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The Largest “Reader Emails” of the Season

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I’d say on average, “Reader Emails” every week is roughly between 35-40 emails. Sometimes lower, sometimes bigger but always in that range. When I start receiving emails from people (beginning Wednesday after “Reader Emails” posts, through the following Wednesday morning), I just drop it into a folder and usually start answering them whenever I have free time. Before Monday’s episode aired, I believe I had already answered 25 emails, so I knew this was going to be a big week. When it was all said and done, there ended up being over 100 submissions this week. Obviously, a lot of them surrounded the Rachel decision and a lot of people shared the same opinions/theories. So no, you do not have 100 emails this week to read. I think it’s around 65 and I tried to weed out a lot of the repetitive stuff. So if you sent in an email in the last week but you don’t see it in here, don’t think I didn’t think it was good enough or whatever. Just know that it was probably asked in a different way by another email and I just chose that one. There are plenty of opinions and theories from readers this week regarding all the Rachel stuff and, as a bonus, I do answer someone’s question as to who a future podcast guest will be. It’s probably been the person who’s been requested the most that you people want to hear from.

Lets just get right to it today. No dilly dallying around people. Your “Reader Emails” begin now…

It’s very fitting that The Bachelor is promoting Beauty and the Beast, a story about a woman who willingly becomes a prisoner, develops Stockholm Syndrome as a survival mechanism, excuses his beastly behavior toward her, and falls in love with her captor.

Comment: Does the Beast have a lisp and mumble his words, too? Then it’d be eerily fitting.

Do you think this show would cast a lead who was estranged from their family or didn’t have one? For example, if Rachel’s family didn’t approve of her being the Bachelorette and refused to be on her season, would that be a deal breaker?

Comment: I would think so. And I don’t think they’d cast the lead who’s family wanted no part of it.

Hi Steve,

Love the podcasts. They are so on point. I wanted to hear your thoughts regarding an issue raised in the last one you did with Dana Weiss (who is a fantastic guest, by the way). As you both noted, Corinne’s villain role has expanded to steal the focus from the lead to a degree we have never seen before. Given Nick’s love of the limelight and desire to use his time on the show to propel himself further into the Hollywood life, do you think he’s annoyed at all that this has become “The Corinne Show” rather than the “Watch Nick Viall finally find love [and gain a bigger following] Show?” I know that after she’s eliminated this will more or less be a moot point, but I have to imagine her being the primary focus of the show and the buzz surrounding it has to be a blow to his ego, especially since he’s waited so long to be the “star.” Thoughts? Anything that takes the spotlight off himself, I’m absolutely sure Nick is annoyed by it.

PS: As a young attorney who works at a large law firm, I definitely agree with your/Dana’s take on Rachel and her career being the only reason she’d turn down the Bachelorette role. The internal dynamics of a law firm (especially if you want to make partner someday) are too intense for her to be absent long enough to do the show. It would seriously set back her progress and ability to develop the client relationships necessary to move forward in a firm environment. Wonder if the clerkship applications for her dad’s office are going to go up at all – federal clerkships are already very competitive, but I bet he gets a little extra attention from some fans of the show after appearing on hometowns since deadlines hit around then.

Comment: I guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Hi Steve,

Not sure if I’m too late for this week’s reader emails, but here are my thoughts on the season thus far, with some questions peppered between:

I echo the comments you’ve received that Nick looks bored/tired/disengaged on many of the dates. Perhaps he’s exhausted; who knows? Or perhaps he just sucks at faking it with people for whom he has no interest (Danielle L, etc.). I also am struggling to see any real connections with any of the women – perhaps Vanessa and Rachel, but that’s pushing it.

You may have already answered this, or will be answering it soon, but when is the women tell all (aka: Corinne show continued) being filmed? It films the weekend before the overnight date episode airs. That episode airs Feb. 27th, so WTA tapes Friday, Feb. 24th.

Next season, can you bring back your contestant look-a-like’s column? It’s are hilarious. I know you’ve said that Danielle M looks like Tea Leoni, and I totally agree. I honestly just completely forgot this season.

Finally, I hope you do another fan appreciation event next year, as I can’t attend this June’s due to my sister’s PhD graduation (kinda gotta prioritize that), but would love to attend in future. I’m sure as long as I’m doing this, I’m gonna have one every year. So look forward to a future one.

