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Podcast #10 with Special Guest the “Possessionista” Dana Weiss Along with “Dr. Reality Steve” Emails

Due to a late cancellation on the podcast this week, I decided to bring back the Possessionista Dana Weiss, since she’s an excellent guest to have on the show. The response to her was great the first time around, and I have no problem going to her again so soon after her last appearance. And I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her once the season ends as well. Since the “Bachelor” this season has been the Corinne show for the first 5 episodes (and more to come), of course we were going to spend a majority of time talking about Corinne in today’s podcast. It was inevitable. I kinda hate myself for it, I feel like I need to take a 60 minute shower, but I think we covered essentially everything we needed to cover in regards to Corinne. I think it’s a very good and sane discussion on someone who I find excruciatingly annoying. We do dive into Rachel a bit and what things look like for her going forward as well, which I thought was a good back and forth as Dana brought up some points I hadn’t thought about. I think you’re really gonna like today’s podcast. Even at the end, a very healthy debate on toiler paper rolls. Who would’ve thought that?

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(SPOILERS) We begin by diving a little bit into Corinne, we then talk about Rachel’s 1-on-1 date (6:20), Rachel’s appeal as possibly the next “Bachelorette” (7:49), the awful haunted house group date (18:35), Corinne vs Taylor (23:21), then a nice long discussion about everything involving Corinne (28:25), and finally end it with Rapid 5 – since Dana already did Rapid 10 in episode 7 (59:51).

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