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(EXCLUSIVE SPOILER): What is Going On?

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So many questions I’m sure you have, so I’m going to answer to the best of my knowledge stuff that I know will be thrown at me over the next 5 weeks…

1) Are you sure he proposed to Becca in the first place? Maybe he’s been with Lauren the whole time?

Yes. Zero question Arie proposed to Becca in Peru after her ex-boyfriend showed up proposing to her first, she rejected him, and accepted Arie’s proposal. They’ve been engaged since November 17th. Arie & Becca’s two Instagram blunders in December only add to that. I’ve never been the least bit concerned that spoiler was wrong. What I reported Nov. 30th was accurate. He left Peru engaged to Becca and they saw each other on at least 3 or 4 occasions that I’m aware of for their “Happy Couple” visits, which we saw them “document” on Instagram accidentally.

2) Wouldn’t ABC want to keep Arie visiting Lauren and her parents in Virginia a secret? What if they’re trying to trick you?

Yes, I’m sure they would’ve preferred that. But go look at that picture again. You’re acting like there was some big, giant production and a parade down her mother’s street drawing all attention to that house. Wasn’t the case. Why would anyone in their right mind be seeking out a home in Virginia Beach on a Tuesday afternoon in January possibly looking for clues of ABC vans and Arie showing up? They wouldn’t because they had no reason to believe anything was up. Until that day, everyone just assumed all was rainbows and daffodils in Arie/Becca land, but little did they know there had been something brewing for the last few weeks.

There is no trickery here. They unfortunately just got caught. Just like the Nick plane video back on Andi’s season, this was just right time, right place. Someone just happened to see it that 1) was a “Bachelor” fan and 2) knew that Lauren’s parents lived there. Plenty of things this show would like to hide that unfortunately get out over the years. This was one of them. It was posted on a private Facebook message board, and within 3 minutes, I had two different people email it to me saying someone had posted that picture on a private board and what did I make of it. One of them told me he must be pulling a Mesnick. The other one said they’re probably filming Lauren for the “Bachelorette,” which was a ridiculous guess since why would Arie be a part of her intro video. Obviously I knew more than I led on at the time, but I had to get it confirmed.

3) When and where did he break up with Becca? Was it filmed?

I don’t know the exact date, but it happened on their most recent “Happy Couple” visit in LA a little over a week ago, and yes, cameras were rolling. This will be shown, I assume, during the ATFR.

4) How does Becca feel? Was she blindsided by all this?

Again, impossible to get in the head of someone I’ve never spoken to, but from what I’ve been told, I’m pretty sure she knew he’d been in contact with Lauren and that he was struggling with his decision. All I was told is that she’s definitely hurt by it and I’m sure will let him know that at the ATFR.

5) What’s Lauren’s role in all this? When did she know?

Well, he called her the night of the premiere to talk, so I’m guessing she at least had an idea then. And I’m sure once he officially ended the engagement with Becca, Lauren was fully aware they were coming with cameras to her mother’s place in Virginia and Arie was going to plead his case. That wasn’t a surprise to her or the family. She was obviously ok with it enough to where she agreed to take him back and start dating him immediately.

And here’s something that I can report from the finale. After Arie had informed Lauren he wasn’t picking her in Peru at the final rose ceremony, he actually told her “I love you.” I guess because he wants to be more hated by the audience when this all plays out I guess ha ha. Geez. This is not gonna be fun times for Arie. So yeah, it almost seems like from the get go, Arie was never 100% sold on Becca, which makes it even worse that he proposed to her that day. Moron. Also, it directly contradicts every fan girl who told me otherwise since I gave the spoiler out. And that definitely gives me a good laugh. But I’m sure those people will just blame the show for making him propose since Arie does nothing wrong in certain people’s eyes.

6) What’d Arie say to her and her parents last Tuesday when he went there?

That I don’t know. All I know is whatever he said worked, because the end result is Arie and Lauren are now dating.

7) Are Arie and Lauren engaged?


8) How will this play out on the ATFR?

Since both his break up with Becca and his talk with Lauren at her parents house were filmed, my guess would be we will see both of those talks during the ATFR show.

9) But Steve, the only other time this has happened on the show was Jason Mesnick’s season and looked how THEY turned out. They’ve been married 8 years and have a daughter together. So it can’t be all that bad, can it? Maybe there IS hope for Arie and Lauren?

I guarantee this will be the big feather in the cap of all the Arie Crazies who will defend this decision. Yes, Jason did the same thing and he and Molly ended up married with a kid. But there is a MAJOR difference between Jason Mesnick and Arie. Jason didn’t have the reputation of a womanizing playboy who reportedly cheated on pretty much all his girlfriends and could never commit to one girl. Look, I know you Arie Crazies will latch on to any narrative you can that will make Arie look halfway decent. And this will be the one you try and shove down people’s throats. But you live in fantasy land and are physically incapable of being objective when it comes to him. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Same situation, two COMPLETELY different people. I mean, c’mon. It’s just laughable at this point. I still can’t believe Sydney predicted this even before Arie was named the “Bachelor.” Will she pick my lottery numbers for me next week? Maybe pick some roulette numbers?

10) What does this mean for “Bachelorette?”

If there were ever a candidate with more of a backstory and who will have essentially all of America wanting her to find her happy ending, it’s Becca Kufrin. Holy sh**. Dad died 8 years ago, mom is recovering from breast cancer, she thinks she finds her man on the show by getting proposed to only to have it ripped away from her two months later so the guy could date the girl he DIDN’T choose? Are you kidding me? The only way Becca isn’t the “Bachelorette” come March is if she’s just too overwhelmed by all of this, wants to distance herself from the franchise, and doesn’t want it. She has all the makings of the “Bachelorette” from the look, the backstory, and the unbelievable fan support she’ll receive over the next 5 weeks. You know how many people are going to tweet at her or write on her IG comments about how bad they feel for her, and “please be the Bachelorette,” and “your Prince Charming is out there somewhere,” etc? Probably about a million. Same boat that Melissa Rycroft was in once Jason went with Molly, but Melissa was so angry and DWTS was an option she thought was better so she took it. DWTS this spring is an all-athlete edition, so Becca won’t have that option. I think we’d all be stunned if Becca isn’t the “Bachelorette.” And after the finale plays out, I think most people would be disappointed if it wasn’t her. Anyone else would be a letdown.



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