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“Reader Emails,” Instagram Correction, & What is Going on?

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So yesterday on Page 2 I explained to you about deleting Instagram comments off other people’s pages. Which you can do, however, the fact that I posted 8 pictures on Instagram in 2016 then moved up to a whopping 14 pictures in 2017, shows I’m not the most IG savvy person in the world. I was informed yesterday by a reader after my column went up that while you can delete comments from other people’s pages and can report them to IG, they’re only deleted to the person who deleted them. So those comments are still on Krystal’s page if you look, unless she went in and deleted them herself. Damn. Try to help out and I thought it would do a good service, but apparently all for naught. You can still at least report the comments, so I guess that’s some silver lining in all of this. But I’m sure IG is getting thousands of requests a day, so who knows how long those will stay up. I do know that there are contestants in this franchise that spend an inordinate amount of time deleting all negative comments off their page – but I’d say most don’t. So still, if you see hate speech on there, by all means, at least report it and hopefully those accounts will ultimately get suspended.

I know I told you yesterday I’d have your episode-by-episode spoilers today, but I’m sorry. Give me one more day. They will be up tomorrow. I have everything I need, I just didn’t have the time to write it all up last night (a lot of formatting stuff that takes time more so than the content itself) because of the news I was trying to get information on. Which bring us to…

I’m hesitant to say stuff about this since the details aren’t complete, but, a picture was posted yesterday on a private Facebook group in regards to the “Bachelor” franchise that brought up a few questions. It was a picture of ABC production vans parked at the house of Lauren’s parents in Virginia. This has been confirmed. It was them, they were there, and so was Arie. Any reports to the contrary are false. There’s tons of wild speculation on what that could mean which will continue until you know the full story. Here’s the short version: There’s been stuff I’ve been hearing since the premiere (literally the night of the premiere) that hasn’t, shall we say, been on the up and up. I’ve seen the picture and I have it. Surprised it hasn’t been posted publicly yet. The picture itself isn’t all that revealing (just vans in a driveway), but it’s what it represents that brings up questions obviously. A source came to me yesterday morning about something going on. It’s the same source that earlier this season told me something which ended up being true, so a pretty solid source. I just need to confirm it from somewhere else. Once I get it, you’ll know. I know you want more, and you have to have all the gossip 3 seconds after it happens and what not, but that’s not the way it works. Would you rather me possibly misreport it or take the time to find out all the details and tell you once I know? I’m guessing the latter. I’m not going to give a partial story when I don’t have all the details. There are different parts to the story. When I get it confirmed, you’ll know.

Now, on to “Reader Emails.” Enjoy…

Totally forgot to write my email last night, so if this is too late for this week, just use it next week.

1) You said in your review that Jenny was there for Peter. Are there any other girls specifically that were there for Peter? I’m sure there were, but I don’t have a list of them.
2) Who was the early favorite? I don’t know.
3) Who are the girls that you think will be on Paradise? About half of them just like it’s been the last few seasons.
4) How come they are showing very little of Lauren B? Like she barely even gets an ITM. We don’t even see her conversation with Arie. We see this every season. Some people who last long are invisible early on. This is no different.
5) Do you think that the show will ever rebrand BIP? The name of the show got trashed last year, so would they replace it with a new concept and name like they did Bachelor Pad? If I had to guess, I’d say no. Seems to be working for them.


Hey Reality Steve,

From what I can recall over the last 5-6 years of watching the bachelor/bachelorette, I have never seen so much money thrown at a contestant in gifts the way that they did on Becca’s 1-on-1 date. I watched that whole date with my jaw dropped as they continued to (over) gift all those items. Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea as to how much they spent on Becca just in gifts on that date (e.g., gowns, shoes, jewelry)? No.

Now I definitely cannot remember all the dates that resulted in the contestant(s) getting material gifts, but I do remember that Rachel and Bryan got his and hers $wiss watches. Do you think that we will start seeing a trend where the winning contestants are the ones that get the high dollar gifts? Somewhat symbolizing the “long term” intentions of the bachelor/bachelorette…

Thanks for reading!

Comment: I think each season is different. Because we’ve had back-to-back seasons of it I don’t think means anything going forward. Because if the person who gets it next season isn’t the winner, then there’s no trend. And they’d never do it to where the person that gets it every season is the winner, since that would give it away. So I think it’s a whole lot of nothing.

Quick question and comment:

Why do producers dislike Jef so much? It can’t just be because he’s a f*** boy, because that didn’t stop them from liking Arie.

Someone asked in your 1/10 reader emails why Emily chose Jef over Arie. In Emily’s book she actually says she had more chemistry with Arie but she couldn’t get over that he had dated the producer whom she considered her good friend at that point. Hence the reason she chose Jef.

Comment: What a great reason to get engaged to someone. I’m guessing Emily regrets that mightily.

Hey Steve,

This is the thirteen-year-old that you said last week you hope doesn’t worship Logan Paul. Ha, not at all. I originally I found him annoying. But now I can’t respect him after what he did in Japan. But my favorite season was with JoJo (I actually only started watching the show because i’m a huge sports fan, i’ve been hooked ever since though). Of course I would watch the season that my favorite player’s little brother is on the show and wins. My question is, how surprised are you that Jordan and JoJo are still together? Do you think JoJo and Robby would have lasted this long? I’m assuming you have no idea if they are serious about a wedding or not.

