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“Reader Emails,” & Peter Talks About Potentially Being the Bachelor

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Why are Peter crazies so hypocritical? They are defending Peter saying that he’s realistic, and that no one would be ready to be engaged in 2 months- yet that’s what these crazy people are always watching the show for. Peter crazies are one of a kind… I bet they all hated Juan Pablo too… It’s nut jobs, not crazies.

Now the crazies will send Bryan so much hate saying that Rachel settled for him… as if she wasn’t gonna pick him regardless. That’s why it’s pointless to converse with them. Your head will explode.

LOL, Steve you unleashed some monsters with your initial spoiler.

Also, if you had to take a wild guess, do you think Rachel slept with both Bryan and Peter or just Bryan? My guess is both.

Finally, how come the show decided to go with this new finale format? I found that it completely “spoiled” any excitement, especially when they brought Peter out after he was eliminated.

Comment: Yes, if they had to do it over again, the Peter elimination then couch visit before the proposal to Bryan ever happened, 1) ruined any suspense 2) killed the mood.

Hi Steve,

I have a few opinions about Rachel’s season I wanted to share with you.

1) I feel that Rachel only picked Bryan because she knew that Peter wasn’t that into her. I completely disagree.

2) I feel that this season was the most boring. Disagree.

3) I really liked Rachel on Nicks season, and the start of her season, but in the middle I couldn’t stand her anymore. Not me.

4) I think her and Bryan will last maybe till after the new season of The Bachelor because I sure don’t see them even lasting a year.

Comment: No doubt in my mind this emailer is Team Peter. There’s no middle ground. If you like/love/worship the ground Peter walks on, you don’t like Rachel. And vice versa.

Hello Steve,

Long time reader, first time writing in. Of course you were right about Bryan. Anyone with half a brain could’ve seen that she was going to pick him like three episodes in. Still, the Peter crazies are losing their goddamn minds.

If you’re looking to observe some serious batsh**tery, head over to the Bachelor subreddit where Peter crazies are whining about how “obvious” it is that Rachel loves Peter not Bryan, calling Rachel a b**ch, and saying that they can’t wait to read her “It’s Not Okay” book. THEY’RE F***ING SAYING THEY CAN’T WAIT TO READ HOW BRYAN WILL ABUSE HER. WHAT THE F**K.

I’ve never been so disgusted by a group of Bachelor fans. I don’t believe in the whole “finding love in two months” thing but Rachel looks happy with Bryan. Isn’t that what matters? Apparently not. Apparently what matters is real people on TV caving to the whims of an audience that only sees what the producers want them to see.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I’m just so over these rabid Peter fans. Thank you for keeping it real through this whole season.

Comment: I rest my case.

Hey Steve! Congrats on accurately spoiling another season!

1) why do people hate Bryan so much. Seems like bachelor nation is disappointed with her choice even tho Bryan wasn’t really the villain this reason? And didn’t do anything wrong.’I mean Peter didn’t want to propose? Even tho Brad did this, and Juan Pablo and people hated them for it. But when Peter does it it’s admirable? That’s why I always say people have very short term memories when it comes to this show.

2) why did the finale focus so much on Peter? it made it seem like she was left with Bryan and not actually choose him. Part of the reason why people aren’t believing Rachel and Bryan is exactly because of this. I don’t think the finale and how the ATFR played really helped Rachel and Bryan’s relationship. I’m guessing they’re glad it’s over and they don’t care anymore.

3) For the Bachelor, are the ladies allowed to maintain grooming necessities like spray tans, mani/pedi, hair extensions, lawn extensions, hair color, working out etc. if so, where do they get it done.

Comment: I don’t know about all of those, but this isn’t “Survivor” and they’re out on an island. I’m sure you can bring all that stuff and use it.

Hi Steve!

What in the friggin’ world…?The Peter cult is TOO MUCH. I have to stay away from fan pages. There are STILL hordes of people ragging on Rachel for not choosing to bend to St. Peter wishes, even after he made it abundantly clear he wasn’t into her. They bought his reasoning for not wanting to propose. “He’s so smart and reasonable.” Meanwhile, Juan Pablo was cyber stoned for doing the same thing. Why was Peter on a quickie-engagement show, then? And if he signs up to be the lead on the Bachelor, why? It’s a quickie-engagement show. He knows that. What in the world is going on? Is me or are these people just CRAZY??? Did we watch the same show???? Oh, and some people believe Peter will turn down the Bachelor gig if it is offered. What do you think the chances are that he will turn it down? Damn, he’s good. He should go into acting. He didn’t fool me, but he fooled A LOT of

Comment: No, they’re crazy and not living in reality.

The quote Peter gave post show that I linked to on page 1 is all you need to know on how easy it would be for Peter to be the “Bachelor” despite of what he said and did on the “Bachelorette.” Hell, the guy is basically telling us what his narrative will be.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time emailing…

I am noticing that the social media reaction to Rachel choosing Bryan is overwhelmingly negative. I think it’s the most negative reaction I’ve seen for a finale outside of Ben and Courtney. I know you said that the “Peter crazies” would be going nuts, but it seems to me that mainstream viewers are believing that she chose “a ring” over what may have been a stronger connection with Peter.

I will say that Rachel’s reaction to seeing Peter in the studio was interesting. She was unnecessarily rude to him about the comment he made at their last date about choosing a mediocre life over him. Peter immediately apologized and she basically threw it back in his face. I almost got the impression that she was going out of her way to prove to Bryan that she didn’t have strong feelings for Peter in order to save her relationship and engagement. For example, making a point to insert comments about how there were things in Geneva that made her believe that Peter was not the best fit for her. I didn’t really believe what she was saying based on what was shown during her final two dates with Peter.

