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“Reader Emails,” Instagram Correction, & What is Going on?

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Hi Steve. This season of the Bachelor has been surprising very good. First, did you read the rumor on Page 6 that Jordana Brewster has been dating Nick Viall for the last two Months? Also, that Sarah Hyland is dating Wells Adams? Good for them for dating celebrities!! Jordana Brewster? Uhhhh, no. It’s January Jones. It was the first I’d heard of an official announcement but there’s been stuff online ever since she brought up his name on Kimmel’s show. Or was it Corden’s? I forget.

This season has been pretty good overall. It seems though the casting is so generic. You have the usual instigator Krystal who steals time with Arie and is seen as aggressive. You have the opinionated Bibianna who tells people off. You have the ditz like Annaliese who they make look ridiculous. It’s honestly getting a bit routine, but I can’t turn away because of the drama. Who cares about true love? I will admit, I watch the show for the drama and the hilarity behind it. As you should. It’s the only reason anyone should watch. Cuz the last thing this show is about is love.

I was wondering what your impression of Arie is so far. He is attractive and loves his family, but honestly, I don’t see the appeal. He seems a bit dense and uneducated, and his conversations with the contestants are very lacking with any substance. I don’t see charm or his romantic side. He is very boring. I find it so hard to believe he is seen as a catch. Sure, he is a millonaire and a race car driver, so a celebrity, compared to the regular guys they have, but not a person I think most women would want to date unless they want status or money. Same ol, same ol to me.

As far as the Bachelorette, I see no candidates standing out. I hope they bring someone back like they did for Arie. I think Raven, although I know she’s dating Adam, would be amazing. Tia lacks her personality. Kendall and Lauren B. are great, but I don’t see them as amazing contenders like Rachel. Still too early to say.

Who do you see as shoe ins for Bachelor in Paradise? I think Krystal, Bibianna, Annaliese, Kendall, and all of the Laurens. Thanks for everything Steve!

Comment: Don’t forget Betty Boop.

Hey Steve,

Any thoughts or opinions on Rachel’s weekly recaps? Seems like she is still very buddy buddy with the franchise.

Comment: No because I haven’t read them. Probably won’t either. Not my thing. I can barely tolerate my own. I certainly don’t have time for other people’s.


You said in a recent reader emails that you thought Jef Holm was worse than Arie. In the past six years, has Jef done anything other than hang out with bachelor contestants, and sign up Robby and Chase to be his roommates?

I think Jef lasted with Emily less than six months. I just wondered what your thoughts were when Jef tweeted out that he’d pay Chris Harrison $5000 to Chris favorite charity, if Arie lasted over one year with the girl he chooses?

If Jef persists in knocking Arie publicly, do you think that the producers will reach out to him and tell him to shut his mouth?


Comment: They can tell him anything they want, but he’s not doing anything illegal so he has no reason to listen. If he wants to act this way, let him. He’s just looking for attention basically and some tabloid I’m sure will give his quotes, etc at some point. That’s what he wants. But it certainly isn’t a good look.

1) Do you ever hear from former contestants that they were grossed out at the idea of kissing someone who had kissed several other people hours or even minutes before? As a woman, I would be. It’s never come up.

2) I was surprised Bibiana wasn’t kept on the show longer for drama purposes. Any insight on that? That it was worse behind the scenes.

3) What percent of women who signed up specifically thought they would be going to meet Peter? Did any drop out or express disappointment when they found out it was Arie instead? Not sure, but definitely some were there for him.

4) Who do you think Peter might have chosen as his Final 1 if he had been the bachelor this season? Someone he could cheat on?

5) Do you think Sydney would ever take Arie back down the road?

Thanks for what you do!

Comment: She told me no. I can only go on what she told me. Then again, I’ve had people in this franchise tell me things that they immediately went back on so I can’t put anything past anyone. But I’d really be surprised if Sydney did. I don’t see it.

Hi Steve,

Thought I would send in a quick email with a question and something I found that I think is pretty funny.

First, I was curious as to any other girls you know of on Second Choice’s season that applied specifically for Peter? I know that Jacqueline said something about this in her limo entrance that was cut, but I was wondering if there were any others that were definitely there for Peter (since IMO, a lot of them don’t seem like they are there for Arie… I know they cast the girls first, but putting that aside…) None I could confirm with 100% certainty.

