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“Reader Emails” Incl Ben & Lauren Talk

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Hi Steve,

Two questions for you:

1) People love you! You often receive praise in your reader emails. My question is, why don’t you respond to it? I hope that doesn’t sound snotty. I genuinely want to know. 🙂 I don’t think it sounds snotty. You’re right. I do get that a lot in “Reader Emails.” I just feel like saying “thanks” every single time would be a bit much. Of course I appreciate it. I think my annual party every year shows my appreciation. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I’m not sure there is another blogger out there that throws an annual party that they pay for themselves and doesn’t charge their readers for and lets anyone come who wants to. I mean, maybe there is since there’s a ton of bloggers out there, but I’d say it’s few and far between. But acknowledging it that many times in the same column every single week I think people would find a tad irritating.

2) Have you ever considered offering a paid subscription to your site? I would pay to read spoilers and I think your other fans would too. We pay for other gossip magazines and they’re stealing your info…that doesn’t seem fair. Or what about an app where people who subscribe in the app get access a day early or something? Maybe?

Comment: No. I’ve written for free for essentially 13 years. Charging to read my stuff wouldn’t go over well I imagine.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been reading your blog for years (absolutely addicted) – first time writing in!

This past week I was in Sayulita and visited the Playa Escondida. Such a beautiful resort. Talked to a few friendly staff members, who mentioned filming will start again this June. They also said that although Jorge no longer works there, he will be coming back for filming (contrary to what Ashley I. recently told US Weekly). Just what I heard.

I also posted a photo of the resort on social media, which Robby Hayes ‘liked’ (interesting as he doesn’t follow me – perhaps searching #BIP?). Any speculation about who will be on this upcoming season? I’m wondering if Amanda would give it another shot.


Comment: Not surprising they’d go back there. And yes, it is true that Jorge no longer works there, but will be back for the season.

Still waaaaaay too early for BIP cast stuff. It’s not hard to figure out who the main people are they’re after though. Just think of the last few seasons (coupled with guys from the upcoming “Bachelorette”) and that’ll be your cast.

The easy (and natural) thing to do is be repulsed by Nick’s behavior and say a bunch of morally superior things about what a jerk he is and how he’s obviously a horndog who’s just playing with these women because he can.

But then, rants like that only make us the fool, for indulging the notion that this show could ever deserve to be taken seriously.

Instead, we should praise Nick for the grotesque obviousness of his intentions. He is there to get laid and get his ego stroked (among other things), and, even better–he’s OBVIOUSLY only there for that purpose. Nick is the perfect Bachelor because he is just as cynical as the show, and has just as much contempt for the women and the audience as the show itself does.

All these people railing against Nick’s behavior are forgetting that the environment in which this is occurring isn’t normal. In real life, a man who acts like Nick is a terrible person who you hope never gets near your sister, your mom, your friends, etc. But this show is NOT real life! Stop forgetting that, and remember this is a deeply cynical exercise in manufactured emotions and phony “journeys”, played out by people with self-promoting agendas.

Nick’s greatness is that he is so bad at maintaining the pretense the show rests on—the idea that he’s actually there to “find love”. Nick’s there to find the big O, as many times as possible, and to enjoy the intoxicating (and in his case, I think arousing) power of being the center of attention to a bunch of young, pretty girls. But he goes through the motions anyway, fully expecting that the girls, and the audience, will believe his pious insistence that he’s there to find a life partner. If cynicism this pure were an illicit drug, millions of TV watchers would have already OD’d and gone to emergency care.

So let’s hear it for Nick Viall, for embodying everything this show is about, and for disliking us all enough to do a crappy job of hiding it.

Comment: Hear! Hear!


I have a question about the Vanessa Danielle drama. In this week’s episode Danielle l had her head on Vanessa’s shoulder. Were they friends in the house or did she know Vanessa turned on her? Did they talk out the fight? Just seems odd to be so cozy with someone who was bad mouthing you.

Totally over her Corrine. I’ll take the Elizabeth drama anyways. She was cute and got way too bad of a rap!

Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: This was one of the emails I was referring to in yesterday’s column that was sent during the show regarding Vanessa and Danielle L. looking chummy right after they reportedly had an argument where a few of the girls called out Vanessa for basically throwing Danielle L. under the bus for being fake. All I can tell you is that it did happen. Maybe they had somewhat hashed it out by the time the end of the after party came around? I don’t know the details of the aftermath, all I know is it did happen. And one of the reasons Vanessa wasn’t one of the most liked girls in the house.

Hey Steve

I love your site and have really enjoyed the podcasts!!! Ok I have a few questions/observations.

1. Do you think Corinne will be remorseful at all at women tell all? I mean I admit when I was 23 I met have said things that were immature and probably crossed the line. I also remember feeling some remorse and apologizing. I guess it will be interesting to see if it’s like Courtney when she apologizes and was tearful. I’d be shocked if she was. I have a feeling she’ll got the route of blaming alcohol, editing, being silly, and felt like she was being attacked. And even if she did apologize, I’d have a hard time believing it. The only thing she could do right now that I’d believe is just say, “I went on the show to get my name out there. I said and did outlandish things because it got everyone to talk about me, my IG followers have grown, and it’s exactly what I set out to do.” But she’ll never admit that.

2. Ok I’m pretty sure Nick has posted a picture on Instagram of every one on one date except Danielle L (just checked again and the closest thing is a group shot at the Backstreet Boys concert with her in front) I know you always say don’t pay to much attention to social media but I would feel slighted if I was Danielle. Even Alexis got a post. He actually did have a pic up from his 1-on-1 with Danielle, then he removed it this weekend.

