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Hey Steve,

I know you have said in the past that the lead doesn’t have much say in who is chosen for the one-on-ones, it’s pretty much all up to the producers. My question is, is the final choice for the lead 100% up to the lead? How much of the final rose recipient is producer-encouraged or manipulated?
Thanks for the spoilers!

Comment: It’s their choice, but they are certainly coached throughout the season and nudged in certain directions. Ultimately though, it’s their choice.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for another season of spoilers, this season has been a snooze, but this break up switch is the reason I’m still watching.

My question is about the People magazine cover. Do you have any idea if they already shot Arie and Becca’s cover and now have to do a new shoot with Lauren B? I’ve always wondered how soon they do that photoshoot after the finale taping. I can see wanting to do it ASAP while they’re at their “happiest,” but also get waiting a little in case something happens like Arie dumping his pick. I love spoilers but I really love the behind the scenes info you have.

Comment: No, that cover is shot the weekend right before the finale airs. They don’t shoot it after. So Arie and Becca wouldn’t have shot theirs yet. Are Arie and Lauren going to get the main picture on the cover? Not sure. But they’ll at least be a sidebar on the cover I would think.

Hi Steve! Big fan of your site and podcasts. The questions I have are:

1. Does each producer get assigned a contestant to “produce”? In the beginning with a lot of contestants, a producer will have more than one. Once it gets whittled down, they usually just have one.

2. What happens when their girl is sent home? Are they done with the job? Or is there more to being a producer? Depends on what level you are as a producer.

Keep up the good work!

Any thoughts on Danielle Maltby “dating” Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother?

After reading all the articles the past few days, it smells like a big PR stunt orchestrated by the PR rep to most of Bach nation and now Big Brother, LoriK PR. But why would Danielle need to do this? I was under the impression she was “real” and not like the other girls that want to be on another reality show or be the new bachelorette. What can she gain from this?

Paulie’s bad acts and nude sexting pictures are all over social media and Youtube. I can’t believe Danielle or her PR rep did not google him. Danielle has deleted comments under her Instagram post telling her about Paulie being a sweet talker, with a mean temper, serial cheater and how he uses people to make himself look good.

Paulie just finished filming MTV’s Ex On The Beach with his ex Lexi Marsella. They reunited and were a couple after the show, up until a couple of weeks ago. There is a long list of women that he has done wrong in the last year including Zakiayh, Ashley, Lexi, and Corialexa. He dumped Coriaxlea to go film Ex On The Beach in November. From what I have read on social media about him, I am sure their stories of dating Paulie are more terrible and scandalous than what Peter’s ex-girlfriend told you.

Paulie treats women terribly and is disdainful of female empowerment. In the Big Brother house, he equated feminism with racism, told Natalie Negrotti that she was as fake as the things on her chest and referred to certain women as “c** dumpsters”. These are just a few in a long line of examples that can be seen on YouTube. This does not sound like the type of guy Danielle would have anything in common with, let alone date. Or, is he? Perhaps Danielle has us all fooled.

Comment: Well I’ve never seen Big Brother so I know nothing about this guy. But if what you’re saying is true then, well, I hope Danielle isn’t that naïve to think it’s editing that made him say/do those things. Geez. Sounds like a hell of a guy.

This is a non bachelor questions. As a sports fan, i respect your opinion. What did you think of the super bowl? I’m from philadelphia( i live downtown so i was apart of all the action). I’m annoyed by the lack of respect philly fans get. Yes there are bad seeds. The celebration on Sunday was not as bad as the media states. It was more cheering and high fives. Every city does this. But what did you think of the game? Did you think the controversial touchdowns were legit? Were the refs biased? How amazing is it that a back up quarterback led my team to beat tom Brady!!

Comment: A lot to address here. I think the Philly fans get a bad rap for two reasons: 1) they once booed Santa Claus 2) them cheering when Michael Irvin being carted off the field at Vets stadium with a neck injury that ended up being career ending. Can’t defend that.

