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The Bachelorette 13 - Rachel

The “Bachelorette” Rachel Finale Recap Including “Baby Bachelor in Paradise,” the “Asian Bachelorette,” & Josh Murray on TV Again (Report)

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-With that said, when watching the show, anybody can make a case for anyone they want to be their winner based on the edit. Because for those 3 weeks that the “Peter is the winner” spoiler was out there (which included his first 1-on-1 date), oh it was a no brainer. “Look at how much they’re into each other,” “They got the lovey dovey music when they were kissing on their date, it’s totally gonna be him, “They look so great together,” “No wonder she chose him for the first date,” on and on and on it went. It’s the same ol’ story every season. Those who like a certain individual can always make a case during what their shown on TV as to why that will be picked in the end. If Rachel had chosen Peter, there were certainly plenty of moments you could point to. If it was Eric, you could’ve found a way to make a case for him. But ultimately, they only choose one person and it’s a TV show. They HAVE to make it seem like there’s deeper connections with more than one person or else there would be no show. Whether it’s voiceover, spliced together scenes, whatever, they can make it seem like they’re into more than one person. And I’m sure Rachel was. But the level of crazy that’s coming from the Peter nut jobs is mind blowing.

-Take for example the final 3 rose ceremony. What’d Rachel say right before she approached and started handing out the roses? I’ll tell you: “I want someone who’s secure and knows what they want, and right now, that’s not Peter.” Yet, she gave the rose to Peter over Eric. Why? Because it’s a television show. They knew Rachel was picking Bryan. And they knew if it was a Bryan/Eric final, nobody would think she was picking Eric and there’s zero suspense. With Peter, you had that ordeal the night of their last date, and basically that’s all anyone is talking about now. But remember, essentially this SAME EXACT THING happened on Ben’s season. He told the final 2 girls he was in love with them, then chose one over the other. What was the response? “How can you propose to one when you just told the other one you were in love with her?” Are we forgetting what a sh** show that was and how much heat the guy took? Then what happened? About 18 seconds after that finale aired, no one cared anymore. He was happy with Lauren, the moved in together, and they lasted a year. So it’s really hard for me to sit here and dissect the Rachel and Peter relationship when ultimately – who cares?

-Why can’t it just be Rachel wanted a proposal at the end of this thing, and Peter wasn’t ready to propose to anyone. Why do the nut jobs have to say that Rachel made the wrong decision and she should be with Peter? Listen to yourself. Do you realize how idiotic you sound? You realize all the flawed logic in that statement? People like that aren’t living in reality, nor are they grasping the concept of this being a television show. Peter made it clear to Rachel he didn’t want to get engaged. Which he has every right to do. But that’s what’s so ironic about the whole situation. The same Peter crazies that call him a realist for not wanting to get engaged to someone he barely knows after two months and the same people that watch this show for a love story and to see an engagement at the end. You can’t have it both ways. The Peter nut jobs are pissed at Rachel for not understanding how the guy doesn’t want to propose after two months, which is fine. But leave it at that. The second you go into calling names, and she doesn’t deserve him, and she only chose Bryan because he’d propose, you lose all credibility. What about maybe Rachel chose Bryan because he was always someone she was into from the very first night of filming, he was open and honest with her throughout the whole show, she knew exactly where she stood with him every single second of his cheesy lines, and that’s why she’s engaged to him? Why can’t you accept the fact that maybe she didn’t want to get engaged to a guy who wasn’t as open, she cared about but was confused by his actions vs what he was saying, and just didn’t want to deal with that mess? Is that so hard? I don’t get it.

-Rachel said in her People blog today that when she went to Peter’s room that night, she knew she was letting him go. Period. End of story. So anything that happened in that room, to me, was just for television. Neither Peter and Rachel are professional actors. But when you’ve been around the cameras every single day for roughly 7 weeks by that point, and you have producers feeding you stuff and talking to you daily, you can’t tell me that Rachel had an idea of what that scene was going to play out like knowing she was letting him go. Doesn’t mean she didn’t like him, doesn’t mean she didn’t care about him. She did. Clearly. But she can like him and care about him but still go through with that scene and not have it be all about the ring. She said it on the ATFR and she said again today in her blog, it wasn’t about getting the ring. There were other issues. Maybe some that we were never shown, but the Peter nut jobs are crucifying her because their argument is making everything about the ring. And that’s just too easy of a fall back when you’re just pissed your guy didn’t win in the end.

-One last thing regarding the issue I have with the Peter nut jobs – you can’t reason with crazy. I already know their comeback to that last paragraph. “Well, she’s just saying that now to save face.” See, when you’re dealing with that, it becomes a circular argument that goes nowhere. Nothing you say is going to change their mind. I hate to bring politics into this, but we’re seeing this play out in our country right now. Nobody accepts facts anymore. It’s everyone’s own self truths. If you believe that Rachel didn’t come to the room that night to end things with him, even though she said she did, then of course you’re not going to listen to any other argument. You can’t accept what she’s saying because it goes against what you believe you wanted to or should’ve happened. And that’s just crazy. Rachel made a decision for herself on who she saw a future with. She didn’t see it with Peter and she saw it with Bryan. If Rachel wanted to be with Peter, she would’ve chosen him regardless of all the myriad of things that were said on the show.

