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Podcast #44 – Interview with Kenny King (Part 1) & “Bachelor” Filming Begins

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I told you back when Rachel’s season was airing there were 3 guys from her season I was most interested in talking to at some point: Josiah, Kenny, and Eric. Two down, one to go. I haven’t reached out to Eric yet but I’m sure I will at some point. I’ve got quite a few lined up. Kenny killed it, just like I thought he would. Just a good guy all around, and you’ll hear that in this interview. Very sincere, answered the questions honestly, and you can tell is one of the better guys this show has ever had. One thing to keep in mind while listening, is I recorded this interview a couple weeks ago, basically right after I’d recorded Josiah. And I thought I was air it then, but then Des’ schedule opened up, and I ran my interview with her the last two weeks. Well when I recorded this, I thought I was running Josiah and Kenny back-to-back, and you’ll hear me reference that in the beginning. As always, if you want to respond to the interview, please include Kenny’s Twitter handle (@KennyKingPb2) in your responses. Thanks again to Kenny for his candor and I hope you like Part 1 of his interview.

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(SPOILERS) Kenny joins me to talk about how he got cast, the reaction he received in the wrestling locker room when they found out he was going on the “Bachelorette” (7:34), first night impressions (9:19), what his daughter thought of him doing the show (12:20), losing the obstacle course date to Whaboom (14:25), losing the mud wrestling date (24:54), his feud with Lee (26:48), the infamous 2-on-1 with Lee in Norway (32:31), his thoughts on Lee’s appearance at the MTA (37:30), does he think Lee’s a racist (46:00), his elimination in Denmark and relationship with Rachel (53:30).

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As you probably saw on Twitter last night and I told you yesterday, filming started last night. Very few tweets from Fleiss and/or Harrison/Mills. At least fewer than they’ve done in the past. No pics were posted other than this one:

Today is move in day, so no filming, then dates start tomorrow. Yesterday I had mentioned the email @TheBachelorTV put out regarding the public attending two dates, one on the 24th (Sunday) and another on the 26th (Tuesday). Well, that’s been changed, even though they haven’t publicly announced it. The public dates are now the 26th and 28th, which would be the two group dates in episode #3. Not sure when they’re going to publicly announce that, but that’s what it’s been changed to. So let the puzzle pieces start falling where they may. I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of updates either from social media or directly from here as filming begins. I know I said I’d post two more girls for you today, but I’m going to do it tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even add a third girl since I’m such a wonderful guy. But look for those tomorrow.

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