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“Reader Emails” & (EXCLUSIVE) Winter Games Episode 1 Spoilers Along with the Main Storyline & Finale Spoiler

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Hi Steve.

I just finished reading this week’s Readers’ Emails and although this week’s “Almost Famous” podcast was discussed, I didn’t say anyone actually seeing the positives in it. So I thought I should drop my thoughts on this, because to me that podcast gave you a moral victory against production.

So, whilst listening to the podcast, I was actually kind of annoyed, like a true fan of your work. Ashley even insisted on her Twitter account (after being called out by a fan for not naming you as their source) that the source they had was “from the inside”, which made me even angrier.

But then, on a deeper thought, I actually felt vindicated on your behalf. Because, we have two possible scenarios that could have played out:

a) they actually got tipped off by someone in production, as they claim (as if…!).
b) they got your spoiler and talked about it on their podcast. 99% this is what actually happened, we all know it.

However, knowing the relationship they have with production and that they are both participating on an upcoming show from the same production team, there is like zero chance they didn’t get a “green light” to actually talk about it. I mean, can you imagine their characters’ editing on Winter Games, if they actually didn’t get the green light…?

So, on both cases, my conclusion is the same: The same people who were threatening you two months ago, the same people that refuse to accept that spoilers and the “unveiling” of the behind the scenes events are what’s making this show good to watch, allow a huge spoiler to be leaked and discussed. And they are thus:
a) verifying you as being correct on everything you have reported; and
b) promoting the show and this low-rated season, by feeding their audience with a major spoiler.

Hence, I just feel you have won a big battle against production and I hope that it will lead you in eventually winning the war!

Keep doing what you do!

Comment: That is certainly an interesting way to look at it.

Here’s what I’ll say: I highly doubt I will ever see eye-to-eye with them on how this was handled. And they won’t with me. I feel since it was reported on my site first, credit should’ve been given out of common courtesy. They don’t feel that way. So we’ve agreed to disagree. I’m sure it’ll happen again in the future, I’m sure I’ll feel I deserve a mention out of common courtesy, I’m sure they won’t feel that way, and we’ll agree to disagree again. That’s just the way it’s gonna be. If they do decide to ever reference me again in the future and give credit to a story released first on my site, great. If not, I’m not gonna be surprised. It is what it is at this point and it won’t be brought up again. I included your email because it wasn’t, “I’m so pissed at them for not crediting you, etc.” It was actually a deeper look into what you think might’ve happened and the conclusion you took from it. Thank you for thinking critically about it.

Hi Steve!

1) Had you not caught wind of the Arie “Mesnick” ending, do you think the show would have started leaking spoilers to a “dramatic/surprising ending” more so than they usually do? I’ve got to think that Fleiss is thrilled that you did the dirty work for them. Impossible to say. They don’t leak anything purposely. And now after seeing Monday night’s season ending preview, would they have shown that if the spoiler wasn’t out there? We’ll never know.

2) No need to respond to this one, but potential podcast guest in the future: KENDALL! From her Fear Factor experience to her taxidermy and etc, I think her quirky personality would make for such a fun interview! I’d love to talk to her someday. I just don’t think it’ll be for a while.

3) Probably old news at this point, but I wanted to echo the sentiments of other women who have written this to you, and send a heartfelt thanks for the recent Ashley Spivey podcast, and you empathy and allowing her to tell her story. A theme with you is that you treat your guests with respect and never dominate the conversation, which I think makes for a great podcaster. I wrote this to you last year, but when this Bachelor show ends someday, I think you will always have a solid career in doing podcasts. Thank you. And that’s the plan. I enjoy interviewing people.

4) Do we think that Jef Holm is somewhere in Utah (with some 20 year old in tow), laughing his ass off right now? Probably.

5) Bonus comment: A few years back, you recommended the gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, and I have been hooked ever since. The lawyer that runs the page had been leaking Weinstein spoilers years before this all hit the news, which makes reading the blind items even more interesting, since it appears that a lot of them are true. However, he occasionally will do a Bachelor-related post that seems completely off base. He should consult with you first!

Comment: All you need to know about that site is at the bottom of the page, he runs a disclaimer saying that some of the stuff he writes is basically pure speculations or even made up. That’s why you can’t believe everything you read there.

Do you think Arie will show up single at the finale? With how he goes through women and changes his mind, I won’t be surprised if that’s what happens. If not at the finale, I give he and Lauren until June. He knows there are women waiting for him in the wings of love.

How do you think the finale will be shown? The final rose episode, bring out Arie, bring out Becca and Arie together, bring out Arie and Lauren? Arie must have thick skin. Geez.

Comment: No, I think he’ll be with Lauren. He’d be an idiot not to be.

