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“Bachelorette” Filming Update, Your Final 3, and “Daily Links”

Haven’t been here since Thursday, and there are reasons for that which hopefully I can get to later this week. It’s not anything related to the show actually, so no worries there. It’s good stuff. Anyway, one thing I want to get to is the Chris Soules story. When it first came out, you read my stance on it. I’m not going to convict the guy in the court of public opinion like everyone else was doing. I told you there were plenty of things we just didn’t know yet, and already initial reports have proven to be false. The basic facts of the case aren’t: he was driving, hit a tractor, a guy was killed, he fled the scene, and was arrested five hours later. But if you’ve read his lawyers statements, they mean business. This story isn’t going away anytime soon. Every move being made in Iowa is being hawked by all the tabloid and news outlets. There are reporters camped out in front of his place waiting to get an interview they’ll never get, you’ve got leeches showing up to the wake and funeral of the man who passed asking questions – it’s disgusting. The whole thing is horrible and you don’t wish this upon anyone. But it’s far from over. So many more things are going to happen with motions, appeals, new evidence, etc. So lets all wait and see how this plays out before we get all crazy on this.

One thing I did want to say in regards to some of the reaction is for people to jump on him and somehow blame this on the “Bachelor” or his lifestyle, that’s just wrong. This has nothing to do with Chris Soules, former “Bachelor.” Nothing at all. If the story last week was that five women came forward and all admitted they were pregnant with his child, then yeah, maybe you could say the guy let fame get to his head, or his partying ways got the best of him, or he’s a completely changed person because of the show. But that’s not the story. A man is dead. There’s no need to trample on Chris now. He’s already going through enough. I’ve never spoken to the guy in my life or had any dealings with him in any capacity, pretty much like most people out there. But to see the vitriol being spewed towards a guy who’s in a really sh**y position right now is amazing to me. He screwed up. Big time. I’m sure he knows that. I just don’t see the need to pile on. If a jury convicts him for what he did and he has to end up doing jail time, then that’s what he gets. If he ends up getting off, gets probation, tons of community service and a hefty fine, then that’s what he gets. I’m sure that’ll set some people off if it does though. Lets just let everything play out first before we rush to judgment.

Now, moving on to the “Bachelorette.” When we last spoke on Thursday, later that night was the rose ceremony going down from the final four to three. I’m sure you know by now (because all you had to do was look at the guy’s IG page as he immediately started adding people and accepting friend requests early Friday morning – among other things he was doing), but Dean Unglert was eliminated at the final four. Oh, and you can store this away for your personal knowledge. Dean will absolutely be on Paradise this summer. You know that story recently that said Robby and Chase moved in with Jef Holm in LA? Guess who lives right next to them? Dean. So before his first episode even airs, Dean is already gonna be sucked in to the vortex of douchebags hanging around those guys. Good job Dean. Way to kill your momentum before the show even starts. T-minus 3…2…1 before Dean starts making it known he hangs with that crowd. So your final 3 guys are Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, and Peter Kraus. Normally those 3 would’ve immediately headed out for overnights and final rose ceremony. But ss we know from Robert Mills’ radio show a couple weeks ago when he mentioned the “guys were coming to Dallas earlier” and things would be a little different because Rachel’s sister is pregnant and the family wouldn’t be going to the final rose ceremony location to meet the final two guys. Well, I have your answer as to what they did after Thursday. All three guys each met Rachel’s family on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at “undisclosed” location in Dallas. Because Rachel’s dad is a federal judge, I’m sure security/privacy reasons were why it was not filmed at their house. On Friday, Peter met Rachel’s family:

On Saturday, Eric met them and on Sunday it was Bryan. Sorry, no pictures of those. However, I was able to get the location of the house they used, which is one that is currently up for sale in a very affluent neighborhood of Dallas called Highland Park, which is near downtown. So for all those who ask every season “Are these really the homes of the families for the show? They always seem so perfectly done,” well, when you’re watching these three “hometowns” for Rachel, just know that’s not her family’s house. It’s an empty house that just happens to be 7800 sq ft, with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms currently on the market for $3.85 million. In the past, plenty of hometowns are shot at the parents home. And plenty haven’t been. Either they’ll go to an open house, a house for sale, or a relatives. But to go back over 33 seasons and explain which ones were or weren’t is not something I’m interested in doing. Just know it does happen where it’s not filmed at the parents house for whatever reason.

Knowing now that the rose ceremony on Thursday went from 4 to 3 with Dean getting eliminated, then knowing that each remaining guy met her family on consecutive days over the weekend, I’m guessing the final 3 rose ceremony was last night and the final 2 are now headed off to the overnights/final rose ceremony location. I can’t imagine they did “overnights” with Peter Friday, Eric Saturday, and Bryan Sunday in Dallas. People would’ve seen them, they would never have had a whole place to themselves (like they do on normal overnights), and frankly, what would be romantic about that doing it in Dallas? It’s possible I guess. I just don’t see it. So maybe only the final 2 guys are getting overnights when the take off to wherever they’re going, which was hinted at being Spain by Robert Mills. I don’t know yet. All I know is what happened with the dates Fri-Sun. With this change in the schedule, it’s hard to predict exactly what will/did happen since it’s different than past season. Maybe Mills will give us more to go off of when his radio show is posted today. I will retweet it later once it’s up.