Also, no town/fanbase will ever get sympathy from me when it comes to loitering in the streets after a championship. This isn’t just for Philly, this is for any city. I’ll never understand that in a million years. So let me this straight, your team wins, so you now run out into the street, break windows, climb on light poles, turn over cars, and light fires? In no way will I ever understand that stupidity. Why? What’s the point? And for Eagles fans, you can now throw in: 1) eating horse manure straight off the ground and 2) climbing the awning of a Four Seasons hotel that in no way was gonna hold all those people then having it collapse. Idiots.

As for the game, there really isn’t much to be said. Philly was the better the team. They won the game. New England didn’t lose it, or blow it, or choke. Philly beat them. Philly beat a team that threw for over 500 yards, 3 TD’s, no interceptions, had one penalty, and never punted. And also scored 33 points, the highest point total ever for a losing Super Bowl team. Philly made one play on defense the whole game (the strip sack and fumble recovery) and that was essentially the game.


Have been enjoying your researching and reporting forever! Just watched Paris episode and wondered if you knew where they filmed the rose ceremony? It looked to me like Musée des Arts Forains, a museum that is primarily antique carousel rides, which would have been a cool choice. Just wondering. Thanks!

Comment: I have no idea. Unless I’m specifically told a location, or it’s somewhere easily recognizable, I don’t look for that stuff since it’s unimportant to what I do.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader, first time writing. For starters, thank you for making this show more interesting. I love reading your spoilers and listening to your podcasts. I definitely watch the show differently now, and it’s soooo much better! They should definitely pay you for this!

My question is, what is your opinion on why on this last episode they showed Lauren talking to a producer about getting pissed off about very little things? Her words. Knowing the spoiler now and the little time she’s been shown it confuses me. It’s almost like they are trying to portray that she will become a villain. But I find that hard to believe given her edit this far and the spoiler. I think it’s more about how she was struggling with the whole process and so nervous about Arie picking someone else.

I also happen to know an “Arie fanatic” and it’s insane how this person still defends him, and she’s knows the spoiler! These people are crazy! Don’t associate with those people. They are hazardous to your health. Avoid them at all costs. They have nothing better to do with their lives.

I know Becca has the best storyline for the Bachelorette, and it will probably be her. Although, I just feel like I don’t know much about her based on her edit. I suppose that will change in the coming episodes since there will be more footage of her. I have to say though that I would love to see Tia in that role. She’s different and spicy, not the typical choice. I loved Kaitlyn and she reminds me somewhat of her. I should say it’s probably the southern girl thing with Tia, I’m a fellow southern girl. I just think at this point that Becca is boring, although I know she will be the most appealing after everything plays out. She seems like a sweet person and I do feel bad for her in this situation. I think it will be Tia if Becca doesn’t want it, but I really do think Becca will want it.

Lastly, I won’t lie, Krystal is not my favorite person. I don’t think she’s innocent, but I do feel like she got taken advantage of by her producer. I do have a huge respect for you for removing evil comments from her page. No one deserves that! I hope that she doesn’t get too wrapped up in that.

I think I only had one question in this while email, sorry for the rant!

Thanks for your spoilers and commentary! And thank you for standing up to the bullies!

Comment: Yeah, Krystal doesn’t deserve to be called names. That’s uncalled for. But she does deserve to be called out for the behavior we saw on television.

Hi Steve!

Do you know if they have all the episodes edited and final before the season airs or do you think they edit some episodes more before they air? I just wonder if they make last minute edits based on feedback from the audience as each episode airs.

Thanks as always!

Comment: The editing continues throughout the season.

Hi Steve, question for your reader emails:

I’m wondering if Arie proposes to Lauren (since ending his engagement with Becca), if an engagement ring to Lauren would be covered for by the franchise/Neil Lane.

Also, what odds do you give Arie proposing to Lauren between now and After The Final Rose airs?

