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“Reader Emails” Incl a Former “Bachelor” Gets Engaged

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Sometimes I don’t think before I speak. Or in a case yesterday, look something up before I speak. Yesterday I mentioned in my recap that knowing the Backstreet Boys have a June residency at Planet Hollywood that maybe I’d scheduled this year’s Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party around the time they were there. One problem: I didn’t look at what weekends in June they’re gonna be there, and they’re not appearing in June until the weekend of the 16th. I don’t think the party is going to be that weekend. There’s still an outside chance it could be, but that’s not the plan right now. I’m trying to make this the best one yet. The first two years were a lot of fun at Mandalay, but I’m looking to change the venue. I can tell you that there will definitely be some reality TV people there. There’s tentatively a couple people from the “Bachelor” franchise set to come, but until I have everything set to go, I don’t want to make an announcement. But if you do want to go this year, and you’re thinking you’ll have availability in early June, give me a heads up and I can put you on the tentative list. I don’t think it’ll change from June, but I don’t know the exact weekend yet.

Did you see who got engaged recently? It’s none other than our former “Bachelor” from the other side of the pond, Matt Grant. He got engaged. Granted, Matt gave us one of the worst seasons in “Bachelor” history, one I’m guessing most current fans either don’t remember or never saw. But hey, now he’s engaged so good for him. If you missed his season, don’t worry. You missed nothing. The fact he picked Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter is probably the 10th worst thing about the season. It just wasn’t good. Trust me.

Anyway, get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow, and if anyone still wants to have theirs on tomorrow’s podcast and can record later today, it’s not too late. If not, it’ll just be all emails in tomorrow’s column along with the Podcast #8 with special guest, Nick Peterson. Come on in. Have a seat. Tell me your problems. The doctor is waiting.

We have our biggest “Reader Emails” of the season. Close to 60 of them so pull up a chair and enjoy these emails today. A lot of good ones in here that I think you’ll like.

I think the 5.5 reference is from a blind item in Courtney Robertson’s book about during a group date a bachelor was such a horn dog that he snuck away with a contestant and they started going at it (I assumed BJ but could be sex) and that the women didn’t stop when they walked in and they had to pry them apart. I can’t find where that is in the book now, but I’m pretty sure that is where I read that, and always assumed it was Bob because that makes sense to count as a half.

Comment: No, the “5.5 women” was definitely from Mike Fleiss during an ABC behind the scenes special about the show in 2010. Courtney just reiterated it in her book. I even commented back years ago on an E! special (that was I was removed from during the re-airs) that the “1/2” must’ve meant a BJ. Fleiss even mentioned Bob by name when talking about the 5 ½ women, so yeah, that’s where it originated from.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been reading your column since Ashley’s season. Thank you so much for your spoilers & keeping me entertained! Your Tuesday recaps brighten my day :).

Anyway, I was watching the very first season that ABC posted online. I was caught off guard by how open the show was about the contestants having sex in the fantasy dates. There were night vision cameras & talk of compromising positions. I don’t think until Andi’s season how many years later was it actually confirmed that people have sex on these dates.

So my question is why did they make the change from the first season to sex becoming sort of an unspoken thing in the Bachelor world? Does it remove the fantasy portion if you acknowledge these people have sex with multiple people before ultimately becoming engaged? Is the show more “family-friendly” now? Just curious about your thoughts.

Thanks again for all you do!

Comment: I don’t remember that but if you say it happened I’m sure it did. I don’t know why they don’t acknowledge it much anymore outside of a few recent seasons. Probably because they’re hiding behind this façade that they want people to think this show is really about love and finding a spouse, and continuously talking about fantasy suite sex would kinda eliminate that in Middle America’s eyes.

do you think Vanessa will be a good sport and wait until after the season finale to break up work Nick or do it before?

Comment: I’d be willing to bet everything I own they’re still together come the ATFR, just like basically almost every couple ever in recent seasons. But that means nothing. And it won’t once again this season.

