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Podcast #40 – Interview with Josiah Graham (Part 1) & Episode 3 of the “He Said, She Said” Podcast with Sharleen Joynt

You guys have been asking, so I just decided to start asking myself. I’ve seen a lot of Rachel’s guys doing interviews and showing up on podcasts (granted, usually podcasts of other people in the franchise), but obviously production is allowing it, so I decided to reach out to one finally and got a yes. And Josiah Graham knocked it out of the park. I’ve done a lot of these for sure, but if you never listen to another podcast, I suggest listening to this 2 part interview with Josiah that will cover the next 2 weeks. What an impressive guy with an amazing story. We saw glimpses of it on the show, but Josiah really dives into that day back when he was young about finding his brother after he committed suicide. Then to see how Josiah turned his life around when everyone around him went in the other direction is pretty remarkable. It’s a story you don’t want to miss. Josiah isn’t big on Twitter, but he definitely reads his mentions as he told me that’s the only reason he signed on to Twitter. So as always, if you want to react to today’s podcast, please include Josiah’s Twitter handle (@JosiahDGraham) in your replies. Blown away by this guy’s story and I hope you are too. We’ve had a couple podcasts that have been just as long, but thought I’d try something new and split it up over the course of two weeks. Gonna do that with another one coming up as well. So sit back and enjoy Part 1 of my interview with Josiah Graham and let me know what you think.

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(SPOILERS) Josiah joins me for Part 1 of our interview to talk about when he was first approached to be on the show, being an early favorite & the “cocky” edit he got (4:04), how badly his exit interview was chopped (7:30), his rough upbringing & the death of his brother (14:15), losing his way after that (23:00), his admiration for Eric (32:42), his thoughts on the DeMario ex-girlfriend situation (37:00), being on only group dates & his edit with Rachel (44:55), and his drama with Iggy (51:19).

Twitter – @JosiahDGraham
Instagram – josiahdgraham
Website: Josiah Graham – lawyer

Episode 3 of the “He Said, She Said” podcast with Sharleen Joynt is up right now at Stitcher Premium. Click on that link, use the Promo Code: STEVE, and you can get the first month free. After that, it’s $4.99/month or $29.99 if you sign up for a year, which gives you access to all of Stitcher’s podcast library. It’s a monthly podcast that Sharleen and I are doing to talk about all things relationship/marriage/dating/sex based. In this podcast we’ll give you an email update from two previous callers: One has some very good news, the other one not so much. Then Amy in Michigan’s traumatic past is affecting her current sex life (7:40), and Grace in Houston is at a crossroads with a long distance boyfriend and doesn’t know if she should move for him (36:48). Check it out if you can, as the response to the podcast will basically determine if we go forward with it in the future and make it a free weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly podcast.

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