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Podcast #34 – Interview with Comedian Heather McDonald & “Dr. Reality Steve”

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Definitely changed things up this week as for the first time in 7 months of doing this podcast, I interviewed someone that wasn’t part of the “Bachelor” world. You saw me post on Tuesday my appearance on Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast this week, so Heather returned the favor and came on my podcast today. Two completely different interviews, so don’t think you’re getting a double dose. Those who have followed me over the years know how much I love stand up. I literally could’ve done two hours with Heather on just her stand up career alone, but there were so many other things to get to with her. Being a comedian, obviously Heather had plenty to say and we were on somewhat on a time constraint (I actually went over my allotted time with her), so I thank her for taking the time to do this. Plenty I never even got to ask, but what we do have are some great stories as a married mom with kids who also headlines in stand up comedy, which is very rare in that industry. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Heather’s Twitter handle (@HeatherMcDonald) in your responses. A very fun interview, with some celebrity “appearances” around the 1 hour mark. So glad they could join us ha ha. Anyway, a very fun interview and a deep dive into her career including a couple of big stories that surrounded her in the past couple years. Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

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(SPOILERS) Heather joins me to talk about how she got started in comedy, her comedic inspirations (7:15), how she lost out on a “Saturday Night Live” audition (11:39), getting her break working on “Chelsea Lately” and the subsequent controversy that happened a couple years ago (17:40), a sexual harassment situation that happened last year (26:30), her favorite story from her first book she wrote (31:32), finally losing her virginity at 27 and was it everything she thought it would be (37:14), on being a married mother with kids as a standup comedian (44:12), how she gathers material for her stand up routine (50:10), how often she changes material for her sets (57:39), “Bachelor” talk and her thoughts on the overnight dates (1:07:43), her “celebrity” version of the “Bachelor” if Celine Dion, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston appeared on Nick’s season (1:13:02), and finally end with Rapid 10.

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