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The “Bachelor” Nick Episode 5 Recap Incl The Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party Details Are Set

-We began with, what else, the Taylor vs Corinne feud from their conversation in Wisconsin. Corinne brings up the “emotional intelligence” line that Taylor has dropped on her, but basically doesn’t want to listen to what Taylor has to say about it. So during this conversation, when they cut away to Corinne’s ITM’s, we see her calling Taylor “a dumb b**ch,” “gross,” and “nasty.” Taylor basically just calls Corinne immature and is annoyed by the fact she doesn’t listen. So all the Bachelor alums (and everyone for that matter) that are always preaching no bullying, women need to stick up for women, and just everything about promoting women all day every day (and there are plenty of them out there), just explain to me how Corinne is getting love on the show now? Sure, you may think a couple of her lines are funny. But Jesus, how many times did she call Taylor a b**ch last night? Or a “dumb b**ch.” I’m not lying, it was close to 10. And she said it for no reason. Not because she actually meant it. I mean, maybe she did, I can’t read her brain. But she did it for camera time and to get a reaction of people. Villains in the past like a Courtney, or an Olivia, or a Vienna, or even a Kelsey Poe might’ve been mean or had harsh words in their ITM’s, but I truly do not remember them calling someone else in the house a b**ch over and over and over again. It was totally unnecessary. And all because Taylor questioned her intentions on the show, which are clear to everyone else watching? The people promoting Corinne out there I have to scratch my head at. I don’t get it. It’s not the word she used. It’s how many times she used it and the meaning behind it. She’s calling Taylor a bully?

-Yes, you know me. For 13 years I’ve done nothing but make fun of, mock, and scold this show for being utterly ridiculous, taking none of it seriously. But there’s something to be said for the producers of this show allowing a girl to call another girl a b**ch that many times over and over again just for effect. Because lets face it, that’s what it was. I’m sure the Corinne supporters feel like I’m overreacting, but seriously, wake up. That wasn’t humorous. That wasn’t funny. Nor was it the least bit entertaining. It was embarrassing. I would say the producers should be ashamed of themselves, but they have 32 previous seasons on their track record to prove that. Make fun of someone’s outfit. Or how emotional they get on the show. Or some stupid thing they say. Those are the funny ITM’s. Not drilling home “Taylor is a dumb b**ch” until you’re blue in the face. It served zero purpose other than to get a rise out of people. And yes, I get that’s what the producers do. But in my eyes, completely crossed the line last night and proved what a bunch of spineless, soulless assholes they are. But hey, I’m preachin’ to the choir.

-Once she was done b-bombing Taylor til the day was long, Corinne heads over to Nick to tell him what happened because of course she did. “I care so much about you…the girls are weird towards Taylor…she’s not nice in the house…she’ll ignore people…” to which Nick listens to, then stops her by putting his tongue in her mouth. Nick is a damn good little puppet this season, isn’t he? One of the best ones they’ve had. Just eating right out of the palm of their hands. And I’m sure when Corinne is on the “Ellen” show today they’ll yuck it up, have a few laughs, she’ll blame it on the editing and make excuses for her behavior, because that’s what someone who’s clueless like her does. She. Does. Not. Get. It. And probably won’t for a while. I wouldn’t expect any sort of apology to Taylor during her “Ellen” appearance or even at the WTA. Because that’s not her character. And even if she does, something makes me think it’ll be half assed one. She’s getting all the publicity this season, half of Bachelor Nation is turning and is now TeamCorinne, which is just flat out embarrassing considering these are the same people every season that can’t take criticism, hate online bullying, and are always saying, “You know, we’re are real people with real feelings.” Gotcha. Well in my book, anyone who’s stood up for that in the past, yet is laughing or promoting what Corinne is doing, your credibility is now shot. At least with me. Off my soapbox…

-Right before the rose ceremony starts, I’m bringing this up because it was tweeted at me and I got two emails on it almost immediately after it happened. And since it seems to directly contradict one of my spoilers, might as well address it. When Nick is talking to the women, you see Danielle L. and Vanessa arm in arm as well as Danielle L. resting her head on Vanessa’s shoulders. This was the group date after party where I told you that Vanessa used some of her time with Nick to call Danielle L. out for being fake. So obviously, the natural reaction from some of you out there was, “If Vanessa just called Danielle out and she knew about it and it was a topic during that date, why is she right next to Vanessa arm in arm like it’s all good?” There could by a myriad of reasons. Maybe Vanessa then told Danielle L. to her face and they talked it out. Maybe that’s why Danielle L. pulled Nick aside first at that after party even though she had a rose, to get out in front of what was being said about her. Maybe they got over it. All I know is it did happen, it was a point of contention during that group date after party, and the show chose not to air it. It happens. Happened in the past, happened this episode, and will happen in future episodes. Nothing more I can say other than that. As always, those who think Vanessa walks on water and is Nick’s soulmate and they will be married until the end of time, will choose not to believe it happened. Those that can see every spoiler I’ve given so far this season has been right will use their brain and not make excuses for someone they like. Simple as that.

-Rose ceremony time. Danielle L., Kristina, and Raven safe with group date roses. Nick comes into the barn of freezing women who look like Rose at the end of “Titanic” with purple lips and the ability to see their own breath. Nick: “Thank you…amazing week…meaningful…big decision…tough decision…real connections forming…apologize…heart’s leading me in a different direction…if you can wait here real quick, let me unattached these strings from my body that the producers are using to control me this season. There we go. Ok, where was I?”

Whitney: I think Whitney has gotten more roses this season so far (4) than words spoken in any episode.
Danielle M.: Has Wells put her on his radio show yet being BFF’s?
Jasmine: I think her exit next week is gonna be prettay, prettay, prettay good.
Rachel: I can’t wait to meet daddy to see what he thinks of this silliness.
Jaimi: I love the fact that the show totally decided to save a little coin and make sure she got dumped in her hometown of New Orleans.
Josephine: She probably is funny and goofy but we wouldn’t have the slightest clue since there are about 6 people who get camera time on this show.
Vanessa: Orange couch, shmorange couch. Pssssh. So stupid.
Alexis: Does she show up to BIP in a shark costume? She has to, right?
Corinne: Blah.

“Ladies, Nick, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. Can you hurry it up already. My balls have shriveled up and disappeared in this Wisconsin weather.”

Taylor: The stay of execution. If she knew what was coming, my guess is she would’ve gladly not taken a rose in Wisconsin.



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