As far as how it’ll be shown, again, I’m not a producer so I don’t know. My guess would it would be a normal finale where we see the final 2 hours and what went down in Peru. Then on the ATFR we see everything that happened post show where the sh** hit the fan, they bring Becca out, they bring Arie out, the Arie & Lauren are out together.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all the awesome spoilers every season, the show wouldn’t be the same without you. Let’s get into my question. Extensive background checks are done on each of the contestants prior to being cast for the show. You would think that production has found dirt on at LEAST 1 person so far in the history of the show. Would the show ever bring any mistakes to light from a contestants past (perhaps DUI, arrests, racist remarks, etc) that occurred before they went on the show? Those things would have nothing to do with their “love life” but this show loves drama so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ambushed contestants by revealing negative things about them. Just surprised we haven’t seen a lot of that. Is there any way a contestant could tell production they don’t want to talk about those things on air? Thoughts?

The only one I can remember is the Lee/Kenny situation but that stemmed from Lee’s behavior on the show. Let’s say a contestant had a great rep on the show (unlike Lee), but stuff was found about them post filming. Would they ever bring that to light on Men/Women Tell All and question them about it?

Comment: They usually only bring stuff to light that the media has caught wind of, or that has been discussed on social media. Not to mention, I don’t think there’s anything on a contestant that once we know they’re on, only the show would know about that wasn’t found by someone. So I don’t see that happening.

Hey Steve,

Love your spoilers, thank you!

I’m curious if you’ve heard anything about Jordan Mauger, the New Zealand contestant in the Winter Games. He was the Bachelor in our second season and the BIGGEST douche.

From the start, he was extremely obvious about wanting to just improve his TV career. He’s a part time occasional actor, which makes it confusing why his personality is so bland on screen.

Anyway, he bumbled his way through the season and then his final two were total opposites: Fleur, an absolute sweetheart who looks like Elsa from the movie Frozen, and Naz, an evil b**ch who was the seasons villain.

He ended up picking Fleur despite them having zero chemistry, because his Mama liked her. And because, ratings?

Then… (cue villain music) at the Women Tell All/After Final Rose live event which was combined, I was in the crowd and Naz absolutely lost it and started swearing and cussing at audience members, before Fleur and Jordan came out and sat on the couch next to each other like brother and sister.

Except she really did seem to be smitten with him for some unknown reason. The magazines released their front cover, multi page spread about the happy couple. But the photographer later said “something seemed off”.

And then… the DAY after the final episode screened and his contractual obligation was up, he dumped Fleur and was allegedly contacting Naz. Naz shut him down, he came out to the media and specifically said stuff how he “flipped a coin” to choose a future wife. How romantic.

Fleur was heart broken. Jordan was waiting for TV studios to make him a famous Hollywood actor. They didn’t. And all of New Zealand hates his guts and are embarassed he’s representing us at the Winter Games.

Girls, stay away from him. He’s a douche. Lily on the other hand, our female contestant is one super cool chick (and… the other NZ contestant girl is a very forgettable girl from who knows which season)

Lily is AMAZING, she was the absolute crowd favourite last year. Fun, wise, witty, down to earth and we all wanted her to be the Bachelorette because she was runner up in season three. But we don’t have the Bachelorette yet over here. She’s a professional snowboard instructor so should ace it in the winter sports department.

Just thought I’d give your readers a bit of background on the Kiwis before the show starts. See if Jordan’s made a dick of himself yet, or if he’s been scouted by Hollywood yet which is 1000% the reason he’s doing this show. And thanks again for all your sleuthing to keep us in the loop about A**hole Arie

Comment: Seems like a great guy. Not much on Jordan on Winter Games other than he didn’t arrive until after the first rose ceremony because . He certainly doesn’t pull anything like that. Wait, this guy actually flipped a coin to make his decision? And they showed this? Or he just admitted after the fact? Either way, kinda hard to recover from that.

Hi Steve,

Getting to this week’s episode fairly late so I’m sorry if you’ve gotten this question already but I’m wondering if they ever had footage of Krystal’s limo comments that are referenced this week? I don’t disbelieve it happened given her behavior up to now though, sad to say. I’d imagine they are or will be pursuing her pretty hard for BIP. Imagine the TV she’d create! No, it was in the car ride back from bowling and it wasn’t recorded.

Watching Becca K’s time with him is such a train wreak now!! Seeing her thanking him for alone time and kissing him…I just feel for the girl SO much. I agree that the Bachelorette gig is her gig to lose, though so far Tia is WAY more interesting IMO. Hoping you can get Tia, Bekah M, or Kendall for the podcast eventually as I think they’d have a lot to say!

Comment: As I said yesterday, it’s like watching Jack’s story arc on “This is Us.” We all know the end result is awful, so watching everything leading up to it makes it that much worse.