Hi Steve! Long time religious reader of your column here. Excited to finally have a few questions/comments to contribute to the “Reader Emails”.

Following Nick, Andi and Kaitlyn’s appearance on Kimmel, you have mentioned on a few occasions that Nick is not a fan of either lady. We all know Nick’s beef with Andi is because of her book, but why the hostility towards Kaitlyn? I mean, other than the fact that she chose Shawn over him. None of the other leads have been that awkward with their runner up, not to mention almost 2 years later. I’m just aware they don’t keep in touch. Not sure if it’s hostility or whatever, but then again, why would they? They’ve moved on with their lives. And if I’m Shawn, I think I might be a tad weirded out if Kaitlyn was still friends and in touch with Nick. You think Ben is calling Becca? JoJo talks to Robby on the regular? Probably not. I think it’s normal to move on from it and not keep in touch with the person you dumped when you’re still engaged to the one you chose.

Also – I’m not sold that Rachel will be the next lead. She seemed likeable enough in episode 1 (didn’t even notice her in episode 2, did she have a scene at all?) but nothing screamed “lead” to me at all. Maybe she will come into her own as the season progresses. I know there has been mention of Raven perhaps getting the lead, but I don’t see it with her either. I’m really liking Danielle M., have you heard any rumblings about her being in the running? I think it all comes down to a popularity contest. The race card or not, Rachel is only getting the lead if she wins fans over by a landslide. There’s really no point to talk about “rumblings” or anything like that. If you think they’re going to break a 12 season record of the “Bachelorette” being chosen within the top 4 you can. But you’re probably hoping for a miracle. I don’t see them straying from that this season. Anything’s possible, but if you ask me, I don’t see why they’d change. And maybe you don’t see it with Rachel because she hasn’t really been shown much. You know who people are loving after this past week’s episode? Vanessa. And you know who they’ll love next week after her 1-on-1? Raven. And you know who they’ll love after the New Orleans episode? Rachel. Same thing every season.

If none of Nick’s girls get the role, I could see it possibly being Amanda. Production loved Emily and we haven’t had a mom lead since. Not to mention the fact that she’s had her heart broken twice on the show, so there’s a chance we could get a female Nick next.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me and keep doing the great job you do!

Comment: I don’t see it being Amanda. I don’t see them going outside this season. Nick’s got girls that can absolutely be the lead.


Corrine is obviously the “villain” this season, but do you think like Chad she is playing it up and trying to be completely outrageous on purpose, or is this actually her personality? Speaking of Chad, he and Corrine would be a total trainwreck together on BIP (and ratings gold). Do you think there is any way producers would ever allow him to come back after his behavior on BIP and Ben and Lauren’s show? Couple things here: Corinne is Corinne. She’s no doubt a daddy’s girl who lives off her parents money and is playing it up for cameras. But you can also tell (not to mention I’ve heard the same) she’s an immature spoiled brat in real life. She’s 24, has a nanny, and boasts about it. Pretty much all you need to know. She’s just hamming it up for the cameras even more so.

As for Chad, he’s already signed on for BIP. I was told the only way they allowed him out of his contract so he could do “Famously Single” was if he signed on for BIP next season. So he’ll be on it.

Also, who do you think has a more attention seeking family: Corrine or Robby? Neither family seems to shy away from pimping themselves out on social media. Any parents in their right mind should be absolutely horrified their child would want to be on the show, like Andi’s Dad.

Thanks for keeping us all entertained!

Comment: I haven’t followed Corinne on social media so I’m not really sure what her family is doing. But the Hayes’ antics last season were tough to beat.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time reader, but I’ve never had a good enough question to send in. Firstly, let me tell you that I love your spoilers and I probably wouldn’t watch without them. I read every column religiously – it’s absolutely my guilty pleasure of the week.

My question is about the more “high profile” past contestants. Since Nick seemed to redeem himself on Bachelor in Paradise, do you think people that thought they were too good to go on it before might change their minds in the hope the can become the next Bachelor/ette? I can see how Robby, Chase, Luke and people like that would now go on just to repair their image and hope to get the gig.

