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“Reader Emails,” & Peter Talks About Potentially Being the Bachelor

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Hey Steve! I love reading your articles every week about the bachelor/bachelorette. My question is, what are the odds you think Kenny will be the next bachelor? I know they usually pick from the final 4, but I feel that Kenny really won over the audience on the men tell all. Also, is he going to be on paradise? I recall you mentioning this. I think he would be a great bachelor, he is a very genuine man. What did you think of him telling Rachel if it didn’t work out between Bryan, Eric, and Peter to give him a call?


Comment: Zero percent.

I think Kenny is a stand up dude, very likable, and I believe Dean said it to Lee at the MTA that if you can’t get along with Kenny, there’s something wrong with you. Kenny just seemed to throw that line at Rachel to be charming it seemed.

Hi Steve,

1. You mention James Taylor in your last column. Maybe I’ve missed or forgotten something so apologies if you’ve already given this information but have you heard anything about if he’s truly changed his ways since you had him on the podcast? I haven’t heard much. Some things here and there but nothing to back it up.

2. I couldn’t stand Lee on the show but watching him on the MTA was painful, even if he is a racist, misogynistic ass, I couldn’t help but feel a level of sincerity from his statements & reactions which was unexpected. I don’t imagine that everyone thinks about things they say on social media before going on this show and people post things that are offensive thinking its funny at the time or that it just won’t matter. Ignorant seems to be the best label for him at this point. I know there are some villains like Chad that don’t deserve any more air time, but in the future, would you be interested to have Lee on your podcast? I don’t think so.

3. Who would be the top or top 3 Bachelor/Bachelorette leads or contestants you would want to interview, including Rachel’s season? Nahhhhh, can’t go there.

4. If you could interview any person in the world, who would it be? (or top 3 if you can’t choose one.)

Thanks for taking the time to answer these, hope you have a great week!

Comment: Oh there’s so many. Impossible to do narrow it to top 3. However, Kiefer Sutherland would definitely be in there. And can I count the whole cast of Beverly Hills 90210 as a second one?

Hi Steve!

You are a highlight of my week 🙂 I live a lame life. You must if I’m the highlight. I’m not that special, but thanks for the kind words.

Question- Do the contestants get to view the season prior to the public or do they view the season for the first time along with everyone else?

Comment: No. Only the lead does. They get it emailed to them to stream it.

Hi Reality Steve,

I may be missing something here but in watching Rachel’s season , it’s shown that Bryan, peter , Eric etc all get one on one dates, some even more than others, and then theres guys like Adam and Matt who made it to final 6 and never got one on ones or even a 2-1. My question is this: Is who goes on dates up to Rachel entirely or is it more forced by the producers , because if that’s the case they made it way too obvious who the front runners were the entire season by not giving certain men at least one chance at having a date. However if Rachel did actually get to make the decision entirely on her own, it makes me think she could have been a lot more fair. I was thinking about this when Matt mentioned at the MTA “People come up to me and ask who’s Matt? Why did she bring you this far?” And Rachel defended how amazing he is, but I was surprised that no one else had ever mentioned the fact that he never even got one date when Bryan got at least 3 (that I remember). I know it’s never going to work out for every single contestant to have a one on one or 2-1, time just doesn’t allow for that, but it just seemed that certain frontrunners had substantially more time alone with her, so how would the others have even had a chance? For example, Maybe if she had given one of Bryans many dates to Adam she would have had the chance to feel those same ‘sparks’.


Comment: It’s really a combo of both. Producers know exactly who Rachel is into and who she isn’t. And they know who she plans on sending home when. So they book the dates accordingly. Yes, Matt and Adam not ever getting a 1-on-1 was ridiculous before hometowns since obviously if you’ve never gotten a 1-on-1, and THREE guys had TWO 1-on-1’s, of course you’re not getting a hometown. Dumb.

Hey Steve!

Did you get the vibe that Rachel was not into The Men Tell All…at all? She seemed pretty short and sassy. The guy that she’s known for almost her whole life, pours his heart out about how he felt and her response was basically “Thanks”. And then how she didn’t really give Dean much of an answer. Idk just an observation but she seems to be super done with all this.

Comment: And this person was talking about the MTA. I wonder what they thought of the ATFR?

Hi Steve! I’m obviously a huge fan and I would die if I ever met you. Fun fact: I’m also probably your youngest fan (I’m 14 lol). Alright here’s my many questions for the week that I have been dying to ask! Wow. A 14 year old. Outside of my niece who’s 13 (who doesn’t watch the show or read the site), can’t say I know many 14 year olds who are fans. Very sweet of you. But trust me if you met me, you’d be underwhelmed.

1) Has there ever been a time where you felt ABC picked the wrong contestant for the lead of a season? If so, which ones? And who would you have wanted/expected it to be? Oh geez. I hate it when people ask me questions that make me have to use my brain. Kidding. That’s a lot to go over. But since I’ve never really cared who they cast in the lead role, it’s hard for me to say they ever got it wrong.

2) Before it was announced that season 11 of the Bachelorette was going to have 2 bachelorettes, who did you think it was going to be? And after you found out were you Team Britt or Team Kaitlyn? For the longest time I was convinced it was just gonna be Britt. I became Team Kaitlyn once I realized who the two were and knew Kaitlyn was gonna get the gig.

3) If you had to date 1 contestant on the Bachelor who never was the lead who would it be? Emily O’Brien. I wonder if Emily ever gets sick of me constantly gushing about her? I’ll ask.

