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“Reader Emails,” “Men Tell All” Spoilers, DeMario & Britney Spears, and A Spoiler Slip Up

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Hey Steve, have you heard anything about Chris Harrison’s relationship with Rachel during filming? I finally saw the 8th episode and watching his body language as he talked to her to sum up the hometowns, it really was very cold and standoffish. He hardly smiled at all, and when he did, the smile didn’t reach his eyes at all. Plus of course he missed a couple of episodes completely. That combined with the earlier episodes showing Rachel refusing to speak to him makes me think that they probably didn’t have a great relationship during filming and that they probably didn’t get along. There’s no warmth or camaraderie between them like he’s had with other leads. What do you think and what do you know? Am I reading too much into this?

Comment: I honestly didn’t notice that and he’s said nothing but great things about her all season.


Ok so after seeing the (endless) snapchats and Instagram stories with men tell all, I gotta ask…is it just group love at this point? Seems like everyone is involved with everyone else. And it seems like tagging Eric as being there (Adam’s IG post) would breach contract. But whatever. Any word if Lee was there? And are we really supposed to believe it when they call Dean up to talk about how hurt he was knowing full well hes already banging half of Nicks girls?

Really loved Lauren Himle’s podcast.

Spoil on, my friend.

Comment: They’ve become very lax on spoilers because they have to. They can’t control every single thing these contestants do. It’d be impossible.

As for Dean, again you’re forgetting that a majority of their audience does not follow along on social media and look for who’s hanging out with who at post show after parties or reads spoilers. So yes, for someone who does follow that stuff, it’s a dead giveaway. But more people than not have zero idea the MTA was even filmed this past weekend, that BIP was filmed already, and that Dean has banged two of Nick’s girls.

Hi Steve!

Been a fan for years (more than I will admit) and have really enjoyed you podcasts. I’m not a super fan of the franchise but watch on and off for years as mindless entertainment depending on the lead. With that said Ben F.’s season was my favorite and I actually like Courtney. I bought her book and found it really enjoyable and insightful to behind the scenes regarding the show. Now to point of email, sorry for background noise! You asked Ben about seeing Courtney’s place on your recent podcast. Specifically, you said Courtney claimed he (Ben) never went and Ben denied this stating he had gone. Technically Courtney said in the book he went there three times all for work and him and Babs spent ten minutes there over Mother’s Day weekend. I know this is a small point but I think this made Ben look better than what went down regarding his visits based on how you formed the question. Sorry about the pickiness but thought you may want to know. If not then ehh.. chalk it up to random comment.

Keep up the great work and fun to finally email you after being a reader/listener over the years.

Ps Note Ben stopped singing the fight song after two lines.. dude did not know all the words and knew as much as you did unless podcast cut out the rest.

Comment: I don’t edit my podcasts, so no, either he didn’t know the rest of the song, or he just didn’t feel like singing it.

If that’s what Courtney’s book said, then that was my mistake. Her podcast appearance with me was more recent than when I read the book but I thought she said on the podcast appearance he never visited, which in turn meant to me she must’ve said that in the book. But if she didn’t, then my mistake for forming the question wrong.

This is an actual email that I received this week. I know. Hard to believe.

Why would you announce who ends up being the one she chooses we haven’t even watch the episodes that wasn’t very nice it was rude I can’t believe you announced who she picked on The Bachelorette you spoil the whole flipping thing

Comment: Ummmm, because I can? Smh.

Hi Steve,

I finally gave Juliet’s Bachelorette Party with Nick a go. What surprised me the most about that podcast was how rude Nick was to Juliet, when I thought they were legitimately friends, or at least friendly acquaintances? Add that to the fact that he agreed to do a podcast that would undoubtedly revolve around the Bachelor world and seemed so “over it”—I could not have imagined a worse look for him. Whether he was having a bad day or whatever, I just felt very sorry for Juliet. A lot of people share your sentiment as we’ve seen in “Reader Emails” these last two weeks.

