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“Reader Emails” & (EXCLUSIVE) Winter Games Episode 1 Spoilers Along with the Main Storyline & Finale Spoiler

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Hey Steve,

Watched my first episode of this season thanks to your spoilers… is it just me or was that producer convo at the end with Lauren thrown in there to set up the twist? They definitely need to give Lauren more of a presence on this show given how it ultimately ends. Arie should absolutely get the majority of the crap because of how it ended but knowing how women are, I can see Lauren being labeled a villain too. Poor girl… best case scenario would be for her to have dumped him by ATFR. Definitely it was shown because of what happens at the end. Now, the question is if I never reported the spoiler, would they have added that? We’ll never know.

Becca is pretty and has the story but is about as interesting as white bread. I’m still holding out for Tia.

Thanks again! ABC should be cutting you a check, not sending you cease and desists.

Comment: Would be nice, but it’d never happen.

Hi Steve,

I recently started watching the Bachelor franchise shows with your spoilers, and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna stop any time soon. I used to be a fan of Ben and Ashley’s podcast since Ashley is such good tv drama, but I can’t get through them anymore. I feel like everything they say is so hypocritical, it just makes me roll my eyes so hard.. Anyway, I’ve got a few questions for you, hope you’re able to answer most of them.

1. What exactly did Krystal say on the bus??? I know it’s a “Not Peter” reference but what were her exact words, and why wouldn’t they show it? Just like they didn’t show Jaqueline’s comment the first night when the episode aired….I don’t know.

2. What have you heard about Vanessa Grimaldi? Relationship wise. I was a huge fan of her and always thought she deserved better than Nick. Eric Bigger recently said he had a crush on her…. maybe that can turn into something? I just want her to find the love I feel she deserves. Not much other than what I reported happened during the season.

3. Speaking of Eric Bigger. I think he’d be a great bachelor. He is such a happy, optimistic person, it would be really nice to see. Do you think it can happen? If the next bachelor doesn’t come from Becca K’s group of guys. I doubt it.

4. What is that big story line in Winter Games you keep teasing about?????? I’m dying to know!!! I’m emailing you Tuesday morning so maybe by the time you respond you already posted spoilers….You’re welcome.

5. When would they announce Becca as the new Bachelorette? If she decides not to take it, do you think they’d go back to other seasons for their lead like they did for The Bachelor? Tia as the bachelorette would be okay, but I’d much rather have Kristina or Vanessa…. WAIT, or maybe Vanessa could go on paradise? Nah…

Anywaaayyy… Thank you for taking the time to read my email… Wishing you the best!! Spoil on!!!

Comment: You need to drop the Vanessa candle you’re holding. She’s not going to be the “Bachelorette.” Neither is Kristina. As for Paradise, who knows? I could totally see Kristina going back there though. Would be surprised if Vanessa did.

Hi Steve, do you ever read the comments on Sharleen’s blog? Yesterday, someone posting as “Becca” posted the following comment on her post about episode 5: (In her write-up about the episode, Sharleen admitted to having a “TV crush” on Arie and that her husband was fine with it)

“I love that you are in a relationship where you can lightheartedly admit that you have a TV crush on someone. I just got out of a doozy that was ALL struggle, and me admitting a TV crush probably would have sent us into an insecurity-fueled fight. Seeing bits and pieces of good relationships make me really feel like a secure, healthy and fulfilling one is out there and attainable for me. Thanks so much for your amazing perspective and wisdom, as always.”

As I read the comment I wondered, could this be Becca from the show? Obviously anyone can post using any name they want, but it occurred to me that if Becca is seriously angry at Arie she might be looking for subtle ways to throw shade on him. I assume many current and former show participants read Sharleen’s blog and would probably get the point. No way to know for sure, of course, but it struck me as possible. Any thoughts?


Comment: Without knowing who comments on Sharleen’s page, it’s impossible to know for sure. I highly doubt though that Becca would take the time to write that in a comment section on a blog. Not to mention, I don’t think what they said really pointed to it being Becca other than she was in a relationship that was all struggle.

