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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 5 Recap Incl The Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party Details Are Set

The 3rd Annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party is officially set. It will take place Friday, June 9th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. As much as I tried to change venues this year, Mandalay still offered me the best deal, so we’re going back again. Those who aren’t familiar, this is open to anyone who wants to come, but I do have about a 60-65 person limit in that room. So it’s first come first serve. If you want to attend, but are coming in from out-of-state, your guarantee to be on the confirmed list is to email me your flight itinerary. I assume people wouldn’t flake if they purchase a flight. If you are driving or live close and you want in, email me your hotel booking. Preference at first will go to people who are flying in from out of state, so if you’re gonna do that, I would suggest doing that rather soon. The last couple years we were at capacity within a couple weeks of me posting. I can tell you right now already a little over a 1/3 of the spots have been booked. All I ask is that if you say you’re coming and you’re on the confirmed list, that you please don’t flake because if you say you’re in, then you aren’t, you were possibly holding up a spot for others. You can stay at whatever hotel you want, but if you are interested in staying at Mandalay Bay, in your email let me know and I will have information on a discounted room rate that you can use. Those rates change often and looking at the prices I can get you vs if you book online as of right now, it’s about 30% off. If you want those prices, let me know in your email. So if you want in, email me ASAP at, and let me know how many people are coming, their full names, and if there’s flight info, send me your itinerary once it’s booked.

The party is an annual event I hold as a thank you to those that make the site successful. There will be appetizers, open bar, and the Reality Steve Trivia Contest where prizes are given out. First year it was restaurant gift cards within Mandalay, last year it was casino chips. Not sure what this year will be yet. In addition, I am working on possible Bachelor people to make an appearance. But as you know, it’s tough. One thing to get them on a podcast which is just a phone call. Another thing to publicly promote them at a party Reality Steve is throwing. I’ve already had one not be able to attend due to the whole “Reality Steve” thing. And I get it as some just don’t want to burn any bridges, but yeah, you can see the problem I’m running into. We have four months, and I do think I’ll be able to get someone from the franchise to show up. I just don’t know who yet. I’ll keep you updated. Anyway, I can tell you that at least one person from the reality TV world who said she’s in, and that’s Brandi Redmond from “Real Housewives of Dallas.” RHOD season 2 starts airing around that time, but as of now, she’s in. And oh yeah, my mom will be there again this year as well as my niece Olivia. It should be a good time. I think most people liked it the first two years and hopefully this one will be just as good. Look forward to seeing everyone who can make it.

Get your “Reader Emails” in for tomorrow. We are kinda low right now. Also, definitely get your “Dr. Reality Steve” in for Thursday. Also very low. I had this week’s podcast guest text me and cancel this morning, so I’m in a bit of a scramble to get someone. There will definitely be a podcast come Thursday, just not sure yet who will be on it. And yes, I sometimes it’s very frustrating having to deal with these contestants. Hopefully this person who cancelled today was just a postponement and we’ll have them on at a later date. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Wanted to point out a correction in the spoiler for next week. In the episode-by-episode spoilers I posted in the beginning of the season, I said that in St. Thomas (next week) is where Corinne sneaks over to Nick’s room to try and have sex with him and he turns down her advances. Had the wrong location. It’s in Bimini, the episode 7 (Feb. 13th) episode. My mistake. Hey, sometimes you get minor details wrong. Doesn’t change anything in terms of the remaining spoilers, dates, roses, eliminations, etc. Just had the wrong episode. My mistake. Well, technically a sources mistake but it’s on me since I’m the one that prints it. I think you’ll get over it.

Our own Nell Kalter has your Vanderpump Rules recap now up to view. I don’t watch that show but isn’t that a show where Corinne would totally fit in? Isn’t that like right up her alley? Or is it being a background skank in rapper videos? Whatever the case, if you think we’ve seen the last of Corinne once this show is over, forget it. She’s just getting started. Recording “Ellen” today which will be shown tomorrow, will be the talk of the “Women Tell All,” and no doubt be on BIP.