Thanks for everything, I really do love your website!!
Sending you my appreciation all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel!!

Comment: Tel Aviv! Damn. I absolutely think people now go on BIP thinking they’re the next Michelle Money, or JJ Lane, or Nick Viall trying to repair their image. However, just because it happened to those people don’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen to “you.” With “you” being whoever thinks they can easily do that. And yes, by “you” I’m pretty much referring to Olivia. I have a feeling she’s gonna do it and I think it’s a giant mistake. But who is she to listen to me?

Hey RS!

Thanks for the spoilers- I probably wouldn’t watch the show without them. I have watched almost every season just for entertainment purposes- it seems like the lead and contestants are selling their dignity for their 15 minutes of fame but it’s a fun train wreck to watch. My question is about the bachelorette…do you think there’s any chance they might make Amanda Stanton the next bachelorette? I think she’s boring as hell (but I thought that about Luke too) but she seems to have a solid fan base and seems well liked among the bachelor nation.

Comment: Plenty of people have a solid fan base by the time the announcement rolls around. I just don’t see them going with Amanda when they don’t need to.


Todays podcast was excellent. Podcast #3 is definitely my favorite where you discuss the Josh and Amanda breakup. Podcast #3 is classic Reality Steve exposing the truth behind the facade that this franchise puts out. Another reason I like #3 the best, is because it is you talking 100% of the time. Even though you’re an outstanding interviewer, I’m just not interested in listening to other people’s opinions regarding this show. I’ve listened to Channel 33, Afterbuzz and all the other podcasts out there, and it is just morons rambling on a whim. With you, your opinions are based on facts, insight, sound judgement and intelligent deductions. As far as podcasts with interviews, podcast #7 was very good. Well done.

Comment: I appreciate the feedback. As much as you like hearing me talk the whole time, uhhhhh, I don’t. I wanted to get those first few podcasts out there just so I could get my feet wet. But I knew I was never gonna continuously do them just so you’d hear me. I think there needs to be a back and forth. You get enough of me on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s in my column. I like having a new person on every week.

As for other podcasts, hey, everyone is entitled to listen to whatever they want. But do I think you’re getting a different podcast with mine compared to others that either don’t talk spoilers, or pretend to not know? Absolutely. Do I think there are others out there that have developed friendships with certain people and won’t be objective? Sure. I’m going to be who I’ve always been. Objective and giving you inside scoop that you’re just not gonna get anywhere else.

Hi reality Steve! I just watched Tomi Lahrens video addressing her past tweets and she mentioned how she dated someone who appeared on the bachelorette. Maybe you’ve already addressed it before and I missed it but I’m just sooo curious I’m a fan of hers and the show and of course your spoilers!

Comment: Chase.

Hi Steve!

Love the site and what you do! Random question (I have been reading since 2010 and don’t ever remember this being asked, but if it has sorry): Do the contestants go back to the house or hotel where the others are staying (if traveling) in between the day and night portion of dates? Wouldn’t that be awkward to see all the others while technically still on your date? Thanks so much for answering.

Comment: No. There’s always a place to change wherever their date is. They don’t go back to the mansion or wherever they’re staying.

Hey Steve,

I’m a relatively new reader of your site. I’ve only read the spoilers for the past couple years maybe. And yesterday I listened to my first every podcast ever which was yours! I love posessionista and I love you so I wanted to hear what you both had to say. That being said I am completely eating up this whole situation about Dana and Nick and that girl Abby. So I have a lot of questions. Sorry. I hope you can answer them and give some insight! Thanks!

