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“Reader Emails” Incl Tomorrow’s Podcast Guest, and Josh Speaks on Andi & Nick

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Hi, Steve,

Interesting to read your take on the hometown dates.

My take:

The date with Raven seemed forced and artificial the whole time, especially when Nick put her down into the water and then kneeled over her displaying his (admittedly great) abs. Nice use by you of the photo of the two of them in the water for this posting. Boring.

The date with Rachel did give a stronger sense of who Rachel is, and I felt like Nick was out of his league with her and knew it. I think she’ll be an interesting bachelorette; we’ll have to wait and see whether they spend way too much time on the black and white issue. Liked Rachel, Nick seemed weak, wondering how much church going there will be in her season…

The date with Corinne. Honestly, this one was the most fun to watch, even though I really did not like her behavior and language earlier in the show. It seemed she was being the real Corinne, and Nick responded to that by being playful and really present with her, in a way he wasn’t with Raven or Rachel. He was enjoying trying on all the expensive clothes and she was enjoying orchestrating it and seeing how he looked and waving around the credit card. Found myself saying, you know, those two SHOULD wind up together, they would probably have fun, and she could bankroll Nick’s various career failures. I mean I guess if you’re a 25 year old guy you might find Corinne entertaining. But a 36 year old guy who allegedly has his sh** together and is ready to settle down absolutely wants no part of what Corinne brings to the table. She’s a baby.

The date with Vanessa? I liked seeing her with her students, the love they share is obvious, and I liked her humor when she was kidding Nick about the words he needed to learn in French and Italian. First time I felt I got a sense of who she is. The repetitive “I’m scared you’ll get hurt again” was a downer. I liked that her dad put Nick on the spot 🙂 but you are so right, how could Vanessa not know in advance that Nick would ask all the dads for their permission/blessing? Hard to figure why she is so into him—seems she has a lot more substance. But yeah, why would she leave the rich life she has in Montreal to hang out in shallow Hollywood? Million dollar question. And if your response is, “For love,” then you don’t understand this show.

Wish the show would include more dialog about the contestants’ jobs, homelife, pets, whatever–only seeing the jealousy or snarky remarks or crying or kissing leaves only a superficial impression, and at least for me, I am more tied into the show when I can actually connect in some way with the characters, you know, by actually learning something about them!

Thanks as always for your spoilers and analysis—I look forward to reading your post the morning after—

Comment: I see what you’re saying, but that’s not what this show is about. You’re watching the wrong show if that’s what you’re looking for. Unfortunately that’s never gonna change.

Hey Steve,

I know you’ve heard that Nick and Vanessa are having issues about where they will live, and neither wants to leave their current city, but do you know what kind of couple we are going to see at the ATFR? Are they going to be all happy and in love and pretend everything is fine, or will it be a Courtney/Ben and Emily/Brad situation where it’s extremely tense and they admit they are having problems? I absolutely expect them to be together and happy at the ATFR. Have said that all season. And I expect them to give the answer of, “We’re finally able to have a normal life as a normal couple. We’ve talked about things, but we just wanna take things slow and see where it goes before any moves are made.” It’s almost like the script is right there for them. That’s all they have to say to appease their fans.

I could see Nick just putting it on for the cameras and pretending they are happy, but Vanessa doesn’t seem to be one who hides her feelings very well and she also doesn’t seem like she wants to be “famous” or get any kind of 15 minutes out of this – so what’s in it for her to stay with Nick if she knows it’s not going to work long term?

Comment: Money. Appearances. Notoriety. They won’t be broken up at the ATFR. Would be shocked if they would.

Hi Steve,

I am loving the new addition of the podcasts.

Quick question, not sure you will know the answer. In the past I know some contestants “hometowns” haven’t been filmed at their actual families’ homes. Do you know if this years group was actually filmed at their homes? Raven’s looked staged and I assumed Rachel’s wasn’t since her Dad is Federal judge and I can’t imagine they disclosed his location, but you never know with this show.

Just wondering!

Thanks for all you do!!

