drama. And since production is so in bed with Corinne this season and is bending over backwards for her, she gets her own bounce house to play with Nick in. Mind you, none of the other girls got to use the bounce house. Just her. And we get to see them bounce around, her straddle him, and make out while others looked on pissed off. Corinne just sees it as the other girls are just jealous, when the reality is, they’re probably livid that Corinne gets to get away with things they never would. Why does she get to nap? Why does she get a bounce house? Why does she get whipped cream? It’s all production driven because they wanted to make Corinne the girl everyone talks about this season, and they’ve accomplished their goal.

-After the bounce house fun, we see a few of the girls confronting Nick. Raven is first up telling him that “I think you’re making a huge mistake with one girl. She’s 24, has a nanny, and she doesn’t know how to clean a spoon.” Well if that’s not enough to dump Corinne right there, I don’t know what is. Who the f**k can’t clean a spoon? It’s a SPOON? You put it under the faucet, get some soap and rub the thing. Or if you’re completely incapable, get yourself a Scrub Daddy. That does all the work. Is she that much of a helpless sap the girl can’t do anything for herself? How embarrassing. Then it was Vanessa’s turn to take Nick behind the woodshed and tell him what a bad boy he was being. “I’m not judging Corinne, I’m judging you…are you looking for a wife or someone to f**k around with.” And she should’ve. Granted, now that we know the outcome, does this conversation matter in the least bit. No. But at the time it was probably good that someone called him on his behavior since all he kept doing was giving in to Corinne’s advances. He can BS and make excuses for it all he wants in his blog and public interviews, but even if he was doing it for TV, the other girls had reason to be bothered by it.

Next week we’ll start off with his conversation with Vanessa and how it ended up, then rose ceremony #3 before they begin travel this season, heading first to his hometown of Waukesha, WI. Danielle L. has the Chris Lane 1-on-1 date, the group date is the girls going farming where the Corinne/Taylor feud escalates (which I’m sure will get more of the focus rather than Vanessa calling Danielle fake), and then Raven’s 1-on-1 where she meets Nick’s sister and they go roller skating. Should be a doozy!

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