Nick’s ex who they magically “ran” into during his Wisconsin date with Danielle, went on a local Milwaukee radio station after the fact to talk about everything that went down. Pretty much like you’d expect. They cut out basically everything and it was essentially scripted from the get go:

I tweeted this out at the end of last week, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. They’ve released some of the male suitors for season 3 of UnREAL since “Everlasting” will have a female lead this time around. Did you catch who one of the men is? That’s right, former Donna Martin ex-boyfriend from senior year, QB of the CU football team, and all around pansy, Joe Bradley! We all remember Joe. Virgin, had that heart ailment that prevented him from continuing to play football, was jealous of David and Donna’s relationship, so he decided he wanted to move back to Beaver Falls, PA and be a high school football coach with his brother, asked Donna to go with him, and she basically had zero interest in that, right? Yeah, now he’s back with a full head of gray hair and trying to woo the newest “Everlasting” female suitor. I cannot wait til Donna finds out about this and flips her sh**. And if Ray Pruit shows up somehow, I just might call this the greatest reality TV dating show of all time.

Ratings are in from last night and they are a tad down from last week, as last night drew 7.2 million viewers and a 2.3 rating vs last week’s 7.3 million and 2.4 rating. Ben’s 5th episode last season drew 7.4 million and a 2.2 rating. So things are sailing along as expected. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.

Both blogs are already up, as Chris Harrison actually had something relevant to say in his blog when he talked about Corinne’s strategy. I’m dumbfound by not only Chris, but also Nick’s blog where he went out of his away to defend Corinne over Taylor. Mind blowing. You’ll see what I’m talking about on page 2.

Today’s poll question is about Rachel. I asked about Vanessa two weeks ago, then Raven last week, and now that Rachel’s had her 1-on-1, your thoughts:

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  1. rob22

    January 31, 2017 at 10:35 AM

    I think RS missed the point of beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde. You go there with a hangover for a mainline of sugar and caffeine. It doesn’t even matter if they’re good. I think they are good as long as you don’t let them sit too long. After a bit, the grease starts to run off the beignet and it loses it’s appeal. But that’s all beside the point of going there. It’s New Orleans. If you’re at Cafe Du Monde, you have a serious hangover that needs immediate attention.

  2. crushonspivey

    January 31, 2017 at 12:41 PM

    I hit saturation point with Corinne last night. I had found her schtick amusing for a while, and enjoyed seeing her get under the skin of the more insecure and immature contestants (Taylor, Sarah, Kristina), but last night was too much. And now her ability to amuse is gone, so she needs to go. Time to cancel The Corinne Show.

    I do blame the producers as well. They are still struggling to learn that less is more, except in the episode where the contestant is going home. Then, let them go down in a blaze of glory of their own making.

    The editors gave her too much time, it distracted from anyone thinking Nick is actually going to find love on this show, and I honestly started getting bored with the episode. And so did my wife, who is ratings target gold for this show.

    Hoping the show is about to transition soon to seeing which connections develop. Not holding my breath.

  3. purplerayne

    January 31, 2017 at 1:35 PM

    Dude, fried dough is the best! I understand Steve is a donut guy, but you cannot knock down beignets! Its like knocking down pies bc you prefer cake.

    I am OVER Corrine. Yes, Taylor is unaware of her stank faces and her manner of speech. BUT Corrine’s flippant way of behaviour and her mean verbal attack on Taylor just put me over the edge. She’s not entered Chad territory, where the villain is no longer enjoyable to the show.

  4. rob22

    January 31, 2017 at 2:10 PM

    For me, Corrine’s shelf life was 2 episodes. I’m WAY over it. There are not any REAL looking relationships forming. It’s all paint by numbers stuff. “I’m falling in love with you”. “He’s so good looking”. “I could see myself with her”. Snore. The thing is, despite all of the show’s fakeness, usually there were one or two that were into the lead and the lead was into them. So, at least you’d have something sort of nice going on in between all the drama and sleeziness. I’m still equating Nick with Juan Pah-Blow. Like our buddy Juan on his season, Nick does not appear to be super into any of the girls. Of course, he’s lining up three of them for the fantasy suites. That’s the whole gig as far as he’s concerned. But, for him, the last two episodes are going to be the test to see whether his acting classes did any good. He’s going to have to fake it hard when he has to pretend to fall in love and propose to someone. It would be crazy funny if he started looking in the other direction and mumbling when he was “proposing”. If he does, everyone has to down a small glass of Mezcal. The worm is optional.

