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Bachelor in Paradise 4

The “Bachelorette” Episode 4 Recap & (EXCLUSIVE) “Bachelor in Paradise” News. Can it Be Saved After All?

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-Once this episode was 30 minutes in and they had just left for South Carolina, you knew this episode was getting a major “To Be Continued…” I thought they’d at least get to the cocktail party of the rose ceremony, but no. We didn’t even get to Jack’s 1-on-1 date. Just Dean and the group date this week, followed by a bunch of Kenny/Lee drama that spills into their 2-on-1 next week. On the group date, those 13 guys mentioned earlier take a party boat out before competing in the Bachelor Spelling Bee. This date was spoiled heavily the day it was filmed with pictures and videos of the guys arriving and leaving the boat, along with mentioning that Josiah was the one who won the Spelling Bee. But before we get to that, we got to see them party it up on a boat and have everyone do try way too hard to impress Rachel. I understand there’s 13 guys fighting for the attention of one woman on this date, but, it seemed a bit excessive. Talk about a giant flow of testosterone. Why didn’t these guys just do what they all REALLY wanted to do? Just whip it out and show Rachel who’s biggest? Essentially that’s what they were doing anyway.

-We started with a dance off as Josiah played to the cameras telling us all how he’s the sexiest guy on the boat. Then the rap battle began. First it was Kenny spitting his skills, which would’ve maybe beaten Papa Doc in “8 Mile.” Doubt it would’ve beaten B-Rabbit though. However, someone decided to tell Peter they thought he could be the next Eminem and he tried to spit rhymes and failed miserably. I’m sorry, but I just can’t take a guy rapping in a pink polo seriously. Nice effort, I’m sure he scored some points with Rachel, but the next B-Rabbit? Not quite. Peter has a looooooong way to go. Maybe he should try on James Corden’s Rap Battle to hone his skills. I don’t know. He shouldn’t quit his day job though, that’s for sure. Especially since it’s plastered all over the back of his truck, remember?

-Then there was a pushup contest. Josiah thought he could do 30 with Rachel on his back. He only did 20, which was still pretty good, but may have knocked his ego down a few notches. And oh yeah, forgot to mention, Tickle did a dance that was about as creepy as you would imagine from a guy who likes to tickle people. How he didn’t incorporate a tickling gesture into his dance is beyond me. Whatever the case, they all whooped it up on the boat, drinks were flying, and it was a party boat for the ages. Unless of course you’re a member of the Minnesota Vikings from a few years ago. That boat party last night probably seemed like Sunday Mass. Google it in case you don’t remember. They had quite the different party to say the least.

-It’s time for the Spelling Bee and I love when this show rips off ideas from The Challenge. Granted, they did a Spelling Bee competition on this show on Bachelor Pad 3, but was it while these people were dangling 50 feet over water? No, it wasn’t. Challenge – 1, Bachelorette – 0. I watched some of the National Spelling Bee on ESPN a few weeks ago, and lemme tell ya’, this was no National Spelling Bee. Seriously with some of these words?

Adam – “Squirt.” Correct.
Alex – “Passion.” Correct.
Tickle Monster – “Caress.” (how fitting for him?) Correct.
Anthony – “Schmuck.” Correct.
Will – “Euphoric.” Correct.
Kenny – “Champagne.” Wrong.
Iggy – “Boudoir.” Wrong.
Eric – “Façade.” Wrong. By a mile.
Peter – “Coitus.” Wrong. Of course he got it wrong. This is the same guy that on the Ellen date said he hadn’t even had thoughts of having sex with Rachel.
Josiah – “Stunning.” Stunning? Really? I think we learned that in 3rd grade. Correct.
Anthony – “Boutonniere.” Wrong.
Will – “Physiological.” Wrong.
Josiah – “Polyamorous.” Correct, and he’s the winner.

-The cocktail party is where all hell broke loose regarding Kenny and Lee. Not to mention Iggy got involved a bit by throwing Josiah under the bus when talking to Rachel. Second time this guy has thrown someone else under the bus on his own, then comes back and tells the group Rachel asked about it and he was just filling her in. Remember earlier how I mentioned Reddit is a very bad place? Well, someone watching the show last night decided to out a DM conversation they had with Iggy. Well, lets just say it was more of a one sided conversation that Iggy was having with himself – sounds like with his pants down as well. Oh Iggy. Be careful about those DM’s.

-This will continue on into next week with Kenny and Lee’s talk outside, then we still have Jack’s 1on1 date where he gets eliminated, then the rose ceremony where Iggy and Tickle Me Elmo go home. From there they’ll head to Norway where Bryan has the first 1-on-1. A group date involving handball games, and then the ultimate Kenny/Lee 2-on-1 where she sends Lee home. Remember, double episode next week on Monday and Tuesday, with a repeat episode the following week July 3rd.

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