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Dear Reality Steve,

I have two questions regarding Corrine. One, I’m really, really weary of the whole thing to the point where this season has become almost unwatchable. Is there a line that the producers recognize where plot becomes a turn-off? Do you think anybody gives a sh**? I’m serious. No. They will do whatever it takes.

Two, I don’t believe Nick is at all into Corrine but that producers want her to get to hometown status, so that we can see behind the image, if that’s possible. We want to see her digs, her nanny, her lifestyle and family, and, of course, that multi-million dollar business she brags that she runs. Don’t you think that’s a big part of why we have to keep seeing her in these episodes? She’s SUCH a bloody annoyance and I just want to turn away.

Comment: Absolutely. I do think that Nick is purely physically attracted to her, so that helps in keeping her around, but it’s mostly because she’s been the water cooler talk for 5 episodes now and will continue to be.

Hey Steve,

I have a question and a comment for you:

1) When Chris Harrison told the girls that they needed to pack their bags because they were leaving, I heard Corrine say, “leaving this, leaving this” when they were filming them packing. Don’t they have to pack everything up with them just in case they have to go home? I’ve heard sometimes that as travelling starts, the less you can bring and have to ship some stuff home. That could’ve been it.

2) I joined an app called Bumble which is kind of like Tinder, but if you get a match the girl has to message the guy first, and the guy only has 24 hours to respond or the match is gone forever. Anyway, I came across Nick Peterson as one of my matches. Just wanted to let you know that in case anyone was wondering if he was single.

Comment: Single and ready to mingle apparently. Go Nick.

Hi RS!

I do a pretty good job of keeping up to date with the your site (it makes watching this dreck a little more entertaining knowing the outcome!) but I apologize if this has been asked in the past. I know you have mentioned EVERY season that you do not think the “winning couples” will ever get married but if they do they get your congrats. That being said, has there ever been a couple of either franchise that deep down you actually thought might make it work? I thought Ashley & JP did because neither was interested in moving to LA.

And if not, who has surprised you the LEAST that they are still together? Mind you, there are not a lot of choices there on the success side but of recent years there has been some continued “longevity”. Least surprised they are still together? Probably them.

On the flip side- for laughs, who has been the biggest disaster as a winning pair in your opinion that you were convinced by what you saw and heard would barely make it to the final rose special? (Likely they have already split IRL.)

Appreciate it!


Comment: Juan Pablo and Nikki.

Hi Steve,

This is not so much a question but a comment. You seem really bent out of shape with Corinne in your most recent post. I get that she is an immature nut job and I’m definitely not #TeamCorinne, but if her behavior is mostly producer-prodded and manipulated (including all the b***h comments directed at Taylor), how can you really blame Corinne? Clearly she is nuts to agree to go along with the producers and get such a bad edit, but is that really her fault? This is a producer driven show. And once she signs a contract, isn’t she technically “in their hands?” Whether she was prodded to say it or not, she still did it. Say she’s overly emotional. Say she flaunts her degrees. Say she rubs you the wrong way. I didn’t see the purpose to continuing to call her a dumb b**ch. That was my point.

That being said, I’ve watched this franchise from Season 1 and this is the worst season (in my opinion) ever. What a dud of a lead. And it seems like every year the producers fixate on one contestant to make despicable like Corinne (Olivia, Courtney, Chad, etc) and make them the focus of the season rather than focusing on the lead. It’s really annoying. Clearly they think this is what the public wants. I just don’t get it. I, for one, fast forward every time Corinne’s on the screen (so basically I miss a lot of show). LOL. Sorry for the rambling.

Comment: It’s ok. A lot of people feel the same way. However, the show (and mainly because of Corinne) trends on Twitter every Monday, is the focal point of tabloids, and its storylines (mostly Corinne’s again) lead the entertainment shows every night. So yeah, while most people are frustrated, this is what the show is. No one should be surprised. The show never focuses on the lead. Ever. This show is made by the cast. Every. Single. Season. Oh sure, the lead will have their storylines and hurdles to get over, but ultimately the show is made by the 25 contestants. That’s never changed.

The answer to this is probably fairly obvious, but given the formats of the shows, do the “winning” couples on Bachelor in Paradise end up spending significantly more time together than the ones on The Bachelor/the Bachelorette? I’d assume so given that they’re in the same place when they’re not on dates, but figured I’d ask.


Comment: Yep. You’re allowed to actually see them all day, spend time with them, have sex with them, etc. It’s a completely different show in terms of spending time with the person you’re interested in. Granted, it’s only around 18 days of filming total, so, it’s still technically the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship by the end.

