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Podcast #9 with Kacie Gaston (formerly Kacie B.) & a “Dr. Reality Steve” Call & Emails

Long time readers of this column might understand a little bit more about what I’m going to say than say if you started reading this site 364 days ago. Today is a pretty memorable anniversary, as exactly one year ago today, my sweet Maddie passed away. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I haven’t talked about it much since it happened because it’s just still too hard for me. She was the only dog I’ve ever owned, I haven’t gotten a new one, I get asked all the time if I’m going to and my answer remains the same, “I don’t know. I just know I’m not ready yet.” One thing that I have not done in the last year is go back and read the tribute I wrote to her a year ago today called A Tribute to Maddie. Today was the first time I did it. Yeah, probably not the greatest way to start out my day. But I’m glad I did. I’ll never get over that day and how quickly everything happened, but I still think about her all the time. Obviously it slowly gets better because I remember this time last year what a mess I was about it, never thinking it’d get better. Slowly but surely it has. But can I watch dog videos on Facebook or have any interest in seeing “A Dog’s Purpose” this weekend (even before the animal cruelty never came out)? Absolutely not. I’m still not at that point yet. Hell, even re-reading what I wrote a year ago took some effort because I didn’t want to. Anyway, I still have over 1,000 emails saved from the last year that many of you sent to me after Maddie passed and I’ll always appreciate those. So on this day, just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate all of you who come to this site and read daily, weekly, whatever. Means a lot. It’s still weird not having her around at times, but she’ll always be with me.

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