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Podcast #7 with Special Guest the “Possessionista” Dana Weiss Along with “Dr. Reality Steve” Emails

One thing I’ve been reiterating in regards to my podcast since I started was I wanted to open this up to people with differing points of view. Hell, if I had my wish, I’d love to have a caller on every week that isn’t a fan of mine, doesn’t like me, trashes me online, but has never personally emailed me. I think that’d be great. I’m giving anyone who wants the forum to say something to me that they’ve said to their freinds or online where 17 people see it to now say it to my face. Will it happen? Probably not. Because that’s what make them trolls. They’re brave behind a computer, but would never actually confront me with it. Our guest this week Dana Weiss the “Possessionista” certainly isn’t a troll, nor has she ever bashed me, but I loved having her on because we have differing view points. Namely, Dana is actual friends with Nick. And we have a good back and forth on him since you all know I’m not a huge fan of the guy. I don’t hate him, nor do I wish ill will on him, but I am critical of him where I feel it needs to be. Having someone on like Dana who can provide a different perspective based on what she knows through her interactions with him, was refreshing to hear. I’m always open to a back and forth discussion, and you’ll hear that in podcast #7 today. This podcast is the longest one I’ve done checking in at about an hour and fifteen minutes, but I think you’ll enjoy it. I sure did.

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(SPOILERS): The Possessionista Dana Weiss joins me to discuss if she’s a spoiler fan, how her business started & what it consists of (3:13), do contestants copying her hurt her business model (6:50), how money is made through social media shilling (10:14), her relationship with Nick (19:32), her thoughts on podcast #4 guest Abby Draper (23:27), Nick’s intentions on the show (27:46), next “Bachelorette” possibilities (36:58), her obsession with Corinne (38:23), what she thought of Liz (40:02), and finally answering the Rapid 10 (42:45). I talk about what’s happening on Monday along with the tabloid coverage this week (51:02), and we end with a great Dr. Reality Steve call from Meredith in Massachusetts who’s bisexual and has a bit of a love triangle to figure out (57:54)

You can follow the Possessionista on her blog, Twitter (@Possessionista), and on Instagram at possessionista. Thanks again to Dana for coming on, as we’ll definitely have her back at some point, and also a huge thanks to Meredith for sharing her story with me. For a first Dr. Reality Steve call, I think it was pretty brave of her to come forward with that considering she hasn’t even told many people close to her. One thing I wanted to add regarding Meredith is after listening to the call back again, I basically forgot to give her advice on what to do about the guy friend who’s in love with her, because I think her future can certainly be with her best friend. I think she should handle things with her best friend first, see where that leads, and then tell the guy however she feels. It doesn’t seem like it’s a pressing issue where he’s hounding her to constantly go out, so I think she can put it on the back burner until she gets some clarity on where the relationship is going with her best friend. If they end up dating, then she’ll eventually have to come out to her guy friend and tell him. If they don’t, she can choose to reject him without coming out, or she could reject him by telling him she’s bi. That’s up to her.

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