Do you think Dana Weiss is a little to close to the franchise to give accurate opinions about nick and etc? I never realized how close she was to everyone until I heard the podcast and then watched her periscope later that day. Dana is friends with Nick. That is known. And Dana said a lot of things that were pro Nick. Which is what I expected since, well, she admitted that Nick “gave her his blessing” to come on my podcast. Gee thanks Nick. How big of you. So while I appreciate Dana coming on and will absolutely have her on again, it doesn’t mean that what she says wasn’t a tad biased, because lets face it, it was. Doesn’t mean I dismiss what she says. But I also have to take it knowing she’s friends with the guy. I have no problem with her being biased towards Nick. Doesn’t change my opinion of him because there are still plenty of things I’m aware of that Dana may or may not be. It’s why I liked our discussion so much. It’s ok to have differing opinions and still have a good chat.

Dana agreed with one of her periscope viewers who said that you post your opinion as fact and that’s a big problem. Doesn’t every blogger give their own opinion? I feel like it wouldn’t be interesting to read without it. I didn’t hear that. There are some things that are opinions and just that – opinions. But there are some things that are opinions that you have because there are certain facts you know, which formulate that opinion. I’m not sure exactly what Dana meant by that, but if it’s appearing anywhere on my site and it’s written by me, well then yeah, of course it’s my opinion. Who else’s opinion would it be? Do people need me to say that after every sentence where I give an opinion? Probably not. I would need examples as to what she’s actually referring to because I’m not really understanding where she’s coming from with that, if that’s what she said.

To me I certainly think there are levels of opinions one can have. And yes, I have heard quite a few things from very reliable sources about Nick that formulate my opinion of him. So people can read that however they want. Bottom line is I think someone who has an opinion of Nick having never heard anything from any reliable sources and is basing their opinion on what they’ve seen on 4 TV shows, interviews, and social media, while they’re obviously entitled to that opinion, just doesn’t come across as very objective to me. I think my opinion is definitely based more in fact based on things I’ve seen and heard. Whether people to choose to take it as fact, that’s their decision to make. I’m stating it as opinion based on things I know. This makes my head hurt. But if you don’t believe that there are levels of opinions one can have about a person or a subject matter, then there’s probably no hope for you.

I think people know, at least they hope they do, that with 7 years under my belt of spoiling, and numerous contacts and sources that I’ve been correct on, that people know what they’re getting when they come to this site. I’m not throwing sh** against the wall and hoping it sticks. I’m not guessing on stuff that happens. I don’t post the spoilers, cross my fingers, and hope it comes true. I have very good sources and have for a while and I’d say the information they give me that I relay on to you, has always been pretty solid. If you choose not to believe it because you like that particular contestant, that’s fine. But it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or can’t possibly be true. That’s where I think people can get a bit misguided when it comes to this show. I say something about someone they don’t like that’s negative, and they totally agree with it. But that exact same person that loved the negative info I had about a contestant they didn’t like, the second you say something negative about someone they DO like, it’s “Oh, that can’t be true. He just makes stuff up.” Huh? Sorry. Can’t have it both ways. Makes you way less credible and shows an inherent bias.

I like Dana and agree with her about some things but I think you give a more realistic view on the situation. Dana mentioned she thinks nick giving Corinne the rose might have been producer driven! Of course it was right?!? Producer Nick driven. Certainly it was producer driven. I don’t think anyone is doubting that.

Have you read any of that girl Abby’s recaps? Not very good or accurate. I creeped her twitter and read one. No. Nor do I care to. I think Abby has gotten enough run already.

Also I hate to judge on just looks but Abby does not look like the kinda girl that Nick would hook up with, or Tanner. (Purely from her instagram pics). So it’s crazy she is trying to say she hooked up with them both. Do you have an opinion on that whole situation? (I’m guessing you could care less lol) I’m pretty much over it now. What’s done is done. And not just from what Dana said about her. I’ve done a little more digging and had a few others contact me on that and lets just say Abby wasn’t totally forthcoming. Some things she said were based in truth, but she was definitely out to promote herself. I never went after Abby to have her on. Had never heard of her or knew who she was before she contacted me. She wasn’t some interview I was hunting down. I put out a tweet about anyone out there wanting to come on my podcast, they could. 380 million people in the US could’ve come on. Or even those outside the US. All I was looking for was good content and you had material that we could go back and forth with. Kelly from DC, Abby, and Lisa from CT were the ones that responded and I was able to put on. But since that posted, I’ve been given more info regarding Abby that makes me question her intentions. Hence you’ll never hear from her on this site again, nor will I try to never reference her again.

