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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 4 Recap incl Corinne’s Mom Goes Off, the Arkansas Conspiracy, Raven’s Ex-Boyfriend, and Who Hooked Up This Weekend?

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-Raven’s date was a given it was gonna be my favorite just because it involved the roller skating rink. I mean, who doesn’t like that place? Not to mention it was the most spoiled date on Twitter I had this season, so I was looking forward to how much of it got shown. The answer? Not much. I think I spoiled more on Twitter of what happened at the rink than what was shown. But before we get to that, lets backtrack a bit to the beginning of the date where Raven did the ol’ run and jump into Nick’s arms thing. Have we seen that yet this season? I can’t remember. Granted up to this point there were only 3 previous 1-on-1’s. Danielle L. didn’t do it because he gave her the date in front of all the others. Danielle M. didn’t do it because the first time we see them on their date was in the helicopter. So maybe Vanessa did it. Can’t remember. Whether she did or not, I think Raven might’ve had her beat with the amount of air she got on that jump and number of rotations Nick made with her in his arms. The Russian judge scored that a 9.8.

-They go to Bella’s soccer game first because it’s in Bella’s contract to appear more on this show than Whitney. Or Josephine. Or about half the remaining girls left. Bella is a beast on the soccer field. The way they staged that game, it looked like she scored 700 goals and was playing with a bunch of 6 year olds. But whatever. Nick even took some time to get in goal himself and lets just say he won’t be replacing Tim Howard on the USMNT anytime soon. Don’t quit your day job, Nick. Whatever that may be. Oh yeah, it’s a men’s grooming business that is launching next month. I mean, I wish all the best to the guy, but considering how many players there already are in that market, I don’t see what would make them any different. My guess is Nick won’t be involved in the men’s grooming business by Jan. 2018.

-Lets get to the roller skating rink. That’s where all the fun happens. You know, since my niece and nephew have moved here to Texas this summer, we’ve only been to the one out here once. Our fun time has been taken over for their obsession with Dave & Buster’s. So maybe they’re outgrowing the roller skating rink. Not sure. But dammit we will find our way back there at some point. Oh no, I don’t skate with them, I just watch, take videos, eat nachos, and play games. I think I put on the skates once, and when you haven’t skated since 8th grade, it took a little time to get used to. It was a bit of a struggle for a while there before I got the hang out of it and was basically Scott Hamilton on wheels. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. Hence the reason I sit out, watch, and enjoy the hell out of the teenie bop music the DJ plays. This date was really no different, although the only song we got to hear was “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. There were others played: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, etc. Of course, will this roller skating date ever top JP and Ashley cruising around to REO Speedwagon on his hometown? No. Nothing ever will in the history of ever.

-I think my favorite Raven quote from last night (quote the Raven nevermore) was, “I don’t want to just be Nick’s roller skating partner, I want to be his partner in Laugh.” Well, she said “life” but with that twang, it sounds like “laugh.” This happens every season. Right after you see someone’s 1-on-1 that you know doesn’t win, you start predicting “Bachelorette” for them. So naturally, a flood of tweets last night all want to see Raven get the “Bachelorette” gig. Frankly, I would too. But it’s still early. Rachel’s 1-on-1 is next week, and I’m sure when her date ends, people will love her. Just like they loved Danielle after her date. Then Vanessa after hers. Then Raven after last night. It’s very predictable to see how people will feel because there are so few 1-on-1’s throughout the course of a season. I said it in November and I’ll say it again. I’m pretty sure the “Bachelorette” is between Rachel and Raven. Not going out on a limb there. All 12 previous “Bachelorettes” finished top 4 of their season. Rachel and Raven do this season, with the only other one being Corinne, who has zero chance at being the “Bachelorette.” We have no idea who they’re choosing and they will string everyone along until the last minute. I think the show finally has their black lead they’ve been looking for and wouldn’t be surprised if they go with Rachel. But my preference would be Raven. Who knows what they’ll do.

-The next part of Raven’s date is where things got interesting. We all heard the story she told of finding her ex-boyfriend in bed with another woman, beating him with a stiletto and attacking the girl. Well, I thought we all did until I saw a couple of tweets from Arkansas saying a commercial played during that portion of their date. Then Raven posted this tweet last night:

After doing a little more digging, I found out that certain ABC stations just in Arkansas cut away right when Raven started telling her story, and came back to the show right when Nick was giving her a rose. This wasn’t because of a weather cut in, or emergency break or anything like that. Hearing what happened, it’s obvious someone had some ties to someone at those particular stations, didn’t want that story getting out, and those particular affiliates obliged for whatever reason. That’s unheard of. Keep in mind for those that might not understand how TV works, this wasn’t corporate ABC who decided to make this decision, because the rest of America saw her tell the story. It was only certain ABC affiliates in Arkansas that chose not to show it. And knowing now that they cut out right before she started her story and came back right when she was done with it? Uhhhh, yeah. That’s about as shady as you can get.

-So what do we make of this? Well, I’m sure your next question is, “Who is Raven’s ex-boyfriend who cheated on her?” I had no idea. Until last night. I was tweeted at and then emailed about her ex. His name is Hunter Henry. And no, it’s not the former Arkansas and current LA Charger (still sounds weird to say) tight end, Hunter Henry. Although Raven’s ex HAS been mistaken for him numerous times, as he was the focal point of this piece done by a local Arkansas station back when people started mixing the two of them up. That’s the doctor Hunter Henry that’s Raven’s ex. I mean, this is such a juicy story and also funny at the same time. So many questions: Who didn’t want that story getting out there? How did they have the power to tell Arkansas ABC affiliates to make sure cut out of it? Did those affiliates just not want bad publicity for Little Rock? Were they protecting Hunter, figuring it’d look bad for an Arkansas doctor to be linked to this story? Were they protecting Raven in that they just didn’t want a negative story about an Arkansas woman attacking a man with a stiletto? Who had the most to lose with that story getting out? I don’t know, maybe a doctor in Arkansas? Hey, I’m just speculating here. But that was no coincidence that Raven’s story gets seen everywhere in the United States EXCEPT in parts of Arkansas. Somebody’s up to something. Maybe Detective Reality Steve can get to the bottom of this. But you can bet your ass now the tabloids will now be going after him and whoever the girl he was having sex with. Don’t be surprised if one or both end up talking to the tabloids. We see it every season.

-We then get to see the beginning of the rose ceremony and, surprise surprise, Corinne is the focal point. First, Danielle L. steals Nick away first even though she has a rose, but Taylor is bothered by this. I think it’s safe to say Taylor didn’t have the greatest of nights last night either. While I have no problem with her confronting Corinne since that’s what Corinne asked for and it was actually Corinne who told Taylor she needed to talk to her, I can get why what I originally reported about Taylor psychoanalyzing everyone came to be true. Yes, Taylor absolutely sees herself as “above” Corinne. And while she probably is intellectually, and I did understand the points Taylor was trying to make to Corinne, it did come off as quite snobbish. Granted, you’re also arguing with a child, so no matter what Taylor said and in what manner she said it, Corinne wasn’t going to listen to her constructive criticism anyway. But this scene ends the show and sets up the Taylor/Corinne 2-on-1 date next week. The episode began with the Corinne show, we were force fed all Corinne’s actions during the group date in the middle of the show, and it ended with a Corinne storyline. And still 7.3 million people watched and it won its time slot. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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