  5. rob22

    January 31, 2017 at 2:22 PM

    @crushonspivey: I’m with you. But is Corrine distracting from a love story, or was Corrine allowed to stay so long & given so much air time precisely because there isn’t a love story to talk about? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. I’m sure they’ll pull something together to look like a happy ending. But it won’t be real. I feel like they have a long way to go to make it plausible that Nick and Vanessa have anything going on. Ah, the wonders of editing. I think this is a big reason why any Vanessa related problems in the house will not be shown. They can’t afford to trash her & still pull together the required proposal and love story finale. She’s going to get a squeaky clean edit.

  6. kimmyfromdablock

    January 31, 2017 at 2:47 PM

    Let me pile on the “over Corinne” bandwagon. The whole schtick is getting old, but I must say that the outrage over the repeated “*itch” references doesn’t really matter. We all know this show sells everyone out and doesn’t have much in the way of scruples. Let’s also face it, if this was a man consistently referring to another man as an a-hole, no one would really care. It would just be guys being guys and we’d call the offending guy a jerk.

    I can’t imagine how my father would react to me bringing a guy home like Nick. The fact that he mumbles when he talks, often times puts his hands over his mouth when speaking and has a difficult time making direct eye contact for more than a few seconds….would put some big red flags up for any parent.

    I also believe Taylor has made a complete mess of herself on this show. Not a great look for someone in a helping profession who is probably looking to build a clientele. She came off as arrogant, patronizing and immature. The fact that she got herself into this mess or allowed herself to be so manipulated by professionals is indicative of her immaturity, not her degree.

  7. teenie26

    February 1, 2017 at 6:20 AM

    I will defend beignets to my death – they are the best! Aside from that, does anyone know if Corinne is the first person to ever make it to hometowns without having had a prior one-on-one date? It just seems strange – like she really is just a producer pick.

  8. ctrealitygirl

    February 1, 2017 at 8:18 AM

    I agree with everyone! I always set my DVR and half watch the episodes while reading or doing crosswords, then watch the taped version the next night, fast-forwarding thru all the crap. But this episode was such a snooze fest that have not bothered to re-watch it. And I dozed off and missed most of the 2-on-1 date and have no interest in watching it. It seems to me that the whole season has been based around Corinne and her antics, her feud with Taylor WAY too many ITM’s. I, too, miss the days when the Bachelor at least made an attempt to show a love story in the making. But each season it gets farther and farther away from that format. The one thing that i find satisfying is that (according to Steve) Corinne does not get to the fantasy suites. I cannot wait to see Nick turn down her offer to have sex. I hope the folks at ABC read these comments and make some attempt to stop focusing on villains and go back to centering on the dates. And why have there been so few 1-on-1’s this year?? The format used to be two 1-on-1’s and one group date until later in the season when they got to the 2-on-1. Way too many goofy group dates this season, and the lamest one yet was that haunted house date. Ugh.

  9. realiteacheck

    February 1, 2017 at 10:43 AM

    I’ve never felt compelled to comment until today. Steve – You are spot on with your Corinne analysis. Please ABC, we’re all done with her. She’s not funny to watch (never thought she was to begin with) and she’s certainly not original. Every season, there will be a new villain to talk about and I find that the villain character is now old and played out. Yawn. It’s the public viewer that fuels the fire and keeps characters like her on the show. When will we ever learn to just stop talking or caring about them?

    I don’t understand the fascination with her or her character because it is so easy to play the villain on reality TV. Think about it: what normal, sane person would ever want to live with that reputation for the rest of their everyday lives? If you volunteer yourself for this role, all you have to do is say whatever random, cruel thing comes to your mind (without reason) and do whatever the heck you want. Half the time the producers are supplying the villain with everything they need to act in a certain way – everything from context to alcohol to coaching. So, I guess good for Corinne to take the easy way out?

  10. kathscof

    February 1, 2017 at 1:29 PM

    I love beignets, and am over Corrine…I literally fast forward whenever she talks….

    The best part about last night’s show was the Luke and Josh beauty and the beast teasers and the new trailer!

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