I ALSO listened to your podcast with Ben and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you have an admirable way of remaining affably neutral on he said-she said issues, and I’m just always surprised by the new sides I see in your interview subjects. I think it helps that you’re a sensitive interviewer and don’t push people in ways that would bring out their bad sides, but also: most of these people have gone through months or years of self-reflection. The measured thoughtfulness most of them demonstrate over their experiences is evident and really compelling to listen to.

Thanks for the recaps, as always, and double-thanks for the podcasts.

Comment: Thanks. I could’ve done two hours with Ben on he said-she said. That’s not the point of my podcast. Because then it would be never ending and nothing would ever get settled.

Hi Steve!

Everything that you’ve been reporting about Peter and what I’ve seen on social media has me totally underwhelmed about him. He really seems like he did what he could to make it to the top three then decided to scare Rachel off with his fear of commitment. On top of that, Peter just doesn’t seem genuine nor does he have an interesting personality.

Am I the only one that thinks that ABC should do whatever is possible to get Ben H to be the next Bachelor? I know he just broke up with Lauren, but Ben really was the best bachelor. He was honest, considerate, and genuine (complete polar opposite of Nick) and he did a great job. We could really use a nice guy on TV and that is definitely not any of Rachel’s fame hungry guys.

Have you heard anything about Ben being a possibility? Your blog/podcasts are the only sources that I trust!

Thank you!

Comment: I don’t see Ben being the next Bachelor. Too soon.


I see on Twitter that there are tons of ex-contestants from the Franchise swooning over Peter. Seems like we could get a repeat contestant. But my question is do you have any idea if Peter’s expressed any interest in any of previous season’s contestants? And because I suspect many of them read your blog, wouldn’t it be great if you facilitated that reappearance??

Comment: I haven’t heard either way. But if/when he’s the next “Bachelor,” I wouldn’t be surprised to see some former contestant show up on there. It’s not unheard of.

I feel bad for Bryan. The majority of “bachelor nation” is antagonizing him and his relationship based on a highly edited tv show. Based on his recent social media, its obvious he’s over this.

From what you heard, was Bryan well liked in the house? I haven’t heard either way, but it sure seems like he was. Well outside of Peter and Dean.

Was there a fight between Bryan and Peter that didn’t air? Or is Peter just acting petty towards him. I wasn’t told of any fights.

How much would you bet that Peter will be the bachelor and will be engaged by the end of it? Lol

Comment: A lot.

Hey Steve!

Thanks for your site and snarky commentary, it always makes my watching experience more enjoyable. Just wanted to share my confusion with the show this year.

WTF is ABC doing with their editing this year? Usually the edit makes me question your spoiler a little bit, and thus adds to my viewing experience. But it’s painfully obvious she chooses Bryan just because of her body language around him. I just don’t understand why they are editing it in such a way as to make it even more obvious.

They dropped the ball by letting her announce she was engaged, as the current edit with Peter’s refusal to propose and Eric being firmly in the friend zone leaves Bryan as the only suitor who will get there.

Total fail on their part. Why they attempted suing you all those years ago when they spoil their own damn show . . .

Can’t wait to read your recaps of BIP!

Comment: Lets remember something: Every season you can make a case that editing is favoring one person over another. You’re just saying that because you know it’s Bryan. After their first 1 on 1 date, before the spoiler was changed, people were so convinced it was Peter. So while it may seem obvious to you, a part of that might be because you already know the spoiler.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for another great season of recaps and spoilers! I am also loving the podcasts. I’m part of the “I only watch this show because of you” club.

As I was reading your post today, a podcast related question popped into my head. I know the contests are under contract and you can’t reach out to them for a year after their season airs. Is that the case for BIP (and soon to be winter games) as well? Essentially, say you wanted to interview Dean, since he went on BIP, can you not legally reach out to him until September 2018? And if he goes on winter games, that makes it Feb (or whatever month) 2019?

