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Podcast #48 – Interview with Sarah Vendal & Tickets Now Available for Podcast Taping with Olivia Caridi

Sometimes people in this franchise surprise you when you actually get to know them. Not that I ever had a negative opinion of Podcast #48 guest Sarah Vendal before I interviewed her, I just didn’t know a thing about her from what the show gave us. She was on 4 episodes of Nick’s season, then on Paradise this past summer and I feel like I didn’t learn a thing about her. To me, that all changes today once you hear this 90 minute interview with her. She’s spunky, funny, engaging, and all around one of the more fun times I had interviewing someone. Sarah is the first one of Nick’s girls that I’ve gotten on the podcast and, hopefully, they’ll be more coming in the future. I think you’re really going to enjoy Sarah’s interview today. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Sarah’s Twitter handle (@sarah_vendal) in your replies, despite the fact that Sarah hasn’t tweeted since August. Something we cover during Rapid 10. Thanks again to Sarah for coming on. She was a lot of fun to talk to and get to know and I look forward to you all hearing it.

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(SPOILERS) Sarah joins me to talk about her recent move to Dallas, how she was convinced she was a fill-in (2:48), her night one gimmick on Nick’s season and early favorites (6:16), the first group date where Corinne took her top off (9:33), finding out Liz had a previous relationship with Nick (18:39), the Track & Field group date (22:42), the drama in Wisconsin at the rose ceremony between Vanessa & DLo (28:20), her relationship pre-BIP with Robby Hayes (34:45), explaining what happened between her, Raven, and Adam during the shutdown (40:42), why she moved to Dallas, new job, & attending the Texas State Fair (55:05), her love of gambling (1:01:34), having a star named after her (1:05:14), I ask a question from one of her friends (1:07:45), and finally Rapid 10 (1:12:39).

Twitter – @sarah_vendal
Instagram – sarahvendal
Snapchat – sarevendal

One thing I’ve gotten confirmation on now from yesterday’s post, is you can now purchase your tickets for the taping of my podcast with Olivia Caridi on Tuesday, November 14th at the Addison Improv in Dallas: Again, I have no idea how many people are coming to this, so if you’re really interested in coming, I would buy your tickets as soon as possible and not wait til the last minute. When I put the poll out on Twitter asking how many people would be interested in attending a taping in Dallas, I had almost 3000 responses, and about 40% said “Yes.” Well, that’s 1,200 people. I know not everyone that responded would be able to go, but there’s only about 280 tickets available for this night, so if only 25% of the people that responded yes all show up, that’s 300. Sorry, I love math. What I’m saying is, I just wouldn’t wait to buy your tickets because it looks like there’s a chance we could get to capacity. Hope to see as many of you as possible there.

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