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Hi Steve!

Just wondering about the “Amanda and Robby” hook up during BIP… aren’t Robby and Josh Murray friends?? And aren’t they both kind of the same, personality wise? Total babes that are into themselves? Well, they were. Robby was supposed to go to Cabo with Josh and Chase last week, but after he started seeing Amanda, that basically ended any chance of that.

I just don’t get it… she is weird and I’ve lost a lot of respect for her and her taste. Josh claims she’s crazy, so why would Robby even go there?? CAN SHE JUST STAY HOME AND BE A MOM AND DATE SOMEONE NORMAL?

OK, that is all.

Comment: Why would Robby even go there? I will give you one big, fat reason why he would: Amanda has 1.1 million followers on IG. Robby has 3x less. You may think that’s ridiculous – it’s not. Trust me, it happens.

Hi Steve,

I thought Astrid was going to be on Paradise, so I was surprised to not read about her in the spoilers. I also was expecting there to be Raven/Dean/Kristina drama, not DLo/Dean/Kristina drama. Did DLo know about Kristina and Dean being an item before she came to Paradise? Astrid was the only one who decided not to go back. And I’m sure DLo did.

Do you think Jojo & Jordan and Kaitlyn& Shawn will get televised weddings? I feel like they should since Jade & Tanner and Carly & Evan did and they weren’t even leads. I don’t think Kaitlyn and Shawn will. If they haven’t by now, I can’t imagine they ever will. I guess Jordan and JoJo are more of a possibility, but I could’ve sworn I just read an interview of one of them saying they’d rather not have theirs televised? Granted, I don’t know if I buy that just because who wouldn’t want their wedding paid for and on TV. But that’s what I read. I think Jordan said it.

Also, I don’t know if you would know the answer to this but I remember reading Ashley I’s Cosmo recap about Jojo’s finale and how she said that she didn’t see them lasting, but then after that she’s pictured with Jojo & Jordan. Are Ashley and Jojo friends? I just find it strange how she kind of bashed their relationship and then is seen with them. Maybe her opinion changed or maybe she was only with them because Becca was there too. It’s possible. I don’t know anything about that dynamic. But having dealt with a lot of these people, I can’t tell you how many talk sh** or say negative things about others in the franchise, then either meet them or whatever, and their tune changes. Happens all the time. So that’s not surprising.

I read Ali’s blog and when she said she thinks Ben the Bachelor 2.0 might happen, I didn’t think there was a chance, but now that it was released that Lauren is dating her ex do you think there’s a good chance that will happen? Personally, I love Ben but would rather see Peter as the Bachelor because Ben already had his chance and supposedly found “his person” but now they’re over. Also, do you know if Ben and Jojo have any type of relationship post-show like even a friendship?

Thanks for answering!

Comment: Ben isn’t going to be the “Bachelor.” At least not in September when they start filming. If they want to use him in a future season, I guess anything’s possible, but I’d still be surprised if he was. I don’t know if he’s friends with JoJo or not.

Hi Steve

After listening to your background in sports radio, I was curious for your opinion on this. Do you follow/know of the old “Mike and the Mad Dog” sports radio show out of NY. My husband was/is a huge listener as a die hard Mets fan. We watched the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary last night. He loves to claim how Huge they are/were. But I wonder if that is just in the Northeast. Does anyone know them or care in the rest of the country? And if you do know them, any insight if you think the show will get back together? It feels like a Bachelor couple of sports radio!


Wife of a Sports Radio Addict

Comment: I thought it was good. If you’re in the industry, I’d say most people had heard of them. Maybe you never heard their show because you didn’t live there, but the name certainly resonated within the industry. The show definitely depicted sports talk on the east coast. They were the pioneers in that industry, and it’s pretty much because of them that stations across America would go to an all-sports format. However, THAT type of all sports, you know, where callers drive the show, the hosts barely do anything, and they take calls for 5 hours on how the Yankees/Mets bullpen is doing, is mind numbing. Who cares? I think that’s more of an east coast thing. People in LA don’t care about dissecting every single thing about a team and making it sports, sports, sports. But it works on the east coast because, without a doubt, those fans are more passionate about their sports teams on the whole.

Well, Francesca is retiring at the end of the year, so maybe outside of him popping up on Mad Dog’s show on Sirius here and there, I doubt they’ll ever be a Monday thru Friday show ever again.


I watched the bachelor at the very beginning but have recently just gotten back into it in the last couple of seasons. The drama surrounding Josh Murray continues to blow my mind and it’s hard to keep track of it all. What exactly is his deal? Is there some way to summarize all of it and what ex girlfriends have told you? None of this seems normal at all and his strong denials of everything women say about him is even more baffling. Is he just a bad person? A compulsive liar? Mentally ill? It’s just all so strange.

Comment: I mean, Andi’s book and Amanda’s comments to the media are basically it. That’s what we’re dealing with. Unless both of them completely just make everything up and the guy is actually a saint, I’d say that’s what you have to go off of.

Hi Steve,

I’m a closet fan of the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows and have never written before. But, the latest BIP scandal has me all worked up. Is it really a surprise that Corinne and DeMario are returning to BIP? The whole “scandal” felt like a setup to me from the first time I read about it. The show desperately needed something to draw in viewers so it just makes sense that they would fabricate a situation between Corinne and DeMario, shut down production, get a crap load of publicity, start production up again, then bring back the two people at the center of the controversy. It’s reality tv at its finest! Kudos to them if that’s the case. It worked! My only concern is whether or not DeMario can recover from the backlash.