In Dean’s case, I imagine that BIP isn’t a big deal because whats an extra month? But if you had interest in a contestant whose contract from their original show was expiring (like Amanda), having to wait an extra year is kind of a bummer. Not that you can do much about it.

Comment: I honestly don’t know about any of that. I ask who I ask and if they say yes, we do it. If they don’t, we don’t. I haven’t bothered reaching out to any of Nick’s girls because it’s too soon and most are on BIP anyway. But do I have to wait a year from BIP to have them on? I don’t think so. Put it this way, I’ll reach out to them before that. Whether or not they do it is a different story.

Hey, Steve! Glad to hear that Vegas treated you well this time. So was I. Best trip I had in probably two years.

Don’t you think the ramping up of Peter’s shade towards Brian is mainly producer manipulated bullsh**? Granted, I don’t think those two are destined to be drinking buddies, but I’m not buying the supposed jealousy angle. The guy didn’t like him. Was it egged on by producers? I’m sure. But he didn’t like the guy.

I’m in the camp of those that don’t think Peter is really that into Rachel. He’s angling to be the next bachelor. So he makes the producers happy by saying that “fake” line, which he bumbles on camera. Peter has laid the groundwork that basically precludes Rachel from choosing him. He’s right where he wants to be in the program right now. Bryan is right where he wants to be (at least until he tells Mama he’s moving to Dallas or tells Rachel he isn’t moving there). And Eric is right where he wants to be – up until the next rose ceremony.

Keep up all the good work! You owe the trolls no explanation or excuses given your track record over the years.

Comment: Yeah, I agree. Sure Peter liked Rachel. I’m sure there were feelings there. But I don’t think he ever loved her or was close to loving her. I just don’t buy it from him.

Hi steve!

Big fan! Every season I tell myself I’m not going to read the spoilers, and then curiosity gets the best of me and I do! Thanks for always keeping us informed of all Bachelor franchise news!

My question is about the lead’s contract regarding confidentiality. A few weeks ago, Jasmine posted a live instagram story in the car with another former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Danielle.

Someone “asked” her is she knew who Rachel picked and is engaged to and she said “yes.”

I figured the leads probably tell their family who they pick, but I’m a little surprised she would tell others in the franchise.

Do you know what king of rules there are regarding this? Just curious as I found that interesting.


Comment: I don’t think there’s a definitive set of rules when it comes to that. Obviously her friends seem to know based on what you just said, what Astrid said yesterday, etc. However, do they “know” because they know inside information? Or do they “know” because people follow spoilers? That’s the question.

Hi Steve!

1- in today’s poll question I think you meant to ask if Bryan had cheek implants not Peter, right? Yes. Didn’t realize it said that until your email. It’s been corrected.

2- In an interview Rachel said the finale will be different than previous. How so? Maybe your prediction of only having one guy at the end is correct. I’m 99% certain at this point Peter doesn’t arrive on the final rose ceremony day and he’s eliminated beforehand.

3- I know you won’t divulge what you hear from people, but have you gotten negative emails about Bryan’s character? I can’t stand him and was wondering if he’s like a Luke- with tons of emails flooding in about his character. Also, you seem to think Peter is fake and motivated by being the bachelor. Why him more than others? Haven’t gotten much on Bryan. I’ve never said Peter is more fake and motivated to being the Bachelor more than others. I’ve always said the same thing all season: he’s no different than the rest of them.

4- I’m interested in how the show will address DeMario at MTA since they’re saving the scandal talk for BIP

Thanks for all you spoil and write about

Comment: His appearance at the MTA is just all about what happened on Rachel’s season with the ex-girlfriend.

Hi Steve,

1. Does Rachel know that Bryan dated Jubilee from the Bachelor franchise? I don’t know if she knew during filming. But there’s no way she doesn’t know by now.