And, what about her saying something to the effect of “this process just isn’t right for someone like you.” ?? ~And she said it more than once. It seems like she was attempting to sabotage his chances at being the bachelor.

What are your thoughts about her interactions with Peter on stage?

Comment: That Peter is basically Jesus on earth and Rachel is the devil.

Hi Steve!

You probably already said this but I missed it. Were the fantasy suite dates and the final two dates shot in the same order they aired? That I don’t know.

I don’t live tweet so please forgive the rant that’s about to follow.

Did you see the shot where Bryan picked up Rachel off the bed the morning after the fantasy suite? His hand was totally in her butt crack. That is not how you pick up someone. Awkward! I missed that.

Has Bryan said anything all season to Rachel that actually had substance besides superficial words like “perfect”, “wonderful”, “forever”? Sheesh.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to shoot that proposal scene in that wind should be fired.

I liked Rachel all season until last week at MTA. She was unnecessarily harsh the majority of the night. And now after the way she treated Peter in the live segment, I dislike her even more. Saying the emotions she was feeling their last night was because it reminded her of her last relationship basically just dismissed her entire relationship with Peter. Her reaction when he tried to apologize for the “mediocre” comment. Was that really necessary? And her telling him “this process isn’t for you” was like she doesn’t want him to be the next bachelor. Peter handled the whole live portion so well. I feel so bad for him. Shame on Rachel. Maybe she has to act this way now to keep Bryan happy and to make people think she made the right decision. Still. Lame.

Even with your spoiler and knowing who she chose, I still cried during the breakup scene with Peter. I know. This stuff isn’t real. Such a sucker I am.

As we get ready for BIP, can you please remind me which girls went on with boyfriends?

Thanks again for all that you do!

Comment: You cried at the break up scene with Peter. That’s all I needed to know.

As for BIP, Corinne definitely did. Alexis definitely did. And now I’m forgetting the other two. Dammit. But those two for sure.

Couple questions for you.

So I started typing these email DURING the finale and my mind may have changed a little but I figured I’d still send this thought/question in.

If I’m correct I believe you stated contestants are contracted for two years with the show and after that time expires there are still rules however they’re able to talk more freely. I’ve seen and heard past final 4 contestants say they wanted to leave the show because they didn’t want/couldn’t see them getting engaged to the lead and producers talk them into staying and having the lead send them home. (I forgot who it was but I remember a past contestant on your podcast tell the story how he told the producers he wanted to leave and even though it sounded like the lead would have chosen him producers made a deal for him to be sent home by the lead rather than him leaving on his own) but I’m curious if This happened with Peter. This whole season his feelings seemed a little off (or should I say a little off for this show however very realistic in everyday life) until tonight’s episode he seemed somewhat upset and I’m not sure if he was just putting on an act or not.. he almost sold me lol. But I am curious to see if 1) Peter wanted out and 2) If he did would he ever admit to it. That I don’t know. Only Peter and production would truly know the answer to that. Maybe when we’re far removed from this season he’ll tell someone in an interview or something, but would it surprise me? No. It’s happened many times before. Thus making that whole break up scene the reason why I always say “this is a television show.” Rachel admitted she went to Peter’s room to break up with him. He didn’t spring this on her. She was done. What’s she gonna do, walk in the room, say, “Peter, it’s over. Bye,” and walk out? Of course not. It’s TV. They HAVE to have a talk, they HAVE to drag it out, and they HAVE to say and do things for the camera. That’s why I think people are taking that scene and their frustrations out on Rachel for the wrong reasons. Well, the Peter crazies are. Because they’re whole hatred towards her is because of that convo, and to me, that convo was for TV. That’s why I don’t get worked up over it.

2. I know you said that Kristina left on her own because of the love triangle and that Dean then tells Dlo he loves Kristina and leaves but that he is currently dating DLO right now. Have you heard if Dean tried to get Kristina back and she said now she went back to DLO? He definitely tried to talk to her.

3. Did Rachel seem a little angry with Peter to you? Kind of shocked how different she was with Eric on after the final rose then how she responded to Peter. Two totally different relationships.

4. Is Becca someone you would want to come be a guest on your podcast?

Comment: There’s a lot of people I’d like on my podcast from this franchise that haven’t come on.

hello! 2 questions…

1) do you think peter was being sincere? i know you say a lot of them act like that but don’t mean it but that seemed more sincere than most runner ups… and im not a huge peter lover. Sincere about what part?

2) what do you think about the one big clique of girls from last season? granted, every season has girls that become such close friends but they seem like they think they run bachelor world. it’s not fun to follow them on social media or see their snapchats.

Comment: Then don’t. Seems like a simple solution.

I have watched the whole season and though I like Peter, I was more of a Dean and Eric fan. However, the way Rachel handled the break-up with Peter has me seeing her in a whole new light. I thought she came off as very insensitive and uncaring while Peter was clearly still emotional over the break-up, especially when she made the “I’m living my best life” in that sassy tone. Peter was the sane one here. They have only known each other for 6 weeks and she still had another guy left. Of course he wants to get to know her in the real world first. That’s such a simple answer to give. I pretty much gave my thoughts on this yesterday.

Do you think Rachel would have chosen Peter if he had been willing to propose? No.

Do you think Peter will still be the next bachelor after this? He seems far too reasonable for this show and Rachel called him out for it as well. How can they twist this into making him ready to be the bachelor?

Comment: Read page 1.



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