Daily Links

-Well, I was off by a week when it came to Nick Viall’s DWTS elimination. I knew he wouldn’t make it half way through, but then about a week after the season started, I broke it down into thirds. I thought the only people he’d beat would be Charo, Mr. T., and Chris Kattan. Erika Jayne was up in the air, but she didn’t connect at all with viewers, but last week kbviously Heather Morris was a shocker, which earned him a stay of execution and avoided him finishing in the bottom third. But 6th or 7th place (even though we technically don’t know if he or Nancy had the fewest votes) is right around where he should’ve been eliminated. We know it’s become a popularity contest and how you can connect with the audience. I just didn’t see it with Nick. He was/is a better dancer than David, but David wins 100 times out of a 100 on the personality and likability meter, which is why he’s still there and Nick isn’t. Same goes for Bonner.

-No. Just no on the whole Met Gala thing. I’m over it. Every year. I don’t understand it, I think the fashion is stupid, it’s a giant publicity stunt to see whose outfit can do someone else’s, yet, the fans eat it up. Sorry, but if you wore what Rihanna wore last night, it’s not “edgy” or “cool” or “hip.” It’s tired. Nobody will ever wear that outfit again anywhere for any occasion, which is why I don’t see the point of this whole thing. But it’s not going anywhere, and people will continue to eat it up. No thanks.

-Where have I heard this story before? Ben Affleck is moving out out of his home with Jennifer Garner. Just a quick question: How many times are these two gonna get divorced? Like, I feel like they’ve been talking about/getting divorced for 3 years now, he’s moved out 6 different times, only to see that they’re back together? I have no idea what’s going on between these two anymore. Well, other than Jennifer has probably had it with his drinking, gambling, and womanizing ways. Makes sense.

-I had no idea what the Fyre Festival even was until after the fact when, well, it was revealed to be possibly the worst organized event in modern history. Hearing the co-founder trying to explain himself even after the fact is almost laughable. Like, at what point did they ever think this thing had a chance at success? Seems like it was doomed from the get go, before any bad weather hit. Nice tents. Or whatever was left of them. $100 million lawsuit against them almost doesn’t seem like enough at this point.

-As I’m sure you know by now, Ryan Seacrest has been named Kelly Ripa’s permanent co-host. I mean, I get it to a certain extent. They’re friends, big name, good chemistry, etc. But for Ryan I just have to ask “Why?” What’s the point? It has to be an ego stroke for him at this point, right? Has to be. He doesn’t NEED this. Now he lives in NY Mon-Thurs, is flying back to LA every weekend he says, then back in NY on Mon. Like, I get he’s the hardest working man in show biz, but dude, slow down. You have too much on your plate. His life, his choices obviously, but this just seems like it’s being done to kinda say “Look at me.” Ryan Seacrest certainly doesn’t need to host a live daily 1 hour morning show in NY to prove his worth in this business.

-You have no idea how happy I am it’s May 2nd. #1, it means we’re only 5 weeks away from the third annual Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party in Vegas on June 9th at Mandalay Bay. BTW, if you’re still interested in coming, there are very few spots left so you need to email ASAP to see if you can get on the confirmed list. But more importantly, the #2 reason why I’m so happy it’s May 2nd. Because that means it’s not May 1st and I don’t have to be flooded on my social media timelines with Justin Timberlake memes telling me “it’s May” anymore. I swear some people wait all year every year just to get all excited to post that. Stop it.

-The “Dirty Dancing” remake promo aired again last night during DWTS and I seriously cringe every time I watch it now. It’s embarrassing. Who thought this would be a good idea? All due respect to Abigail Breslin, but she literally looks like she’s 12 years old and completely out of place in that show. The whole thing looks to be a disaster and I hope no one watches. Even ABC exec Robert Mills wasn’t giving it the most positive response last week on their EW radio show, and he works for the network that’s airing it. That should tell you something.

-So we all know by now that Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn called it quits a few weeks back. Now comes word there may have been another woman as the reason behind it, and it’s that hottie from the upcoming “Baywatch” movie, Kelly Rohrback. Uh huh. You do you, Aaron. Whatever you want to trade up for, you go right ahead. Lets just hope that this tense relationship you had with Olivia doesn’t blow up in your face and she goes all scorched earth on you now. We’ve heard all the rumors. Lets just hope she doesn’t confirm them.

-The big thing for celebrities to do now is show us their post baby body, like, 14 minutes after delivering their baby. It’s a thing. We’ve all seen it. It makes covers of magazines constantly which I’m sure doesn’t promote body image issues for younger women out there. Ridiculous. Anyway, Punky Brewster is the latest to show off her bod for magazine after she recently had child #4. Impressive. If only I could find that picture of me and Punky back in 1990 or 1991 at the world premiere of Vanilla Ice’s movie “Cool as Ice” at Universal Studios. Might’ve been the greatest night of this 16 year olds life at that point. Unreal. I’ll look for it.

-In case you didn’t see Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue from last night, just take 13 minutes of your day and watch it:

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