Hi Steve –

Long time, first time. You may have addressed this in the past but I missed it if so: as I recall, on an early season of the Bachelor (Jesse Palmer, maybe?), he had a “mole” among the women who was one of his old friends. Do you know if they’ve ever considered (or would consider) doing something like that again? I can’t imagine agreeing to be the lead without having somebody I trusted on the inside (and that trust definitely wouldn’t extend to the producers).

Love the site & appreciate the integrity you bring to the protection of your sources.

Comment: I just think in this day and age, you’d never really be able to pull it off anymore. People would be looking for that. It’s possible they could do it again, but if they did, I think it would be something that’s only used on the opening night meet and greet. I can’t see it lasting.

Hi Steve,

Love your site and your work! Thanks for what you do.

I’ve found that in my group of friends that watch the show weekly, we’re all bored to tears and “over it” already. I understand the show still pulls millions of viewers, and I’m guilty of tuning in even when I really couldn’t care less. I wonder why that is? I think without social media, the numbers would definitely fall. Most of what I enjoy about watching the show is watching the Internet make fun of the entire thing. Without that, no way I would watch.

I thought Nick would be a more interesting bachelor given his history with the franchise. Instead, he is completely underwhelming. (Also, his acting is terrible. Hope he has a backup career plan.)

The girls are also boring…but that could just be them being overshadowed by the Corrinne show. Which, by the way, is a complete organized effort on both her part and the producers’ part. She absolutely went on this show to find fame by being the ‘crazy girl’ / ‘villain’ character, and people are buying it. I find that to cheapen the franchise even more so than it already is.

Also- I LOL when I saw that they have these fantasy drafts now. Who in the hell isn’t reading spoilers?! ALSO, I wouldn’t trust anyone playing…if you are the weirdo who can watch without reading spoilers, I guarantee someone will beat you because they read the spoilers.

Thanks again for your work… really enjoy pretending to work and reading your site.

(PS My parents, who have never binge watched a show in their lives, are currently binging Friday Night Lights. My dad is super critical of tv, but he has been staying up late watching the episodes. Love it.)

Comment: I agree with pretty much all of that. And oh yeah, lets chalk up another FNL converter.

Dear Steve, I agree with you 100% about Corinne. It feels as if every time I hear her speak I’m losing 10 points off my IQ. My solution this week was to quickly hit the mute button every time I see her mouth move… I can’t wait until she’s off my Monday evening tv screen. And I will say I never heard so much mumbling from Nick as when he didn’t give the date rose to Taylor. He might even have had a twinge of conscience for a moment.

So my question is, what do you imagine the producer is saying to Taylor to get her to serve up balls that Corinne can hit over the fence? “Tell us what you think of Corinne?…Do you think she’s here for the right reasons?…How would you feel if Nick picked her over you?…Do you think you’ll die alone? (not kidding)…”

Poor girl, if Taylor showed a more sense of humor and took herself less seriously maybe Corinne would get less love from the crazies.

Comment: I think this show really f***ed with Taylor’s head. Feel bad. They certainly did a number on her.

Why don’t they ever wear sunglasses on the show! Is it because of the reflection for cameras? I’d seriously get a migraine and peace out.

Comment: I would think the camera reflection is a reason. And two people talking with sunglasses on is kind of impersonal, no?

Hey Steve,

As you’ve said dozens of times, “The Bachelor” always has the same age range of women, no matter how old the lead is. Have you considered talking to anyone (or a small group of people) who has been in a relationship with a large age difference to get their perspective on the relationship’s challenges or difficulties? It’d be interesting to hear what the “younger women” and “older men” now think of those relationships.

Just curious. When I was 21 years old, I dated 2 men who were 14 and 17 years older than me. Looking back, I think I was CRAZY for doing that, even though my “emotional intelligence” was pretty high. I’m in my mid 40s now.

Thanks!!!! Love your site and twitter feed.

Comment: Just random people, or are you talking about trying to find some people from the show in their mid 20’s and ask if they want to date men 10-15 years older than them?


I’ve been reading your blog for years. Love it. Thanks for all you do.

I’ve never thought of this question until this season, and I guess it’s because Nick has hooked up with how many girls? Do they test all of these people for STDs as part of the screening process? I know they go through a ton of background checks, but with all the riding and grinding and hooking up, I just wondered if that was part of the process. Weird question, I know, but inquiring minds…..


Comment: Yes.



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