Thanks again for making this show worth watching. Like many of your readers, I would have stopped watching years ago if it wasn’t for your great spoilers and entertaining recaps – please keep doing this forever! 🙂


Comment: Forever as in til the day I die? Ha ha. I will do it as long as the show is on the air barring anything crazy happening.

Loved the podcast with Dana again this week and I’m glad there was
some comedic relief in an episode that was so uneventful (aside from
Kristina. Really hope you can get her on your podcast one day!! Maybe
one of the only people I’d give the “genuine” label to from this
franchise.) Also glad we had a lot less Corrine. That was lovely

Whitney said when Danielle left that she “didn’t think she was ready
for a relationship”. Was there animosity between the two that was kind
of played down or was Whitney just bitter? I’m sure there was bitterness on Whitney’s end. Or she was just kinda repeating what Vanessa and Taylor had basically echoed in Wisconsin.

Ben posted on instagram literally hours after your article to clarify
about he and Lauren’s relationship, and she posted a day ago. Like you
said, social media doesn’t tell the entire story but it looks like
they are still together. Compared to Nick, or even a lot of the other
Bachelors, does it appear to you that Ben is more genuine or kind? If
not, how would you describe him? I don’t know enough about him to know if he’s more genuine or kind. I just know I won’t have to worry about buying them a wedding gift, so that saves me some money.

Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but in terms of the final four, I
don’t know if producer Nick could have played this out more perfectly.
Corrine gets the hometown date all of America is excitedly *rolls
eyes* waiting for, and then she gets eliminated so we can get to the
“real love” part of the show. Rachel stays long enough to make another
great impression, but leaves early enough to make it on the Women Tell
All where she can no doubt make another great impression. If I had to
guess I’d say this was slightly planned. Thoughts? Not sure what you’re definition of “planned” is. Like, from Day 1? I don’t think it was planned that far ahead. Middle of the season? Maybe. But again, we’ll never know.

Side note, this is really cool how you have this outlet for readers to
give their thoughts or questions. The main reason I really like your
site is because you really show appreciation to the people that read!

Comment: Thanks. Unless something has been talked about multiple times, every email is just cut and pasted. Anyone can say anything they want and it goes in “Reader Emails,” even if it’s ripping me or whatever. I’m an open book on most everything.

Hi Steve,

I actually really like Corinne because she keeps the show interesting. If she wasn’t around, this season would be incredibly boring. The rest of these girls just seem so uninterested. Do you think that the producers realized this and thats why it’s overproduced to be all about Corinne this season? I just feel like this group of girls is so blah and would love to know how you feel about them in comparison to other seasons. It’s so hard for me to compare seasons because all of them are the same to me.

My other question is about why they are hiding all of the Vanessa drama. In past seasons, we really got to know both sides of the eventual winners like Lauren and Jordan. They both attracted some drama but they won’t even show drama with Vanessa…?

Thank you!!! Love your page and podcasts!

Comment: I’m not sure why they aren’t showing it. Your guess is as good as mine. I guess they figured the Corinne stuff is more important? I really don’t know.

Hi Steve,

I’ve loved the two podcasts with Possessionista! The only two Bachelor takes I wait for are yours and hers, and it’s so interesting to hear her side, considering she’s a friend of Nick’s. Not to mention you both have a snarky, sarcastic attitude and don’t fall into the whole “This is so beautiful, this will end with true love” cliche that Ali, and the other Bachelor nation bloggers seem to believe. Anyway, i’m excited for the special guest this week!

Two questions:

1. I like Sharleen, and read her blog posts occasionally. However, I can’t believe she doesn’t read your spoilers. She typically alludes to a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ things, like spliced ITMs and soundbites, which I appreciate. But her latest post talks about the missing bits of the volleyball game, and her Top 5 girls have always aligned with your spoilers.. Anyway, is there any chance you can get her on your podcast??? Sharleen will be a guest on a future podcast. Just trying to figure out when.

2. It seems like Ben and Lauren are not doing well at all.. Especially from the picture Lauren posted on instagram about her and Ben not being “perfect” but trying to work it out. Do you think they have to play up the fact that they are together until the twins’ show airs? And what did you think about Ben, Jason Mesnick, Andrew Firestone and Nick being on GMA this morning? I thought the four Bachelors on GMA was just a fluff piece. Nothing all that interesting. And Lauren didn’t go with Ben to NY for GMA? Shocker! As I said, saving money on that gift.