2. Peter told Rachel that he doesn’t see himself proposing to her and “he doesn’t know where to go from there”. To me that was pretty much like saying “Eliminate me now as I don’t want to be one of the final two guys”. It seems that he calculated it perfectly (reminds me of Brooks) so that he’s in the top 3 to make sure he’s the next bachelor. This makes me question his intentions. Yes, you should.

3. Do you think Rachel will go back to her lawyer job or try to get a show hosting gig/do a podcast/be in entertainment industry, like may other bachelorettes? As far as what I hear, she’s going back to being a lawyer. I haven’t heard otherwise.

4. Do you know if Lacey and Grant are still together?


Comment: Lace and Grant you mean? They broke up a while ago. It was well documented. Lace has spoken out about it to numerous outlets.

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  1. mrsechevarria

    July 26, 2017 at 8:21 AM

    Bryan has bypassed Jef Holm as my least liked contestant, but Bryan is still behind Nick. I like Rachel. She deserves much better than that cheese wheel ? The plus to her choosing Bryan is that he will not be The Bachelor! I’d skip that like I skipped Nick’s season!

  2. taxionna

    July 26, 2017 at 9:32 AM

    I am a long-time reader and have listened to every podcast, but I just have to say that Steve’s choice to interview McCarthy, and then his subsequent decision to play soft-ball with her is just so, so irresponsible. He prides himself on being open and honest and asking that the contestants he interviews answer the tough questions, but the minute he gets a minor celebrity on, he just turns into a puddle of complementary mush? I find that to be pretty disingenuous.

    Jenny McCarthy’s claim that vaccine’s cause autism (which is completely inaccurate and has been disproven time and time again) is one of the reasons the anti-vaxx movement has picked up steam in recent years and has put so many people at risk. The decision to have her on and NOT address that is a completely irresponsible and short-sighted one. Very disappointed in this.

  3. shenanigans

    July 26, 2017 at 3:56 PM

    I am no fan of Jenny McCarthy. However, I’d like to think that parents with autistic children are NOT relying on a D list celebrity for medical advice. If they are wise, they will rely upon their doctors.

  4. yoyotono

    July 26, 2017 at 4:04 PM

    I guess we will have to see how long Rachel and Bryan last. I wonder how many interviews his mom will accompany him to. She may want to move in with them too lol.

    For the reader e-mail about which seasons were worth watching: Sean’s was my favorite. Sean himself isn’t that exciting of a personality, it’s the women in the house (Tiara mainly). Chris’ season for Kelsey then the elimination date in the Badlands.

    Steve shouldn’t be discussing the anti-vaccination movement with Jenny McCarthy, this is an entertainment site. I agree with his decision not to.

    I wonder if DeMario did all these controversies on purpose. Every time he’s on a show, he’s in the middle of something. That video proves it.

    Is Kaitlyn going into music? She snapped something about a song writing session?

  5. yoyotono

    July 26, 2017 at 4:06 PM

    @Shenanigans Good point!

  6. elizabeth82

    July 26, 2017 at 9:19 PM

    Agreed re Sean’s season being an especially good one–I was thinking “huh?” when Steve mentioned Ben H. and not Sean.

    Steve: “Peter checks all the boxes in the style and looks department, and that’s good enough for the female audience.” Not for this female. I don’t like Peter because he’s blah, too resentful of Bryan, and seems like he’s only interested in being the next Bachelor. The show has been receptive to who viewers want to see as next Bach, so I’m looking forward to Steve’s prediction about Peter not coming true. I’d take Dean or Eric over him for the next lead.

  7. ladyjane747

    July 26, 2017 at 9:46 PM

    I agree about Peter – just don’t get the fascination. He’s very blah, but that’s okay for The Bachelor since the women will be front and center. Rachel always has to demand affection from him and it just comes naturally with Bryan. Those two have a spark for sure, most likely chemical attraction at this point. I don’t get all the hate for Bryan. I like him, and I’m pretty sure the show exaggerated his mother’s attachment to him. LOL Peter came in wanting to be The Bachelor, and Bryan came in wanting Rachel.

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