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Podcast #50 – Interview with Astrid Loch

We’ve reached 50 podcasts now. 50. When I started doing these last December, I had no idea how this was going to go. I knew I wanted to do them, but I had no idea what the response would be. It’s basically ended up exceeding all my expectations, so thank you for that. And yes, I have listened to a few “complaints” and made one change going forward. You’re right, there’s nothing rapid about the “Rapid 10.” The idea was to ask shorter questions to end the show, so those questions themselves were rapid, but my guests answers have always led me to ask follow ups and it ends up going longer. So starting today, the “Rapid 10” is now just the “Final 10.” I know, creative huh? Anyway, Astrid was a blast to talk to. Just like Sarah Vendal two weeks ago, someone that only lasted 4 episodes, but still had a story to tell. She was supposed to be on BIP before the shutdown, so what happened? We get into that. We get a little German from her, we ask how she felt about accidentally spoiling Rachel’s season during an interview, we find out if she’s currently with man, she lets us know the great charity she volunteers for, and much much more. As always, if you’d like to react to the interview, please include Astrid’s Twitter handle (@astrid_loch) in your replies so she can see them. Hope you all enjoy this one. I certainly did.

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(SPOILERS) Astrid joins me to talk about her childhood, how she got cast & her limo entrance (7:08), production’s role before they come on the show (10:01), her first group date (10:01), the track and field group date that she won yet was known more for something else (21:53), how awful the farming group date in Wisconsin was (27:34), being friends with Rachel and her take on the Peter break up (35:22), accidentally spoiling Rachel’s season in an interview (41:13), why she was set to go on Paradise then decided against it (44:09), her volunteer work with terminally ill children (52:54), and the newly named “Final 10” (59:54).

Twitter – @astrid_loch
Instagram – astridloch
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Also a reminder that on Tuesday night, Nov. 14th at the Addison Improv in Dallas, you can be a part of Podcast #52 as I’ll be recording it live with Olivia Caridi. Purchase tickets here for the event as we’ll have a wireless mic for the audience where you can be a part of that week’s podcast to ask questions or comment on whatever you’d like. Hope some of you can make it out as it should be a great time. Olivia’s “Mouthing Off” podcast is a really great listen and you know she’ll have a lot to say that night. See you there.

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