Do you think that Nick factors in his age at all? In regards to him wanting to model or act or whatever he moved to LA for. I mean he is 36. I feel like his ship has sailed. I for one never found him attractive on Andi’s or Kaitlyn’s season. Their attraction to him was a mystery to me. He was not good looking and had a weird fashion sense. Now with a beard he’s a little better but still. It is crazy to me that he actually thinks he has a future modeling or acting or whatever he wants to do. No. I think he’s just doing whatever he can to stay relevant for as long as he can like most of them.

And lastly, is it just me or does it really seem like there is nothing genuine this season about Nick finding love? Maybe I’m just too invested in your site and the reality of who Nick might be but I feel like every other season the lead has seemed like he has a (somewhat) genuine interest in finding love. With Ben, Chris, and even Juan Pablo I felt that you could tell they had a genuine interest or want for love. With Nick I don’t see that at all. In other words I don’t think he is there for the right reasons and it is insanely obvious to me and I don’t even think with all of the production and everything else the show does it looks like he is there to find love. Do you hear this from a lot of people? Would you agree too that nothing seems genuine about this season? At least not Nick or his actions.

Comment: I’ve given my feelings on Nick regarding his sincerity from the second he was announced. I never thought he was doing this for love and finding a wife and still don’t. Now, you mention Chris and Juan Pablo etc. I didn’t think they did either and mentioned it at the time. We’ve had one “Bachelor” marry the final girl he chose in 20 seasons. I think that speaks volumes. The men just don’t take it as seriously as I think the “Bachelorette” does.


I am happy to hear your podcast and I feel the same way you do. That people are affected by two people who meet on tv and develop emotions for them, I think its crazy! How in the world do you become saddened by another persons relationship. Something is wrong with the world if you put 2 strangers who probably don’t love each other on a pedestal because you like their relationships.

think you should comment on ben and laurens relationship, I would like other our views on it, real fake. Lauren’s botox and lip injections…. comment on laurels fame whoreing and their change of character since being more known.

Comment: I honestly don’t follow Ben and Lauren post show at all, so there’s really not much I can comment on with any insight or knowledge. Or even an opinion for that matter. See, I don’t have much of an opinion on them because I haven’t heard anything, nor do I follow them. I know nothing about them. Don’t follow their social media, never watched their show, and have no interest in them. Things and people I don’t follow or get information on, I’ll have a stronger opinion on.

Hi Steve,

1) How is Amanda Stanton doing? Is she doing better now since splitting with Josh? I am also curious about her wealth; she always dresses and posts pictures of herself and her two daughters in beautiful clothes, but I’m sure it is not cheap to keep buying so many clothes. I know she is making lots of money from the Instagram ads; is that her primary source of income now? Yes. I have no idea how she’s doing. I don’t know her.

2) How does Sarah Herron feel about Becca’s dating Robert Graham? I know Sarah and Robert dated back in Paradise 2015 and she was hurt by him; does she harbor any jealousy or resentment towards Becca or Rob? I have no idea. But if I had to guess, I’d probably say she’s laughing.

3) I know this is vague, but do the former Bachelor contestants really love wine as much as they purport to on social media? I feel like wine is such a big part of Bachelor culture and just millennial culture, in general, now (SMDH at the new line of Bachelor wines) but I wonder if these contestants actually drink it as much as they appear to in their posts (Kaitlyn and Andi are repeat offenders). Do they REALLY feel like “The answer is always wine.” and truly embrace “Wine over everything.”? Yes, I am w(h)ining at this point, but I truly get annoyed at all the wine posts, sponsored or otherwise.


Comment: I mean, I’m sure plenty of them do like wine. But I also do think that, yes, they are playing into the fact that they know people watch this show while drinking wine, so it could make them more relatable.

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