PS. Love your site, love your commentary, and love your podcast too!

Comment: He would be a complete moron to propose to Lauren at the ATFR. Not even Jason did that. No one would buy it if he did and it’d be the wrong message to send. As for if it’d be a Neil Lane ring, if it was at the ATFR, I guess it would be. If it was later on down the line he proposed to her, I’m sure it’d be done in conjunction with some trade deal.


Thanks as always for your great spoilers and totally entertaining site. I love checking in to see what’s going on in “TV Land”.

1. With Krystal and Chelsea both gone, this season should be boring as ever until the Becca/Lauren switch drops after the finale. Do you think that they are going to present this during ATFR and try to put a positive spin on Arie and Lauren? While I don’t love any of the girls that are left, I think the main problem is I don’t love any of them FOR Arie. My favorites would be Sienne, Kendall, Becca or Tia… but Arie is so bland, do we really think he even deserves someone as interesting and fun as those girls are? Maybe a boring Lauren B or Chelsea would be a good fit for him. Equally bland. Different strokes for different folks. Who knows why he did what he did. Well, other than the fact that it’s physically impossible for Arie to be with one girl at a time.

2. How will they spin this for Arie and Lauren? She already has come across as pretty lame after that one one one date, and while it isn’t her fault that Arie leaves Becca for her, we all know that some of the crazies will totally attack her. I just can’t imagine anyone being overly excited for either of them after this news breaks. ATFR should be very interesting. Everyone will definitely feel for Becca, and I just can’t imagine airing this is going to make anyone other than Becca look good. Why would any of them agree to showing this on TV? Going to make for some great TV I guess! Yeah, Arie & Lauren better prepare for what’s coming. Because no matter what he says, or what she says on stage, they will take a lot of heat. Really the only person that could help them at this point would be Becca if she just says she was hurt when it happened, she’s now over it, and she wishes those two the best and hopes that people aren’t too hard on them. That’d ease it a little bit, but still, I think people won’t be happy because they’ll feel so sorry for Becca.

2. DO you think Lauren B could be getting a bad edit? How on earth could you walk around Paris for that long and not say a word (other than WOW). She also sort of made fun of herself mid way through the episode on Instagram with a caption that said “Wow”. Do you think the edit could have cut out some good convo to make her seem boring? I don’t get it. It was pretty much a repeat of the date with the other Lauren (except this Lauren didn’t speak vs the other Lauren couldn’t shut up) and he sent the other Lauren packing right away. I can’t help but think there was something we didn’t see for him to keep her around? Or maybe he just has a physical attraction to her? Who knows.

3. Kendall, Sienne, Jaclyn, Becca, Bekah M, Tia = they all seem funny, exciting, intelligent, attractive etc. As I mentioned earlier… probably too good for Arie. Which I think he noticed with Jaclyn when he explained to her that she seemed to intelligent for him (was that odd or what). Maybe he realized he doesn’t deserve some of these awesome girls. Not trying to totally trash on Arie, he seems like a nice enough guy. I just feel like he might do better with a bland girl (not trying to say there’s anything wrong with Lauren B either).

Excited to hear your thoughts and thanks as always!

Comment: Impossible to get inside the head of that guy knowing his track record. I just don’t see how he’s expected to convince America after all this, that Lauren is the one for him. I know there’s nothing he could say or do that’d convince me at this point. His actions prove otherwise.

Hi Steve!

I’ve been enjoying your spoilers as always. I actually tried to watch this season in support of you, but the first episode was all I could take. But it’s more than enough for me to enjoy the show by proxy of your columns.

1. I’m always curious what gifts you get for the Bachelor/ette couples that get married. I think I remember you saying you got one couple a rice cooker. Do you have a go-to gift that you send, or do you give each couple something different? Do you stick to the gift registry? It’s always been something from the gift registry.