Comment: No idea on this year’s group. I usually don’t hear stuff like that til long after the fact.

Hi Steve,

I cannot remember if you’ve answered this question before and I apologize if you have. I’d like to know if the show’s casting gurus ever ask the lead what their “type” is.

I know that there always is the obligatory Chad-style d-bag, the clown, the one who drinks too much, the sensitive guy, the overly confident guy, but do they make an effort to give the Bachelorette (and the Bachelor for that matter) a real chance to potentially meet their “lobster”, someone they can genuinely fall for?

Thank you and keep on spoiling and commenting! You are the only reason I’m still following this train wreck of a show.

Comment: Yes, they’re asked their type and what they’re into. And usually the show will try to find maybe 4-6 of those guys. The rest are basically extras with speaking parts for a TV show.

Hi Steve,

love your site! I have a comment on Mr. Olympios funny expression about Corinne being Nick’s lid on the pot. I’m german and in German – and apparently in Greek aswell – this expression is actually an old romantic saying. This saying refers to the fact that a pot is incomplete without a lid and that a pot needs a matching lid, this was then transferred to finding your right and only partner. So it’s pretty common to say: “Every pot has a lid.” Or “You will find your matching lid.” Or if you’re really hopeless “I’m the one pot that has no lid!”
Never thought of how silly this expression might sound to other cultures until I read your comment. Really hilarious that comparison of the pot/lid saying with a paper towel in your food!

Comment: Very silly. I’ve never heard that before Monday night.


I wondered after watching Nick for the past two months, if you still believe that Nick is just on the show to promote his brand, or do you now think he is sincere about finding a wife? I absolutely believe Nick wants to be married someday. I’ve never doubted that. He just wasn’t interested in finding one from this show. It’s always been about “What Can You Do For Me” when it comes to Nick. This season was no different.

I also wanted to know your thoughts on Josh Murray coming out this week and saying that he thought Nick and Andi were perfect for each other? It seemed like a very odd thing for Josh to say.


Comment: I expressed those on page 1, but yeah, typical Josh. I’m sure Nick is thrilled outlets are giving Josh publicity instead of talking about his season.

So, I had a couple of thoughts this week…I was surprised you weren’t all over Corinne’s comment at dinner. She told her family something like, “The girls gave me a hard time. They said I had a nanny.” I was like “Whaaaat?” Wasn’t it Corinne herself that used the word nanny with the girls? Didn’t she realize that her family would see that she did? The fact that there are people like her family out there makes me laugh and scares the heck out of me at the same time! And are you sure he didn’t pick Corinne? After all, his dad said he would always have the best whiskey if he did! Ha ha! Well, I guess Nick is gonna be missing out on some good whiskey then.

I was kind of disgusted with Rachel’s hometown date last night. I feel like the whole day centered around race. It was almost like they set Nick up to see if he would be uncomfortable or not. I applaud Rachel for her spiritualism, but I don’t know too many people that would take their new boyfriend to church when they could choose countless other fun things to do in Texas – unless it was because it was a primarily all black church and she (or the show) was trying to make a statement. I wonder if they put her sister’s husband through the 3rd degree at some point, too. I’m sure it came up at some point while they were dating, but it probably wasn’t the focus of conversation at dinner the first time they met him. If this is a preview for the politics that are to come on the Bachelorette, I won’t be watching. It’s just that the last thing I want is to listen to is more politics. I watch this show to escape reality, not to be further enveloped in it! I never would have thought I’d have to worry about that in The Bachelor/Bachelorette storylines! Ha ha! But I am not egotistical enough to think it will matter if I watch or not, or if it turns others off like me. For every person turned off by the politics, someone else who is interested will start watching, I suppose. And I’ll still be reading your spoilers, of course! 🙂 You felt like the whole date centered around race because it did. At least what we were shown. Yeah, there’s no way it’s NOT going to be an issue on Rachel’s season. It’s just a matter of how long it takes and how deep the issue goes.

