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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 4 Recap incl Corinne’s Mom Goes Off, the Arkansas Conspiracy, Raven’s Ex-Boyfriend, and Who Hooked Up This Weekend?

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We got a lot of juicy nuggets this week. You never know when news or info is going to break, and after last night, we got quite a few things. So covered in today’s recap among other things are: a demographic survey (page 1), Corinne’s ex has a blog (page 1), Corinne’s mom blabbing to TMZ (page 1), Nashville reunions and hookups (page 1), who is Raven’s ex-boyfriend (page 5), what I’m calling the Arkansas Conspiracy (page 5), and Corinne’s appearance in a Juicy J and 2 Chainz rap video (page 4). Not to mention, two more things that happened during filming, which the show never addressed last night (page 4). So yeah, lots of goodies this week as this season continues to roll on, have everyone talking on social media, and Corinne meme’s popping up everywhere. Is she doing what she set out to do? Absolutely. Does she think this is going well for her? For sure. Does she have any self awareness at all as to how most of America views her? None. Oh sure, she’s gaining social media followers and people won’t stop talking about her, and if you live by the saying that any publicity is good publicity, then yeah, she’s winning so to speak. But in the end, will this girl ever be taken seriously for anything? A good chance the answer to that is no. As she shouldn’t be. She’s a spoke on the wheel that is this giant ABC bike that keeps spinning and spinning and spinning producing “characters” every season. She’s one of many.

Get your “Reader Emails” in this week along with any “Dr. Reality Steve” emails. I can already tell you that for podcast #9, we have a great guest, one that I think a lot of fans will enjoy. It’s a former contestant that certainly made a name for themselves on the show. From a few seasons back but was a fan favorite for sure. So look for that come Thursday in podcast #9 along with a Dr. Reality Steve call from a woman who’s fiance just cancelled their wedding (and their relationship) 6 weeks ago out of the blue. All other “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails get in the next couple days to be posted. Already a couple doozies for tomorrow. (Hint: The Vanessa lunatics are back).

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Our very own Nell Kalter is back with your Vanderpump Rules recap. Props to Nell for fighting through the bad east coast weather that knocked her cable out and staying up late to get this done. That’s some serious dedication. Especially for the sh** show that this is. I’ve never had TV issues when it’s come to the “Bachelor” programming, but if I did, you can bet your ass I’d just skip the recap. You are a better person than me, Nell.

Remember I’d told you that this episode was originally supposed to be filmed in South Carolina but the hurricane at the time altered plans so they had to scramble to put everything together in Wisconsin. Well, here’s how the whole farming group date came to be as told to this outlet by the actual farmers involved. Interesting stuff. My favorite part is these guys don’t even watch the show, but after seeing how it was made, even remarked why they thought anyone would ever sign up to do this. Ha ha.

Well, it was only a matter of time before a Corinne family member decided to jump on the media bandwagon against their daughter and start spewing ignorance. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Corinne’s mom talking to TMZ. Oh what a beauty this is. Corinne, I’m sure you love your mom to death and you appreciate her having your back, but that just made things worse for you, not better. She comes across as completely ignorant in that video and admits that you essentially are purposely doing what you’re doing to fill a role. Not to mention, going to the police because she’s getting phone calls from strangers? Yeah, they’ll certainly run to her defense to take care of that because I’m sure that’s the #1 priority on their list now. Look, no one deserves to be harassed, whether online or on the phone, but her mom’s appeared sense of entitlement in that video pretty much shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in their family. Unless it was a death threat that they can trace to a particular number, Mrs. Corinne was basically just trying to run a scare tactic there so people will leave her alone. Sucks she has to deal with losers who feel the need to search for somebody’s number and harass them, but her thinking that police really care about all this is pretty laughable.

Look, we KNOW the show is fake. You’re not breaking any news there. We know the whipped cream can was planted outside next to Nick and Corinne (because your daughter requested that’s what she wanted to do for his birthday), but she still was the one who chose to spray it on her boobs. No one forced her to do that. And your daughter DID take her top off in a pool. Whether she was coaxed to or not, it was still ultimately her decision to do it. She still could’ve said, “I’m not doing that.” She didn’t, and people are reacting. As I say every season, if people cannot handle criticism from the masses, whether it’s fair or not, then don’t go on the show. Mrs. Corinne acts like she’s smarter than the show and thinks she’s getting one over on them by “exposing” what they do. She’s not, we all know it, and when you ultimately try to go up against this show, you will lose. Every time. Pipe down.

And oh yeah, in case you were wondering what an ex of hers has to say, he chimed in with this blog post, which speaks so highly of her I must say. Who knows the legitimacy of this guy and how close he is to her, but does anything he say really surprise you? Me neither.

In case you weren’t following social media this weekend, there was a lot of “Bachelor” gatherings in Nashville. There was a girls weekend with some of Nick’s girls as Danielle M., Vanessa, Kristina, and Taylor were out and about all weekend taking pictures and posting them. In addition, some of Ben Higgins girls were also together in Nashville as Lauren Bushnell, Jen Saviano, Amanda Stanton, and Lace Morris hung out with Evan, Carly, and Wells while in town. What’s significant about this? That Amanda and Wells were glued to each other’s faces and making out all weekend, as reports were they weren’t hiding anything. Does this mean they’re a couple and are officially together? My guess is no. Does this mean that Mount Murray (if he doesn’t already know) will soon begin to erupt in 3…2…1? Probably. Hey, maybe that’s why she hooked up with Wells in the first place? But it certainly happened, they weren’t shy about it, and plenty of people saw. Wouldn’t be surprised if a video popped up of it sooner rather than later either.

Ratings are in and the show held steady from last week, pulling in 7.3 million viewers with a 2.4 rating last night. In comparison, Ben’s 4th episode last year drew 7.7 million with a 2.3 rating. So the show is performing exactly how they expect it to perform. Is it the “highest rated Bachelor season ever” like Nick apologist Ashley I. predicted? Of course not. But it’s doing exactly what they want and expect.

And finally, last week I asked you your thoughts on Vanessa after their 1-on-1 date. Same question this time, but with Raven.



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