Keep doing what you’re doing!

Comment: Yes, I’m surprised by Jordan and JoJo and I don’t think there was any way she and Robby would still be together. No way. We’ve seen all of his red flags post show.

Hey Steve,

Forgot to send this in last week, but did you ever chat with Juliet (on or off the record) about her super awkward post show interview with Nick Viall and how he wanted nothing to do with the franchise anymore? How did she feel about it, do they still chat at all, etc… Or was that topic off-limits for discussion? No, never did. I should’ve though. Totally slipped my mind.

Also, of the girls remaining this season, who do you think actually went on the show for Not Peter instead of for Peter?

Comment: Hard to say. I’m not sure, but there were definitely some who did. How could they not with Arie being chosen 2 weeks before filming started? They didn’t pick 29 girls just for Arie in those two weeks, I can guarantee you that.

In an article about Bachelor Winter Games, E! News had a source that said besides drink limits, “New mental health and wellness staff members were also hired to help monitor cast members around the clock.” I wonder if the source said that with a straight face. Is it all just joke on the people who believe this stuff? Are the new “wellness” staff members the same people doing psychological profiles on contestants so people can be better manipulated? Interested in your thoughts.

Like folks have previously said, I would have stopped watching these shows completely if it wasn’t for the Reality Steve element. Keep up the good work!

Comment: I hadn’t heard that or read that story, but, considering Dr. Seldon (the psychiatrist who was on staff for a LONG time on this show and traveled with them everywhere and is who each contestants meets with once they’re eliminated) was let go after BIP, I’m guessing that’s what they meant by new staff members.


I just finished reading Andi’s book and she goes into detail about 2 men she dated. One was a New York Yankee and the other also a professional baseball player from Seattle. I was wondering if you have any idea who they are. Not sure why, but I’m dying to know!

Comment: Just like I didn’t share all the women who I knew about Nick, I don’t think it’s right I share both of Andi’s guys. If she wanted it out there, she would’ve put it in the book.

Hi Steve,

Quick question about Rachel and Bryan, have u heard anything about their relationship status? Obviously they are still together, but have u heard if they are genuine? I love them together even though I wasn’t sold 100% watching her season. I think they’re a beautiful couple. I haven’t heard much.

Do you think that if Raven and Adam get engaged that ABC will televise it? Or if they have a wedding it will be on Tv? Televise their engagement? I would think a wedding would be more likely. I guess the only way they’d get engaged on TV is if Adam did it on a “Tell All” show or this summer if they send them back to BIP to talk to the cast or whatever.

I like Tia On Arie’s season, but I feel like they want to have her on to make her the next bachelorette Because they didn’t make Raven the bachelorette. They’re very similar ABC knows how much American loves Raven. She’s certainly in the running.

Who was your your fav bachelor/bachelorette’s season to spoil/ actually enjoy watching? I feel Arie’s is very boring so far. Spoil? Probably Andi’s because of the Nick plane video. That was awesome.

I saw a really lengthy rude comment on your most recent reader emails, your comment cracked me up lollllll. Haters are the ones who are always first in line. Keep doing you! That stuff is more funny than anything. I don’t let it bother me.

Do you think they will bring Kristina back to be bachelorette??

Comment: I think that’s highly unlikely at this point.

I saw that Kristina moved to California, any news of her and Dean or is that done now?

Comment: No, these last two emails weren’t sent from the same person ha ha.

Considering Dean was attached at the hip to Lesley during Winter Games and spent this last weekend with her along with other times they’ve been together post show, I would really, really, really, really, really hope that Kristina isn’t still pining after that f***boy. If she is, god help her. That’s now 4 different Bachelor girls Dean has been into in the last 9 months or so (Rachel, Kristina, DLo, and now Lesley). It’s pretty laughable. I mean, how can Lesley possibly take anything that guy says to her seriously considering he’s basically said the exact same thing to 3 other girls before her within the last year?


I just finished your podcast with Ashley Spivey and I was so moved by your discussion of the me too movement that I had to pull over and send you this email. You were so kind, understanding, and sympathetic to her. I listen to so many podcasts and you of all people have given one of the best in terms of this topic. The way you let her speak without interruption, the way you asked thoughtful questions, and your unwavering support for the women who come out against assaulters moved me to tears. It is so rare to hear a man discuss sexual assault this way and it means a lot to me. When I was a child I was repeatedly molested by a family member and I did not speak out about it until I was 14. After that I couldn’t even bring myself to discuss the abuse with family, friends, or counselors until I was 30 years old. I’m 32 now and getting it all off my chest has changed my life. But no one can understand how terrifying the idea of opening up is until they’ve been there. It is just too painful to even allow your brain to reach back to those memories. There are parts I remember clear as day and other parts it feels like I have blacked out and I wonder if I will ever know what happened. Once again I just want to thank you for being an ally to women and using your platform to have Ashley share her story. It speaks highly of you that she was comfortable enough to share all that and I want to thank her for doing that.

Comment: Thanks. Emails like this are the exact reason Ashley, and others, feel they should tell their story. If it helps at least one person, they feel that speaking out was necessary.



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