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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 4 Recap incl Corinne’s Mom Goes Off, the Arkansas Conspiracy, Raven’s Ex-Boyfriend, and Who Hooked Up This Weekend?

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-We pick up where we left off last week, and that’s with Vanessa having a full vice grip on Nick’s nuts. She’s giving him the 3rd degree, even threatening to give back her rose. “Are you here for a wife, or here to f**k around.” Damn woman. Direct and right to the point. Someone who will call Nick out on his sh**. Just what he likes. She says she doesn’t want to waste her time, she finds herself pulling back, and doesn’t know what to think now after watching Nick “ride” Corinne. Granted, we never actually saw the part where he was riding her, but I’m sure it was glorious. I’m pretty sure Vanessa won Nick right then and there with that conversation. Because if Random Girl #7 comes to him in that exact setting with that exact conversation and calls him to the carpet on his behavior, she’s gone the next rose ceremony. But Nick wants to explore Vanessa Island so she ain’t goin’ home anytime soon.

-Corinne in the Bouncy House with Nick essentially had everyone up in arms. So Taylor and Sarah go and wake Corinne up who was smiling in her sleep. And snoring because the sounds were pumped in through the audio like Josh’s moans eating pizza. Oh yeah, there’s a Sarah on this season that definitely spoke up tonight twice to Corinne’s face. Not sure where that came from, but ok. Corinne tells them she’s not privileged in “any way, shape, or form.” Well, other than you live off daddy’s money, your mom showed us exactly where you get your mentality from, you have a personal assistant that cleans your clothes for you as a 25 year old woman, and you went on TV to make a name for yourself. No, you’re not privileged at all sweetie. Totally normal. Corinne: “You do you. Imma gonna do me.” Pretty much exactly what you’d expect someone to say who isn’t the least bit interested in any constructive criticism.

-You know what’s kinda weird this season? These Chris Harrison talks he has with Nick right around the corner from where the girls are standing for the rose ceremony. “We gotta talk about Corinne a little bit…” Ummmm Chris, she’s in the next room over. She can hear you. Your whispering isn’t covering up anything. Not like she cares, but still. So Chris just gives him the little pep talk regarding Corinne, what the girls think, Nick says he has to be more aware of what he’s doing, doesn’t want to hurt anybody, and…no mention of the riding in the bouncy house? C’mon Chris. They don’t pay you $60k an episode for nothing. Ask the hard hitting questions. Ask Nick what does he expect the reaction of the girls will be when in a span of less than 24 hours, he licked whipped cream off Corinne’s boobs, then used her body as a play toy in an inflatable castle. But hey, according to her mom, it’s “fake.” Ummmm, fake would be using a body double and that wasn’t your daughter doing those things. It was. Yes, there are absolutely parts of this show that are fake. The ones mommy pointed out in the TMZ video? Not fake.

-Rose ceremony time. Rachel, Vanessa, and Danielle L. safe with roses. Nick: “Ladies…amazing week….transparent, honest, difficult conversations…thank you for all being understanding…and Corinne, maybe next time can we throw a little chocolate on those boobies? Thanks.”

Raven: It’s been two episodes since she’s called the hogs. Lets do this.
Taylor: I’m guessing people feel strongly one way or another about her now.
Whitney: Four full episodes in and she’s barely spoken.
Kristina: Slowly but surely creeping up the ranks as one of my favorite Russian spies this show has ever had.
Jasmine: She’s a feisty little one. I can’t wait til she gets eliminated to see her go off.
Alexis: The funny girl this season who doesn’t get enough air time.
Astrid: Someone created a twitter account @Astridsboobs because of course.
Danielle M.: Basically been invisible since her 1-on-1 date.
Jaimi: Nose ring game on point this season.
Josephine: One those girls that you know probably said a bunch of weird/funny/stupid sh** in her ITM’s, but is taking a backseat (like pretty much everyone else) to the Corinne show.
Sarah: At least she spoke this episode.

“Ladies, Nick, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. We still don’t know at this point where we’re headed next, but it’ll certainly be somewhere you’ll scream at the top of your lungs for whether you care to or not.”

Corinne: Over it.

Usually when they all click glasses at the end before they’re about to start travelling, the lead is the one that tells everyone where they’re headed. But as I mentioned in the spoilers, they were supposed to be headed to South Carolina for episode 4, but the hurricane cancelled those plans. Chris Harrison even said in an interview that things were touch and go and they didn’t know where they were headed as things had to be thrown together last minute. So that’s why we see him tell the girls the next morning that they’re headed to Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconin!!!!! I think maybe 3 of the 15 girls left showed emotion. I could be wrong.



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