2. In your recaps, as unbiased as you try to be, it seems to me like you skew in favor of the women more. Men are called out more for being cheaters, liars, manipulators, and f***boys. Women are called out for being shallow and materialistic (i.e. wanting to shill products) but not so much for those deeper character flaws like the men. Is that because the dirt you have on men is generally worse than on women? I find it hard to believe that the cheating/serial dating is a predominantly male issue on this show. Or is there really just no female equivalent of a f***boy? A lot of different factors plays into this. Who do I have dirt on, where did it come from, how much is it, and are they a big enough “player” in the game where it’s even worth sharing. Trust me, I’ve heard dirt on guys/girls that last 1 or 2 episodes and it’s just not worth it to me. If someone is a contestant and I get told, “Oh, so and so was dating someone before the show,” it just all depends on each individual situation. Everyone’s different. I hear that ALL the time. But sometimes those people who contact me aren’t willing to reveal names. Or the people themselves don’t want to attach their name to it. Or could be a myriad of reasons. Best answer is it’s my choosing what I share and what I don’t share, and yes, usually it’s the guys that are way more easier to get dirt on because their scorned women tend to speak out more.

3. Do you predict Arie and Lauren will last longer than he did with Becca? For her sake, lets hope so. Hell, if they make it to the ATFR (which I think they will), they’re basically only 2 weeks away since Arie and Becca only lasted 2 months, and by the time the ATFR rolls around, Arie and Lauren will be at 6 weeks. Woo hoo! Full steam ahead you guys!

4. I know it’s basically a given that Becca will be the Bachelorette if she wants it, but from a reporting standpoint, which of the final four do you think would make for the most interesting Bachelorette season? Tia’s would make for the funniest, Becca’s would make for the best story, and Kendall’s would be the quirkiest.

5. Of all the Bachelor leads, which is most similar to yourself? Use whatever criteria you’d like – looks, demeanor, personality – because I’m sure the last thing you want to do is find similarities with most of these men 🙂

Thanks for keeping us all entertained way better than ABC does!

Comment: Good question. Only problem is, we’re going off what was shown on TV since I don’t really know a lot of these guys. I guess Sean maybe? He’s certainly more spiritual than me, and we look nothing alike. But I do think our humor and love for sports is similar. So I’ll go with him.

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  1. sarahe

    February 8, 2018 at 8:18 AM

    For the last emailer: I work in content marketing for a major credit card company, so I have somewhat of an idea how companies go about reaching influencers on social media and selecting how much to pay them.

    Companies bucket social media personalities and celebrities into buckets based on their following. 10K-100K is a micro-influencer, 100K-1M is typically considered middle of the road, and anyone with a 1M+ followers is considered celebrity status. Companies will offer certain pay grades based on how many legit followers certain influencers have. Most of the bachelor contestants fall under the micro-influencer category, so they could make a small sum from paid partnerships, but Steve is right in that you can’t really quit your job or not work elsewhere in that bracket. Once people hit 100K followers, they typically get offered enough per post to actually make a living. The Bachelor nation people who can actually make a living off of this are people like Amanda Stanton, JoJo, Lauren Bushnell, Raven…people who have managed to build their following to a million people.

    Typically, these people sign with agencies that help promote their brand and set up these paid partnerships for them. They are not typically setting these up themselves, but instead have representation. Think of it like a talent agency booking jobs for their actors or models, with these influencers being told what products they are supposed to promote from their agencies. The agencies ensure the products being promoted are aligned with their brand.

    Hope that sheds some light on it. Most of these girls have to work at this for at least a year after their season airs to build the following to be an influencer. 🙂

  2. atleast4characters

    February 10, 2018 at 12:20 PM

    Yes, the Paris rose ceremony was at the Musée des Arts Forains, one of the four areas at the Pavillons de Bercy (at the start of the ceremony segment you see the women walking around the grounds and eventually entering the Musée des Arts Forains. As confirmation, here’s a picture of one exhibit that got shown in the episode:×600.jpg

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