3. My friend watched Whitney doing an Instagram live video and she already said that she’s interested in some guys from Jojo’s season, and probably the upcoming Bachelorette season and would be very open to going on Paradise.. It’s like they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. When do they start casting people for Paradise? And do you think Luke will be on it, since he was passed for another shot at TV? Casting will be a few weeks before they leave in June. Absolutely I think Luke would do it.

4. Not really a question, but it seems like more and more bachelor nation people are interacting with you (Robby’s reply to your short shorts tweet!) Wonder how ABC feels about that..

Thanks Steve, keep doing you!

Comment: The more the merrier. There is a stigma attached to me, sure. But when these contestants realize the producers ultimately don’t care all that much, the podcast can be even better.

Is Nick the least popular bachelor? I don’t mean least liked because I’m sure Ben F or Juan Pablo take the cake. But Nick seems to be the least popular. I’m purely basing this off social media engagement. He’s been on 3 Bachelor related shows and he’s not even at a million followers yet. Ben H reached a million as soon as his season aired. Lauren reached a million as soon as the finale aired and Jojo before her season even started filming. Seems like people just aren’t that interested in him or his season. Might just be me tho, I haven’t watched the last two episodes.

Comment: I’d have to go look at every lead and their IG following to answer that, and I really have no interest. Ratings wise, he’s holding up just fine. I guess that’s all that matters. People put too much stock into social media. As evidenced by Rachel getting the “Bachelorette” gig with far less followers than a few of the girls on her season, namely Raven, Corinne, and Kristina to name a few.

Hey Reality Steve!

You mentioned in your podcast that few people would be going to Taylor as she starts a practice. I want to mention that I am one person who would go at least once. Not accounting for her methods of therapy, or whether or not we got along personally, I don’t see the show as a detriment necessarily. The way I see it, Corinne just started riding rough shod over everyone from the very beginning, and Taylor “stood up” to her by “re-stealing” Nick in episode 2/3. Taylor also was invited generally to criticize Corinne, and didn’t take the bait until she got her own personal invitation by being lead off by the hand, when she obviously stopped caring. Sure, she wasn’t perfect, but as a 23 year old, even a therapist, would anyone be? I’m 4 years older, and I might have taken the bait. I know that this show will likely affect her career, but hopefully not as much as you and Dana would think. I think Dana said that. I wasn’t completely convinced of that. I don’t think Taylor will quit her profession or people won’t go. I was just stating how I thought she might be handling this personally, and I can’t imagine too well.

In Monday’s episode, there was another competition for the night portion. Didn’t they used to stop doing this kind of think by now? I understand why there might be competition in the beginning episodes, with twice the amount of girls there, it would be impossible for Nick to get any quality time at night. But this one seemed doable, and really just served to exasperate everyone’s nerves. It seems like there’s a lot more competing this season though: the extra bridal photoshoot, the time in the hot tub. And all for the most boring Bachelor ever.

Comment: I thought we’ve definitely seen it in the past with competitions late in the season? Episode 6 couldn’t have possible been the latest, could it?

Hey Steve,

If Rachel is named the bachelorette, do you predict that they will cast more black men? Or do producers cast the same guys regardless of who the lead is? Just wondering because usually the cast is mostly white.
Keep up the great work!

Comment: I don’t think so. There might be a few more. But say there’s 25 guys on Rachel’s season, do I think it’ll be a 50/50 split of black and white men? No.

Hi Steve,

First thank you sooooo much for your webpage and podcasts. They are everything!!! I was skeptical of this franchise since season 3.

I was going to try and fire off an email to ABC or Chris Harrison or somebody to see if they can change SOMETHING, ANYTHING next season. We’re so sick of the same lines being used, the same edits, the same wannabe cliff hangers and the same damn dramatic b.s. music for every supposed “gasp” scene as if we’re the biggest idiots on the effing planet!!

But why the EFF do I keep watching???!!!!! LOL! Really, I’m watching now so my co-worker and I can rip the episodes to shreds telling each other what we noticed with production.

If I hear Chris say “Nick or insert any bachelor or bachelorette name, it’s the final rose…..when you’re ready” again, I’m gonna stick a fork in my eye!

Is there anyway we can send emails or letters to ABC or anyone over there? It’s enough already!

Thanks for all you do, we appreciate it!!

Comment: But that’s the show. That’s why you watch. Every show that’s been on a long time has their catchphrases. Not one of them doesn’t. Jeff Probst has like 8 phrases he says every episode and/or season. And people love “Survivor.” It’s part of the show and why people connect to it.

Hey Steve,

I’m one of the minority male fans of the show and only started watching it after finding your site.