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  1. jordan5827

    August 9, 2017 at 7:56 AM

    I feel like the tension between Peter and Rachel was normal given the situation they were in. They are technically exes and it seemed like they didn’t get much closure when things ended. I just didn’t read too much into the saltiness like everyone else has. It also seemed very obvious that after filming ended, Rachel figured out that she might possibly have been played by Peter and that he only wanted the Bachelor gig. That’s also probably why she seemed a little bit bitter towards Peter. She doesn’t seem like she is very good at faking emotions. She is very easy to read. Not sure if Bryan is the guy for her, but I think she still would have picked him even if Peter had proposed. They had chemistry from the first night and Bryan was very consistent from the beginning and a lot more of a “take charge” personality, which seemed to be what Rachel was looking for. I love Eric! I think he is so genuine and positive. Just seems like a wonderful guy. Would love to see him as the Bachelor. Peter is easy on the eyes, but very boring. I don’t think a Ben 2.0 would happen. Just listened to him on a podcast this morning where he was asked if he would ever be the Bachelor again if they asked him to, and he said that he wouldn’t.

  2. keddo

    August 9, 2017 at 8:39 AM

    Didn’t anyone else notice how Harrison asked questions that had already been answered, seemingly with the sole purpose of dragging out the angst? It just seemed slimy to me. Or maybe it was because he had his list of questions but didn’t have the flexibility to alter the next question to draw out something different and more insightful. I know, it’s trash TV, not a serious news program.

    The seeming contradiction of having Peter, who didn’t want to propose marriage after only a few weeks and 2 or 3 dates with Rachael, being the next bachelor, is not really an issue. Several previous bachelors have ended the show with a non-proposal, an “I choose you to see how it works between us in real life” conclusion. Who knows, he might have an instant connection with someone and find himself being surprised at being head-over-heels in love and ready to propose.

    I would watch a season with Peter as the Bachelor; he seems to have integrity and his personality isn’t all out on display. I didn’t watch Nick’s season and won’t be watching BIP due to the sliminess.

    After watching Jessie Graff on American Ninja Warrior, I want to see her as the next bachelorette.

  3. sjcaligurl

    August 9, 2017 at 1:29 PM

    I initially liked Peter and thought they were cute together until he started getting wishy washy and that was around the home town dates. He expressed concerns to his friends but turned around and told her family that he couldn’t imagine not having her in his life. She was shocked because he’d never given her a hint of that before.

    There have been guys who’ve left early because their feelings weren’t getting there the way they should given the time limits but he kept dropping little nuggets when she seemed to be willing to let him go. I was questioning Bryan’s realness at first but now I’m starting to think Peter was the one who might not have been real. It was her show but he wanted to control the game. Some seemed pissed with her for saying “I’m not living a mediocre life. I’m living my best life” but he’s the one who threw that in her face when he saw that she wasn’t going to keep him if he wasn’t ready to propose to her. Then that whole thing where he got nasty with Bryan and told him that he didn’t want to be sitting there with him. He’s got a “side” to him that’s not as sweet as people want to believe. He was jealous of Bryan yet didn’t want to offer her more than maybe status.

    Some guys were envied Bryan because he was older, more confident and knew what he wanted with Rachel and she ate it up. He got the FIR, a group date rose, an expensive watch and, ultimately, the final rose. It shouldn’t have been a shock despite all the emotional drama with Peter. Her issue with Bryan was that things were happening so fast and seemed so right that she couldn’t believe it was true. Peter made that worse with his insecurities (or plot to get eliminated so he’d be up for Bachelor). I think she made the right choice. She kept saying she wanted a guy who knew what he wanted and wanted it with her. Peter couldn’t offer her that (even if he claimed to want to give it to her)

    She was used to indecisive guys like Peter or guys who needed a bit of healing like Eric and Dean. Eric thanked her. Perhaps Peter could have thanked her for showing him that sometimes he needs to seize the moment. His own friends told him: “Don’t F it up!”

    Now that it’s out that it’s been his dream since high school to be the bachelor, it appears he was the insincere one – not Bryan. Maybe he got further than he thought but he also got close enough to be in the running for Bachelor. I wonder how much the producers had to do with it.

  4. elizabeth82

    August 9, 2017 at 7:08 PM

    I didn’t even like Bryan particularly (too suave and aggressive kisser), but as the season went on and especially in contrast to Peter, he got better. He never played with Rachel’s emotions, got into mind games, or resented other guys–all of which Peter did. One thing I really liked in this crazy finale was how he called out Rachel right away about not being present during their final date. Realness goes a long way with me, and that shows that he’s got some realness to him and that he wants to work through issues by bringing them out in the open, which is what I believe healthy relationships require.

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