4) Do you think that Rachel is as fame hungry as some other people on this franchise? I think the fact that she returned to work proves that she’s not, but you would know more about that than I would. Fame hungry? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see her shilling product on social media. It already started yesterday.

5) Finally, out of the 5 most recent seasons of the Bachelorette (Rachel, Jojo, Kaitlyn, Andi, Desiree, Emily) which of them did you feel were the most fake / in it for the fame?

Thanks so much!

Comment: I wanna say Kaitlyn, but not in a negative way. And I say that because after she was the “Bachelorette,” she did one of those Tedx interviews and essentially admitted she did the show to build a brand. Here it is (at the 2:43 mark):


Hi Steve!

Long time reader and addicted listener of your podcasts. They really make my daily commute fly by!

A couple of non-bachelor related questions as I, like you, am a big fan of 24, and have recently been binge watching the series (currently in season 7).

1) Who is your least favorite CTU character? Kim – at times. Of the regulars, it’d be her but she definitely had better moments as the seasons went on. Other than that, there wasn’t any other regular I disliked.

2) Other than Jack, what character would you like to spend a day with? Either Tony or Palmer.

3) Which season is your favorite and why? Either season 2 or 5. If you’re forcing me to choose one, I’d say 5. It won the Emmy for Best Drama and Best Directing, and Kiefer won for Best Actor that season. Most die hard fans agree that was their best season from beginning to end. But because of the show’s format, there’s always parts of the day in every season that lagged a bit storyline-wise. Most people won’t agree with me because season 3 was one of the more panned seasons by the critics, but I’d put the last 12 hours of season 3 up against any other season. To me, it was that good. For those that don’t remember, that’s when the virus got loose in the Chandler Plaza hotel, numerous big name characters died even some in glorious fashion, Nina’s death, Tony was put in a no-win situation to save Michelle, Jack had to kidnap Saunders daughter. Great 12 hours. The first 12 with the virus down in Mexico, albeit exciting while you were watching because you didn’t know where it was going, ended up not adding anything to the story once they came back from the states. It was almost like two completely different seasons.

4) If casting had been different, who would you have wanted to see playing the role of Jack Bauer? Nobody. It’s impossible to say since the character was so iconic.

Thanks for your thoughts! Keep doing what you do!

Hi RS – You’ve probably gotten this info from another reader already but just to make sure: Kenny did say Eric’s name at the MTA when he said if things don’t work out with the remaining guys, Rachel should call him. As is my normal practice, I watched the episode after reading your recap because it makes the episode way more entertaining, so I was paying close attention to Kenny’s words. Yes, I did go back and watch and you are correct.

Thanks for all you do to make this series entertaining. I have been watching since college (Season #1, yes, I am old) and have been reading your site since Emily’s season. I held off for many years until I finally realized getting spoilers would enhance the viewing experience. And then I got hooked on your witty, slightly cynical, and incredibly insightful writing. BTW your podcast is the first one I ever listened to, and it changed my commute. Sitting through traffic is so much more bearable getting to hear you draw out the true selves of former Bachelor/Bachelorette participants.

To the reader who was upset about advertisements on the podcast – can’t you appreciate the free entertainment you are getting?!!? I find it so strange that people think they are entitled to things for no cost. I don’t find the ads distracting at all. Because there are always people out there who will find something to complain about, even if they’re getting it for free.

I hope to make it to a fan appreciation party in Vegas one of these days. I think I probably love Vegas as much as you. Impossible.

A fan who never sends reader emails because you are very proactive about answering any questions I may have,

Comment: Oh nice. I’m now proactive. I wish I didn’t procrastinate. Kills me.

Hi Reality Steve,

I’ve been a silent reader and listener of your blog and podcasts and I almost enjoy them more than the show itself. I have a question: Does the show have any bias towards casting people from upper-middle class families? I don’t mean the contestants themselves but the families. I’ve noticed that aside from Dean (that I can remember) when the contestants take the lead to their parents’ house they turn out to be fairly large houses. By that I mean that I’ve never seen an apartment building or a house that didn’t have multiple rooms and vast space. Keep rocking!!


Comment: Remember, a lot of the hometown visits are not in the actual parents house. Some are relatives, some are friends, some they just borrow. And production sometimes even goes in and will change the interior to their liking if they want.

Hi Reality Steve!

I’ve been reading a lot of your work and listening to your podcasts recently and really enjoy them. I have a few random questions that are all over the place. I know you can’t always talk about certain things, so I understand that if that’s the case for some.

1.) After watching Peter and Rachel’s last date during the finale, I felt like Peter was actually being very realistic. Do you really believe he was purely being calculated and wanting to be the bachelor? I actually feel that what he was saying was very honest and realistic sounding. I’m not even a die hard Peter fan, just more of a supporter that these people should be able to want to date someone without proposing just for the show. What’s wrong with only wanting to propose once? I was actually irritated that Rachel said “you don’t only get one chance you’re choosing that.” It’s both. Yes, what he was saying is realistic that he didn’t feel like asking someone to marry him he barely knew. However, the part he left out was that he did the show for his career and he was never going to propose. Maybe Rachel realized/heard/read that in the 3 months it aired and possibly why she seemed sassy on Monday. I have no idea but it could be a reason.

2.) I just recently heard that Vanessa was not well liked in the house on Nick’s season. Why was this? Do you know any updates on that relationship and where it stands? They’re still together. And you’re correct, Vanessa definitely wasn’t the most well liked. Not by a long shot.

3.) Do you know much about Brad Womack? LOL I actually loved watching his seasons and was just curious what ever came of him, if he’s dating, etc.


Comment: He still owns bars down in Houston last I heard.



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