I am no fan of Vanessa. This is actually the first time I haven’t really cared one way or another about any of the final 4. I believe you when you say he picked her, but I don’t see what others see when they say it is obvious he likes her the best. It doesn’t look like he likes Vanessa at all to me. Or any of the other girls for that matter. I keep trying to notice it, but I don’t. They all look like a bunch of bad actors to me… But I wonder if you were too hard on Vanessa when you said that she shouldn’t be complaining about Nick asking all the dads for permission to marry the girls, because that’s what always happens on the show. I actually gave her credit for being annoyed by that. Her dad, too! I feel like it makes them more normal. I know that this is a TV show, but they are all human beings…I think. Most “normal” girls would feel slighted anytime that a guy does anything the same for them as they did for another girl. And, I mean, Nick didn’t “have” to ask all the dads that. It is sweet for a guy to ask a dad permission, but it isn’t necessary in this day and age. And he could have done what Ben H. did, and call the one and only dad on the phone right before the finale to ask the big question. Maybe Vanessa should know better because it is a TV show, but not everyone has been on 4 times like Nick, and most of the contestants on your podcast have even admitted that they weren’t really truly prepared for what was to come on their season. So maybe she wasn’t either? Well her dad wasn’t that annoyed since he did a 180 and by the end of his conversation with Nick, he did give him his blessing. I don’t think Vanessa was naïve about this show before she came on.

Anyway, speaking of podcasts, I LOVE them! You are so good with your guests! You have the perfect balance between humor and respect when talking to them, and you ask the best questions! They are now the best part of the week! So thank you!

Comment: Thank you. Tune in tomorrow as well. Another good one with JJ. Very candid.

Reality Steve,

Just read up on a few of your recent posts regarding the early announcement of Rachel.

Is it your belief, that, they announced that she was the Bachelorette earlier, so that any potential contestants auditioning, mainly white men, could be made aware that it was her well in advance so that they could decide whether to proceed with their audition (as many white men would be expecting another pretty white girl)?

Comment: It’s possible, but I have no idea for sure.

Hi Steve!

I know I’m probably too late for reader emails but I just got a chance to read today’s column and HAD to thank you for the Dr. Phil clip. My friends and I were just talking about those memes because we had been seeing them all over and had no idea where it came from or what it even meant. So THANK YOU!

Great recap as always and I did have one question. I think you mentioned before the women have to say yes if the man proposes so my question is, do all of the fathers have to give their blessing if asked? I haven’t watched every season so I don’t know the record of that. Your comments on the family responses just made me wonder that. How much steering do producers do to the families?

Comment: Today’s clip is even better. Now we see how she is less than a week ago. I’m mesmerized by her. I can’t not look when she’s being interviewed.

You don’t have to give your blessing, but if you flat out say, “No, don’t even bother proposing because I won’t allow it, that would kinda ruin the show. The producers are very integral on those hometown dates trying to advance certain storylines. They know exactly what questions to ask.

I know this was probably asked last week but with Rachel as the new bachelorette do you expect there to be an increase in black guys casted? Usually there are only two-three and supposedly they go based off what the lead prefers, right? Will be interesting if even the usual group of guys they cast changes. But I doubt they’d make the jump just like that. JoJo’s season had 7 non-white guys. I expect the same, maybe a few more for Rachel’s. But it won’t be 50/50. That’d surprise me.

Not sure if you care but have you heard anything about Shawn and Kaitlyn? They seem to be doing good and I appreciate them taking their time and not jumping into a wedding but makes you think if they’re actually gonna get married or not lol. Just wondering if you’ve heard any breakup details surrounding them, or that they’re not as happy as them seem, etc. I haven’t heard much.

I know this is probably a weird question but are Becca Tilley and Robert Graham in an actual relationship? I know that they are but it seems very off to me, almost like a forced, show-y relationship if that makes sense. That one is definitely a head scratcher to me. Almost comes across as a business relationship.

Lastly, are there any people you DONT want to see on paradise or does it not matter to you? Of Nick’s girls? No. I don’t think I’d have a problem seeing any on. I’m not thrilled Chad is coming back because his act is tired, but whatever. Hopefully he’ll last one episode again.

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