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Podcast #10 with Special Guest the “Possessionista” Dana Weiss Along with “Dr. Reality Steve” Emails

Due to a late cancellation on the podcast this week, I decided to bring back the Possessionista Dana Weiss, since she’s an excellent guest to have on the show. The response to her was great the first time around, and I have no problem going to her again so soon after her last appearance. And I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her once the season ends as well. Since the “Bachelor” this season has been the Corinne show for the first 5 episodes (and more to come), of course we were going to spend a majority of time talking about Corinne in today’s podcast. It was inevitable. I kinda hate myself for it, I feel like I need to take a 60 minute shower, but I think we covered essentially everything we needed to cover in regards to Corinne. I think it’s a very good and sane discussion on someone who I find excruciatingly annoying. We do dive into Rachel a bit and what things look like for her going forward as well, which I thought was a good back and forth as Dana brought up some points I hadn’t thought about. I think you’re really gonna like today’s podcast. Even at the end, a very healthy debate on toiler paper rolls. Who would’ve thought that?

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(SPOILERS) We begin by diving a little bit into Corinne, we then talk about Rachel’s 1-on-1 date (6:20), Rachel’s appeal as possibly the next “Bachelorette” (7:49), the awful haunted house group date (18:35), Corinne vs Taylor (23:21), then a nice long discussion about everything involving Corinne (28:25), and finally end it with Rapid 5 – since Dana already did Rapid 10 in episode 7 (59:51).

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  1. taxionna

    February 2, 2017 at 10:39 AM

    For VDay Emailer – I say, go out with both of them this weekend without the pressure of “Valentine’s Day”. It can be awkward to go out on a 2nd date on Valentine’s Day – it really escalates the experience at a faster pace, which doesn’t seem to be what you are looking for right now. Is your new beau going to get you a present? Is your ex?

    I suggest doing something fun with single friends that night, or having a nice night in. Simply explaining to your two pursuers that “I’d like to take the pressure off and do something this weekend instead with you” is going to simplify your life considerably. There’s no reason to overly-complicate your already complicated situation!

    If neither guy understands, then it’s their loss.

  2. rob22

    February 2, 2017 at 1:32 PM

    So, to the first email about the long term friend, sorta kinda, maybe something else. I found myself wondering what the hell was going on with you. You were, in fact, acting like boyfriend and girlfriend, when you claimed that you looked at him as just a friend. The missing factoid about him trying to have sex with you (presuming that never actually happened and you didn’t skip over that little detail) makes me think he felt the same.

    But then you flip out when he has a girlfriend. And he hides it from you. OK, that’s a lot of dissonance between how friends behave and how you both actually behave.

    The issue appears to be the complete and utter lack of boundaries that the two of you have. In that way, you’re two peas in a pod. If you are “friends”, then you don’t sleep in the same bed and cuddle. You don’t withhold information about new girlfriends and boyfriends…. and…. you’re happy for one another when they get a new relationship. You certainly, CERTAINLY don’t sleep in the same bed when he’s got another girlfriend!! But the two of you don’t follow those norms, do you? You blew through the normal boundaries causing all kinds of confusion. I imagine your friends have plenty to discuss behind your backs. I can fully understand their consternation. And your confusion is evident in your narrative.

    Maybe…. maybe…. if there were really good boundaries from the beginning you guys could be great friends. But with the two of you having exhibited no boundaries to this point, I cannot see how you will struggle to put the genie back in the bottle and start behaving differently, with proper boundaries, together. I’d have to say to chalk this one up to experience on what not to do. In the future, if you want to be friends with a guy, then act like friends.

    It’s all about the question you ask, though. If you were asking me if the two of you should get together and be more than friends, I’d have probably said yes. You already pretty much act like more than friends, so why not take it all the way and see what happens? But you didn’t ask that question, did you? So friends? My answer is NO.

  3. lily95

    February 10, 2017 at 3:27 PM

    Just listened to this podcast and I HAD to comment. I watched the episode when it came out a week ago and basically had the exact same emotions as you guys voiced. I began watching bachelor during Matt Grant, and I have never seen this level of actual bullying being put on the bachelor screen. I had to turn of my tv 10 minutes in because I felt physically ill by what Corinne was saying to Taylor. I thought that would be the normal reaction of any human being. Then, I listened to the Afterbuzz podcast with Brooks Forester (and others) and imagine my shock when they spent the whole episode going AT Taylor (“Corinne didn’t lie to Nick” was a common theme).

    So I have this new theory about the Bachelor Nation reactions, and it’s going to sound kind of mean (but Corinne was kind of mean too and they didn’t give a s*** about that). The majority of bachelor nation are people who are not exactly… smart. They are socially skilled but not so much academically. So they hear dumb b*****, f***ing idiot, “you should be alone and sad for the rest of your life no one likes you here everybody thinks you’re a bitch” and they don’t react but they hear someone being condescended to from a person who achieved a lot by the age of 23 and take it incredibly personally since that is what they are insecure about.

    Also, Nick’s worse than Corinne for constantly validating her in the show and in his People blog. I recently read an interview he did with HuffPo where he said (and I quote) “I say there’s two people in this world: people who love Corinne, and people who pretend to hate her.” He also referred to her as a “non-conformist.” He is obviously living in the most f***ed up parallel universe ever and doesn’t care at all about treating people with decency and respect.

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