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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 5 Recap Incl The Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party Details Are Set

-It’s the 2-on-1 date everyone’s been waiting for. If you like pure torture, repetitive storylines, and immature, bratty behavior from a self-entitled snob. Can’t wait! Corinne’s assessment of her vs Taylor: “She’s very calculating and analytical. I’m…more colorful.” Well, she nailed Taylor. Yes, from what we’ve been shown, Taylor does seem a bit more calculating and analytical about things. These are two completely different people on opposite ends of the spectrum. Of course if you spend every living breathing second with them during a few week period, personalities are going to clash. We get that part. But I don’t see why it’s necessary to continually call someone a b**ch over and over to get your point across. Did Taylor make mistakes in her approach? I’m sure plenty of people will say she did. I even thought that how she came across would no doubt get under Corinne’s skin. I just didn’t think her reaction to it was warranted. She asked for people to say things to her face. Taylor did. And when confronted, she resorts to name calling non stop. That was this whole fight in a nutshell.

-Since the theme of last night’s episode was ghosts, spirits, and all the crap very few people believe in, why not continue it on this date with a 2-on-1 down in the bayou where these two could have their tarot cards read. But first wanted to mention something about the boat ride these two took. Even though you could barely see his face in the background, the guy who was driving the boat was former WWE Tough Enough finalist, ZZ. It was a reality show produced by the WWE where people went through training to be a WWE wrestler, and one female and one male were picked in the end to a WWE contract. ZZ made the finals but didn’t win, even though he was the worst wrestler, was in the worst shape, and should’ve been the first one eliminated. I guess you could say it was kind of a “Vote For the Worst” type of deal happening with him that season. Like Sanjaya. Anyway, that was the dude driving the boat in case any of you want to impress your friends or mistresses today.

-Tarot card reading time! This always something that fascinates me. Kinda like how a Ouija board might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, tarot card readings might be the 1A. So you’re telling me that some gypsy can shuffle a deck of cards, flip them over, and depending on who the person is that’s sitting across from her getting their cards read, she can feel vibes and senses things based on what cards were flipped over. What if after the session was over, that person pays another $10 or whatever it is, and has her do it again. By my logic, wouldn’t those same exact cards needs to be flipped so she can spew out the same garbage she did before. What if the person wanted them read 10 times in a row? I’m supposed to believe that every time the cards will align a certain way to tell her “story.” I don’t mean to sound harsh, but that’s about the biggest crock of sh** I’ve ever seen. Please don’t tell me any of you have spent good hard earned money to ever have your cards read. I think I wanna go do one now just so I can laugh at the person and call them out for everything that doesn’t remotely pertain to me.

-Corinne adds to her list of insults to Taylor this episode by calling her a “big mean, swamp monster” and that “bullies never get a happy ending.” Actually, I think Chad Johnson might disagree with you on that one once he went on his tour of banging all his former contestants’ ex-girlfriends. Miss Tarot Phoney told Taylor to stay away while she was reading her cards, as we cut to Corinne with Nick telling him that Taylor called her stupid and a bully. So when it’s Nick’s turn to talk to Taylor he tells her that Corinne told him she felt a bit bullied by her, called her names, and called her stupid. A classic case of tattling basically. Chris Harrison even acknowledged it in his blog today when he said Corinne “made her best defense an offense.” So he’s admitting that Corinne used everything she was doing to project it on Taylor…and it worked. And the show allowed it. And Nick bought it. Not to mention, defending Corinne and leaving Taylor out to dry in his blog today. I know things are crazy in this world right now, but are we in an alternate reality? What the hell is going on?

-Now, we know Nick gave Corinne the rose and Taylor was eliminated. At least momentarily. Here’s where Taylor’s biggest mistake came. She should’ve just left the show. Yes, I’m aware that she was obviously talked into coming back to confront Nick, but again, if I’m gonna call Corinne out for her use of the whipped cream even though it was placed there by the producers, I gotta do the same for Taylor. She shouldn’t have returned for the show. Bad move. I’m sure she was upset, she wanted to get things off her chest, and producers no doubt encouraged it. But no matter what they show, I can’t imagine Taylor is gonna come off looking good in any of it, and that’s sad. She should’ve just walked away, head held high, and given the, “If that’s the type of girl he wants over me, that’s his problem” line and be done with it. She only made it messier by going back to tell him off. Which he probably deserves, but, Taylor is going to take some major heat on social media I’m sure for it. Hope she’s ready for what’s coming.

So next week we have the finality to the Corinne/Taylor showdown, with Taylor telling Nick off but him still keeping Corinne. Then they head to St. Thomas where Kristina gets her first 1-on-1, a group volleyball date where he sends Jasmine home and she tells him she slept with one of his friends, then another 2-on-1 where both Whitney and Danielle L. get sent home. He comes back to the rest of the girls after that crying about how he really wanted this process to work, and he really liked those two, and he’s down in the dumps now, yada yada yada. There is no rose ceremony next week, since once all those eliminations are made during the episode, no one else goes home. The remaining 6 head to Bimini, Bahamas the following week, and that’s where it happens when Corinne tries to sleep with him, as I corrected on page 1 today.

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