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Podcast #8 with “Bachelor Pad ” Winner Nick Peterson Along with “Dr. Reality Steve” Emails

I’ve told you since I started the podcast that I’d love to have nothing but former contestants on every week to give an update on what they’re doing, talk about their time on the show, etc. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to do anyone on Nick’s season (or any future season that’s in production or then currently airing), but there’s nothing legally that prevents me from talking to former contestants. Maybe some of the content we talk about could be off limits, but them just coming on isn’t. However, a lot of these contestants are still “scared” so to speak of the ABC brass hounding them, or asking whey they’re associating with me. So of course my pool of candidates then becomes limited. But luckily for us, our guest this week didn’t seem to care so I appreciate that. It’s Nick Peterson, former “Bachelor Pad 3” winner, contestant on Ashley Hebert’s season, and also a contestant on “Bachelor in Paradise 2.” We cover all that and a lot more in today’s conversation, so be sure to take a listen. Working on future guests with former contestants, but always keep in mind that some of them (ok, a lot of them) don’t want to burn any bridges within the franchise, and since I’m public enemy #1, it might not be a good look for them. Then again, I’m the same guy who had exclusive interviews with Wes, Rated R Rego, and Rozlyn in the past, and that didn’t prevent Wes and Rego from getting cast on “Bachelor Pad” seasons, and nor did it stop them from wanting Rozlyn on. So, I guess it just comes down to each individual person and whether or not they think in the end the show really cares. My guess is they really don’t, but they have to pretend they do. Nick’s interview was great. Insightful to his times on the show and is open about some of the decisions he made.

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And if you’d like to re-live that unbelievable moment where Nick essentially killed the “Bachelor Pad” franchise (because where else could they go from there?), here is the clip:

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