Hi RS,

Love your blog! Quick question: you’ve said all along that Arie has no interest in finding a wife on this show, and I agree that his recent switch certainly supports that idea. In watching all of his interviews on talk shows, he of course says he does want to settle down and get married etc. So I’m wondering-do you think he is/was flat out lying to improve his “brand”/real estate business, or do you think he actually believes what he’s feeding to the media? I’d appreciate your thoughts!

Comment: It’s an interesting question. I think Arie believes he wants to settle down and get married. I just think he has absolutely no clue what that entails. He says it because it sounds good, but his actions don’t back up what he says at all.

Hi Steve,

I’ve been a long time reader of your site and appreciate all the work you put into your spoilers. I also love trash TV but especially love learning more about the behind the scenes.

I have a few questions:

1) I know you’ve probably covered this before so I’m sorry in advance. What is the extent of the contestants use of cell phones? Does production physically take their cell phones? How do they decide who can make/receive calls or FaceTime? Obviously we see Maquel (sp?) taking the phone call about her grandfather’s death. They’ve also shown other contestants Facetiming with their kids. How do they determine who is allowed to have that time and when? Also, does the lead have the sale rules when it comes to their phone? Contestants with kids get to speak to them with production right next to them. Other than that, no phones for anyone to make regular calls to friends or family. You give up your cell phone once you land in LA and check into the hotel.

2) I think you might have touched on this before as well but are there any bonuses/contract clauses to the lead keeping certain people around longer? For example, the lead would get $1,000 bonus for keeping the cast more diverse at least a certain number of episodes? (Sidenote: I think reading the lead’s contract would be the most fascinating thing ever–have you ever read one?) No.

3) Finally, I realize how spoiled I’ve become by relying on your spoilers. I recently got into “Married At First Sight” and miss episode commentary and spoilers. Any ideas which of this current season couples stay married/together? I wish there was a Reality Steve for all shows 😉 No. I’ve never watched past season 1 and don’t follow it at all.

Thanks again for all your hard spoiling work and commentary! I honestly doubt I would watch this season without you keeping things interesting. I second the reader that likened Arie to a wet blanket. Here’s to hoping the next season’s lead is more interesting!

Your column about Grease 2 gave me a good laugh. My daughters loved that movie and watched it numerous times. I even had to buy them pink jackets!

One day I was grocery shopping and had my daughter (she was probably 6) in the grocery cart. All of a sudden she started singing “Reproduction” really loud. Wow – did I ever get some evil looks from other shoppers.

That same daughter is the one who told me about your column during the Jason/Melissa/Molly season. I’ve been a faithful reader since then.

Thanks for the laughs and the spoilers.

Comment: If that isn’t life coming full circle, then I don’t know what is.


I was so depressed with how terrible Arie is that I went and watched Jason’s season for the first time. It was nice to visit a time when the girls were normal and relatable (not in makeup 24-7, actually invested in the show and not “what comes next”, etc). So my question is, would you recommend Jillian’s season? I don’t wanna spend money if it’s not good. And, do you know what became of Stephanie Hogan?

Comment: I honestly just remember the end and few things here and there. Can’t remember overall if it’s worth watching over again. It did get kinda crazy at the end though, so maybe you do wanna watch it.

No idea what happened to Stephanie.

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  1. sarahe

    February 8, 2018 at 8:18 AM

    For the last emailer: I work in content marketing for a major credit card company, so I have somewhat of an idea how companies go about reaching influencers on social media and selecting how much to pay them.

    Companies bucket social media personalities and celebrities into buckets based on their following. 10K-100K is a micro-influencer, 100K-1M is typically considered middle of the road, and anyone with a 1M+ followers is considered celebrity status. Companies will offer certain pay grades based on how many legit followers certain influencers have. Most of the bachelor contestants fall under the micro-influencer category, so they could make a small sum from paid partnerships, but Steve is right in that you can’t really quit your job or not work elsewhere in that bracket. Once people hit 100K followers, they typically get offered enough per post to actually make a living. The Bachelor nation people who can actually make a living off of this are people like Amanda Stanton, JoJo, Lauren Bushnell, Raven…people who have managed to build their following to a million people.

    Typically, these people sign with agencies that help promote their brand and set up these paid partnerships for them. They are not typically setting these up themselves, but instead have representation. Think of it like a talent agency booking jobs for their actors or models, with these influencers being told what products they are supposed to promote from their agencies. The agencies ensure the products being promoted are aligned with their brand.

    Hope that sheds some light on it. Most of these girls have to work at this for at least a year after their season airs to build the following to be an influencer. 🙂

  2. atleast4characters

    February 10, 2018 at 12:20 PM

    Yes, the Paris rose ceremony was at the Musée des Arts Forains, one of the four areas at the Pavillons de Bercy (at the start of the ceremony segment you see the women walking around the grounds and eventually entering the Musée des Arts Forains. As confirmation, here’s a picture of one exhibit that got shown in the episode:×600.jpg

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