3. I would really like to see a minority lead and Rachel seems like the most viable options of far. However I agree with one of reader emails a while ago. The audience doesn’t seem to be getting the chance to get behind her. If you look at social media followed alone she is trailing the other girls by a long shot (I know I know. This doesn’t mean anything) it just seems to me that someone this far behind at the audience falling in love with will only fall more behind. She’s got quite a way to go in the weird Instagram popularity contest the bachelor franchise has made of these contestants. Maybe they should bring Ashley I on as the next bachelorette!! LOL

Comment: Social media plays a part, but it’s not 100%. Before last night, this was a bigger sentiment. But after last night (as expected since she’s the most recent 1-on-1), way more people are talking about her. Even Bachelor Nation is throwing their love to her when they never said peep about her for 5 episodes.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for providing me (and America) with a much-needed distraction with your commentary on this show!

Question about Rachel: do you know anything about her that they’re not showing? I can’t imagine for the life of me why a woman like Rachel would go on this show – she’s smart, classy, has a good career, and on top of that her father is a federal judge. If nothing else, wouldn’t she be worried that she would embarrass her prominent father by going on a trashy show? I kind of wonder if maybe the show hand-picked her to be the first black Bachelorette and planted her in the cast – although the fact that Nick does seem to be really into her makes that seem less likely. Nick would have to be a very good actor to fake that much chemistry, and that doesn’t seem likely.

Comment: Not a whole hell of a lot. Each person has their own ulterior motives. Some are more transparent than others about it. My guess is we’ll never really know why someone as accomplished and head strong as her joined this sh** show.

Hey Steve,

Long time reader and first time e-mailing you! I have always enjoyed your columns and your humor, so glad you are finally doing a podcast!

Anyway, I was listening to the Great Love Debate podcast this morning and Kaitlyn was on it. She is definitely my favorite but she had some interesting things to say regarding her and Shawn getting married. She was of course asked when they are getting married and she said that she has told producers they are ready to plan a wedding but has not gotten any responses from ABC regarding making it happen and that they own the right to their wedding until July she thinks. She also brought up the Snapchat incident from her season and she got in a lot of trouble so maybe they are still mad (somewhat jokingly).

I’m just wondering why they aren’t jumping at the opportunity to film her wedding? She is one of the most well liked contestants and leads. I know they didn’t film Desiree’s but many didn’t like her and thought she was boring.

Just curious on your thoughts or if you’ve heard anything and wanted to suggest the podcast to you if you hadn’t already been made aware!

Comment: I don’t know why. Could be a punishment thing, but I honestly don’t have a clue. Or maybe they were looking into Ben & Lauren first and, well, from all accounts, they’re on the outs. I know nothing other than what people are emailing me, but it is definitely curious that Lauren had a girls weekend two weekends ago, just changed her IG profile from saying to “fiancé” to not saying that anymore, and has another girls weekend planned. I never put 100% stock into what social media tells me, but those are strong clues. I guess we’ll see soon enough because people are convinced a break up statement is coming any day now.

Hi Steve. Long time reader of your columns and a huge fan! Honestly, I would like to know why they even cast people like Taylor or Corrine. As an educated women with four degrees, you would think I would like Taylor but shoving your masters and telling Corrine and Nick the definition of emotional intelligence. She came across as ridiculous and more insecure than any previous bachelor contestant I’ve seen. I would never want Taylor to be my therapist. My questions are:

1) why would an educated woman like Taylor especially who is a therapist choose to portray themselves on tv like this? Do these contestants not realize it will affect their career after the show? Because I think they don’t have a clue about what they’re going to get into, and I guarantee every one of these people thinks they can “beat” the system. They can’t, no matter how hard they try.

2) is it possible that the producers may hire actresses like Corrine and they pay her to act as the seasons villain? Are the contestants paid to be on the show like dwts? No. Only the lead gets paid.

3) say for the final four, is it possible that the producers tell the bachelor that he has three choices and they have one to manipulate the show? Sorry I’m a huge unreal fan!!

Comment: Anything is possible when it comes to this show. But proving that is impossible. Hence the reason these people sign contracts.

Hi Steve!

So glad to hear about your 3rd annual party! I think it’s great you do this for your fans.

So no question about last night’s episode because honestly, I was pretty bored. Not sure why, I just couldn’t pay attention. I’ve been over Corinne since episode 1, maybe that’s why.

My question is in regards to that radio segment you posted in today’s blog from Nick’s ex. She mentioned she knew who the winner was because they have mutual friends. I didn’t know anyone knew who the winner was. Do the lead and winner get to tell their family and friends? Isn’t that kinda risky? My initial thought was she knew from reading your blog! 🙂 Apologies if you’ve mentioned this before. I’ve been a pretty avid reader for the past year and don’t remember this.

Thanks as always Steve for the awesome work you do!

Comment: I can’t speak to exactly what and how they know, but sure, it could’ve easily come from this site.

Hi Steve,

Loving the podcast! I was wondering if any other contestant in past seasons have made the top 4 without having a one on one, like Corinne does this season. I know Corinne gets some one on one time for winning the 2 on 1, but that’s not the same. Just seems odd that their first official date is meeting her family. But then again, I guess this whole thing is odd. Thanks!

Comment: Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one, but in 32 previous seasons, there has to be one, right?



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