And just for funsies, here’s a little something I found while bored at the office today. I found this website while browsing reddit, and it’s basically a service where you can pay Z-list reality stars and internet celebrities to give you a “shoutout.” There are a few Bachelor people on there- I found Diggy, Jasmine, and Whitney. Those 3 are charging in the $10-$20 range… putting aside that this whole website concept is ridiculous, I don’t think that’s unreasonable if you’re into something like this, right? Of course everyone’s favourite attention whore Robby Hayes is charging $50 bucks. For a video shoutout. Literally just a brief video that probably takes 30 seconds to make. And people have bought it. Just…. what?!?
Here’s a link if you want a laugh:

Anyways, thanks for the spoilers every season, blah blah blah, all the usual stuff! Cheers!

Comment: Wow. Speechless.

I know it’s early but it seems a little obvious to me that Tia is getting the bachelorette edit. The only other girl in consideration for the bachelorette would be Lauren B but she hasn’t had much screen time compared to Tia so far. I personally prefer to see Lauren as the lead over Tia just because it will be the Raven and Tia show for God knows how long. I like Raven but I don’t think we need another season of them together again.

My 3 question are….

Do you think Tia has a better chance being on paradise or being the next bachelorette?

If Tia does end up on paradise do you think Lauren will be the next bachelorette?

Have you heard anything behind the scenes about who is likely going to be the next lead? And who?

Thanks Steve, have a great day!

Comment: You asked essentially the same question three different ways. Are you a producer on this show or something? It’s still too early to know.

Hi Steve! Few Random questions for you:

In one of your podcasts Amy Sugarman’s name came up and you seemed less than thrilled to hear her name. Like you’ve heard some dirt/stories about her. Anything you can spill? No.

When Rachel was on Ben and Ashley’s podcast, she told them that the lead completely chooses which contestants to take on dates. Is this true or was she just blowing smoke up our ass so as not to spill behind the scenes info she’s not allowed to? That’s not true. Like, she sits down before every episode and says, “I’m taking this person on this date and this person on this date…” No. That’s not what happens. But since producers know who they like more than others, I guess they consider that part of the process. Like, producer saying: “Hey, I think he’d be a really good choice to go on this date.” Lead: “I agree.”

Did Sydney cause any waves in the bachelor world with her Instagram live story last night? (1/15/18) I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know.

Do you think Adam and Raven will get engaged on any Bachelor related shows/tell alls? They might. They might not. Tough to say.

Have you heard anything in regards to Taylor and Derek’s relationship? Not a whole hell of a lot, but I have heard things here and there.

Has Ashley I or Ben H ever contacted you directly to comment or address anything with you? Nope.

Have you already or do you plan on contacting any of Arie’s girls for future podcasts? I’m sure at some point down the line you’ll hear some of them on. When that’ll be I have no idea.

I tried to watch the show last night, but fell asleep on the couch. Not because I was tired, but this season has just not been engaging.

RS, thank you for your info, you make the show so much more interesting!

With your detailed and entertaining recaps, the nicknames, extra info such as the photos of the Instagram comments (yes, horrible!!!!) and Kenny’s comment in the ring, and other insights. And thank you for the bonus info for deleting IG comments.

Thank you RS!

Comment: Unfortunately, in case you didn’t read the beginning of Page 1 today, it doesn’t delete comments from the IG page from everyone, only so that you, the one who deletes them, won’t see them. But at least it does report them to IG so that’s at least something.

Hi Steve,

I have a question that you or some hardcore Bachelor/Bachelorette fan might know:

Has there ever been a first impression/date rose given out that was taken back before a rose ceremony?

I want to say yes, but could be wrong.

Comment: You mean someone was given the first impression rose the first night, accepted it, but before the rose ceremony it was taken back from them? No. Never happened.

Hi Steve!

First email of the season and it’s not really a question, more of a rant..

I listen to a few other Bachelor podcasts aside from your own and have a bone to pick with both the Almost Famous podcast and Here to Make Friends. I know you have said you don’t listen to any other Bachelor type podcast aside from Bachelor Party so you may not be aware, but the two podcasts i mentioned are constantly on Arie bashing overdrive.

Both constantly talk about how boring, uninterested, unattractive, socially awkward, etc. Arie is. I’m not saying Arie is the best lead we’ve had but have these people not watched the past two Bachelor seasons? Nick was borderline rude in almost every conversation he had with girls who were not in his top 4 and Ben was the ultimate snoozefest. Can’t even remember a moment that Ben was thoroughly entertaining. It just irks me because it’s clearly obviously that all of these podcast hosts just did not want Arie as the lead. I mean, it’s not like you’re his biggest fan but I don’t find your commentary nearly as harping. I think he’s being a fine lead and let’s be honest, the women run the season.

Comment: I don’t think any of the male leads the past 5 or 6 seasons have been all that engaging. Honestly, none of them stand out to me as better or worse than the others. They’re all the same to me.

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