I don’t know if youre a Howard Stern fan or not, but he is a huge Bachelor fan and talks about it often. Today he mentioned that Corrine wants to come on his show, and although he would love to interview her he doesn’t think he’ll have her on because his fans don’t like the Bachelor and think he’s gay for watching it. Obviously I’m not surprised that she wants to go on his show any more than you are.

Also towards the end of the show Nick stopped in and talked to Howard for about 10 minutes. It just further reinforced your opinion about what a great job Nick is doing with answering the questions and handling the media. Howard was firing some good questions and Nick was doing a great job of giving the “right answers” but in my opinion not the truthful answers.

Did you hear any of the interview and if so what were your thoughts?

Comment: I never got around to listening on Nick with Stern. But I did listen/watch a lot of the other interviews, and I stand by what I said. Regardless of if he’s being truthful or not (which he’s really giving the company line a lot of the time), he handles himself and the questions better than any previous Bachelor I can remember.

Not to mention, Nick is getting to do media outlets that we’ve never even seen other leads do while their season was still on. Yeah, we expect GMA, and the entertainment shows. But getting to do Jenny McCarthy’s radio show, Stern, Watch What Happens Live? That’s way more than any lead has ever done before.

Hi Steve,

I don’t think anyone has brought up this point yet, but don’t you think the fact that Raven assaulted her cheating ex is going to end her chance at being the Bachelorette (and rightly so)? Cheating = dirtbag move, but assault is assault. I can’t believe this isn’t catching more heat…

Comment: Apparently both that were “assaulted” didn’t feel the need to press any charges, so why should we jump on her for it?

Hey Steve,

Long time reader, first time writer… I just wanted to ask your opinion of how you think Kelly Ripa and Mark treated Nick during his interview on her show? They definitely called him out on the reality of actually finding love on a TV show! Although I thought it was hilarious, Nick seemed really uncomfortable and I kind of felt bad for him..

Just wanted to hear your thoughts..

Comment: Didn’t watch that one either ha ha.

Hi Steve!

I know it’s not time for reader emails but my list of random questions/thoughts has gotten pretty long so I thought I’d just send them now. 🙂

I totally agree with the reader email yesterday who said she doesn’t see the allure of Vanessa. I don’t either. Even without the fights they didn’t show, I don’t see the big deal about her.

Speaking of which, has there been another season where they didn’t show so much stuff that happened? You’ve reported several things now that they haven’t showed and I’m just wondering if they’ve done that before. It’s certainly happened before. Nikki was a much bigger bitch than was shown on Juan Pablo’s season.This season does seem to have not shown the most though.

I saw Nick on his media tour and find him very condescending, especially when he ends his answer to a question with “right?”. He’s done it often. Just seems rude to me. I did notice that, and yeah, I find that to be a tad off-putting.

I thought Mark Consuelos’ impression of Nick on Live with Kelly was hilarious. I laughed so hard.

I love Ellen and what she does but I lost respect for her when she had Corinne on her show last week. The two shows aren’t even on the same network so I just didn’t see a reason for it. She usually has respectable people on.

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie “Going in Style”? In it, they air the scene of JoJo not picking Luke. I just thought this was funny since people who don’t watch the franchise might not get it but I’m guessing this isn’t the first time a movie has referenced this franchise, is it? Never seen it.

Lastly, you asked for podcast guest suggestions when you run out of people from this franchise. Maybe Johnny Bananas? Or Sarah? Or CT!

Thanks again for your awesome work!

Comment: I would love to have Bananas on at some point. I hope to make that happen. He’d be someone I’d try to have on in the off season though since I doubt he watches the “Bachelor.” And I’m pretty sure Susie Meister will be on at some point as well.


i have a few questions for you.

1) do you think producers hired lorna just for corinne? Probably.
2) do you have any proof that nick is engaged to vanessa, not raven? Yep.

Hi Steve!

I absolutely love your column! I can’t even remember the last time I watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette without coming to your page first to get the spoilers! Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us fanatics happy! 😉

My question is this: we all know that producers manipulate contestants and situations for ratings. However, I am beginning to believe the last two seasons, they have taken things a bit further with Chad and Corrine. I truly believe there is some hired acting going on here! I especially believe Chad was an actor brought in by the show. Thoughts?

Comment: He wasn’t. And neither is she. Were they people who realized by playing a part they’d get more air time? Yes. But they aren’t paid actors and actresses.



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