Comment: Huh? They’re returning for the reunion show at the end. They’re not any part of the season.

I guess someone who believes in conspiracy theories is impossible to convince otherwise, but this wasn’t a set up. This show didn’t need a scandal to get people to watch. They were going to watch regardless. But I know some people out there want to believe it was all done on purpose. There’s really no point in trying to tell them otherwise. To them, that’d just be fake news.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time writer. I really enjoy reading your spoilers and commentaries. Thank you for making this show so much more fun to watch!

I just saw an interview with Rachel where she said she found her “it’s too good to be true” in her fiancee. Since this is essentially Bryan’s catchphrase, I guess she’s been spoiling it all along. Although I’m a huge Peter fan, I’m hoping to see him as Bachelor at this point. Any idea when it’ll be announced? And do you know if there is any viable candidate for the job besides Peter?

Previews for hometown look dramatic. Can’t wait for your columns next week!

Comment: The last two “Bachelors” were announced at the end of August on “After Paradise.” We still don’t even know if there’s an “After Paradise” this season. If there is, I’d expect the announcement to be made then towards the end of BIP. If there’s not, I would still think end of August, beginning of September on either the reunion show, GMA, or something like that.

I really wish people would learn to understand television is all about the ratings and whatever storyline sells to get that rating. Rachal already knew who her top two was getting out the limo. Every body else she kept on for her friends to join in BIP. Think about the kisses she gave them. No tongue action or open mouth kisses from what was shown.

I amazes me how people talk trash about other people relationships. That tells me either their relationships are not peachy or they just plain haters.

Steve social media is so overrated and obviously money maker for people, but can you answer one or two questions for me?

1. Do you read the negative responses? I see stuff here and there. It comes with the territory. Doesn’t bother me.

2. Do you hold back from commenting on those you read? Sure. There’s no point to engage with a troll. Pointless.

3. Do you love what you do?

Comment: I love to write and I thoroughly enjoy spoiling the show. Do I necessarily love the show and all the people on it? No.


After a hometown date is the contestant allowed to go back into their house and talk to their family without the cameras? Or once they walk out with Rachel is that it?


Comment: They’ve gotten a little looser with it over the years, but for the most part, no. If they do let them go back and talk, a producer is with them the whole time to make sure nothing gets leaked that shouldn’t.

Do you think Bryan is another case of Josh Murray? A total smooth talker, says all the right things, looks perfect on paper, (even have those same dark features), but will come back to bite Rachel in the a$$ later?? I want him to genuine, but I can’t help but wonder…

Comment: Bite Rachel in the ass how? What’s out there about Josh is that he’s got a temper and verbally abusive. Is that what you’re saying you think Bryan may be? I really have no idea.

Hi Steve,

Rachel keeps asking all season “How is Bryan still single?” Hometown episode answered that question in one word: Mom.

I was (and still am) very much rooting for Rachel and Bryan. I’m not sure if this is producer manipulation/editing, or if we are seeing Bryan’s family dynamic for what it is. If it is the latter, it makes perfect sense this charming, handsome, 37 year old Chiropractor is still single. After seeing and hearing the red flags go off left and right from Olga, Rachel has a very long road ahead of her with this one. I cringed every other word this woman spoke. I think Olga even beats out Mama Murray. I hope I’m wrong.

P.S. very much enjoying the podcasts! Keep up the great work, Steve!

Comment: Yeah, I guess time will tell. Tough to say at this point.


I’ve never emailed you before…but, I just listened to your podcast with Olivia, and I have to say – you have the BEST chemistry with her. I hope you enjoyed getting drinks with her after the podcast and that you are secretly dating.

It’s too bad we didn’t get to see that Olivia on the show…she was so fun to listen to…and she seems like she has a great personality.

The editing of this show….there’s just too much to say…

Comment: Ha ha…chalk another one up to me and Olivia. No, we are not secretly dating. Or publicly dating for that matter. Great girl though.

Hey Steve,

I know Nick is old news to you, but just thought I’d share my thoughts. After you referenced Nick’s latest appearance on Juliet Litman’s podcast, I had to go listen. I suffered through 50 minutes of listening to Juliet pry at nick just to get to the part where he mentions you. Jeez talk about a sick in the mud.

I don’t understand why he agreed to be on her podcast again when basically all he did was say he didn’t want to make a headline and give her one word responses. Oh wait, to promote The polished gent. Please…Let me go jump up and order something. Wasn’t too much of a Nick fan before, but now I especially don’t care to see or hear more from him.

I did get a kick out of a few things Juliet pointed out:

He’s interested in ratings.

He’s spooked about headlines.

And in reference to Reality Steve, Nick said “yeah, he’s made my life difficult.” I was dying.

After suffering through this podcast, it appears you haven’t said much about nick that isn’t true…. I also loved how he called you a super fan. Does the guy not realize you make a living with your blog? After all he is trying to make a living posting shirtless pictures on Instagram to promote a male grooming line.
There’s no question here sorry! Was just super annoyed after listening to that podcast.

Comment: Yeah, you and my friend could be besties. A few emails back she gave her thoughts on Nick’s appearance and she’s a Nick supporter. Can’t say I really disagree with much. There was stuff he said I agreed with for sure, but his overall tone in the podcast was very off putting. He acts so over it. Which is fine, but then don’t agree to do an interview for an hour when you know that’s what will be asked of you.



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