Hi Steve,

I saw that you wrote about the Women Tell All will be shown before the Overnight dates and the After the Final Rose and your comment that it typically isn’t in that order.

Do you think there’s a chance that they switched that up so that on After the final rose, they could bring Kendall on the stage and see Arie for the first time since she was sent home and they could go through the motions that typically happens with the lead and the runner up? (In light of the switch with Becca and Lauren). Then probably after that they would go into the heavy stuff with Becca and Lauren.
Just my theory?

Comment: They’re going to have so many goodies with Becca and Lauren for the finale, I don’t know why they’d even mess with bringing Kendall on. Maybe Kendall will be at the WTA taping, although it really wouldn’t make much sense. Unless they just don’t address the fact that she still has an overnight date that no one in the audience has seen yet. But geez, just having her there gives away who the final 2 are. So basically, I don’t know what Kendall’s role is on either show. If she’s not at the WTA, be weird to have her at the ATFR since, and no disrespect to her, but no one will care about her storyline.


Fidelity has been a very big issue during Arie’s season. You reported before Emily’s season began about all the women Arie had dated, and was dating. You have brought Arie’s ex on the podcast and proved that Arie has never been faithful to any woman that he has dated. Courtney even said on your podcast, the reason things didn’t work out with Arie is because multiple women were after him while she was seeing him. It has been substantiated that Arie has cheated on all the women in his past.

Arie can say that he has never been married, and that’s why he’s never been exclusive. Arie can say people change, and once he gets married he will never cheat on his wife. With Arie’s track record, I think it would be a perilous risk for someone engaged to Arie, to trust that he was capable of being faithful in a marriage.

If Lauren wrote to Dr. Reality Steve, and asked for your advice, would you tell her that Arie is capable of changing and could be faithful in a marriage, or would you advise Lauren that based on Aries past, track record, and having a woman in every port (with all the traveling that he does), not to marry him because he’s a serial cheater incapable of changing?


Comment: The latter. Everything you said. He can talk til he’s blue in the face about wanting to be in a relationship and be married, but none of his actions in the last 5 years have shown any of it, and he’s had plenty of opportunity to. She’s in the honeymoon phase and she’s choosing to believe everything he says now, but unfortunately, when reality sets in, she’ll learn the hard way.

Not sure if it’s too late, but wanted to point out that since her and Arie started dating in real life, Lauren B has been posting photos of them together from the show every week with super cheesy/lovie captions . Not even trying to hide it.

Comment: Guess not.

Hi Steve!

Thanks for all your spoiling – definitely the only thing that keeps me interested in this crazy show. My question for you… when do all the old Bachelor nation people find out about who wins a season, crazy twists like Arie changing his mind or anything else important to the plot of the season? Especially for someone like Rachel who is blogging about Arie’s season. Do they give her a heads up so she can write her article with a certain narrative, or do they all find out when you release spoilers?


Comment: Each person is different. It’s not like there’s a mass email sent out once filming is over from production saying, “Hey everyone, this is what happened on our season.” I’m sure most find out once I post it.

So did you put money on the Eagles or Patriots? Hopefully the underdogs! Eagles. Just wish I took the money line. I just took the points.

Can you give us a preview of Thursday’s podcast guest? I know you already recorded it! Sarah Brice. She was the winner of the “Bachelor” season 7 with Charlie O’Connell. Kind of a ground breaking season for the franchise and we talk about a lot of it.

Which person’s edit made them look more cocky? Krystal or Olivia? I think Krystal. Olivia definitely came across cocky and confident, but Krystal has been that to the 10th degree.

Who were Lauren B’s best friends in the house? Were there any major clicks that formed in the top 10 or so? On TV it seems like its just everyone vs. Krystal.

Comment: I’m not quite sure.

Can you ask one of your loyal readers to put together a list of when the winner was on the losing team or winning team and whether in that situation the losing team was invited to the group date? Someone want to go ahead and do this for fun?

Also, is there a way to navigate your site to read recaps without the spoilers? No. Spoilers are referenced in my recaps quite a bit.


Hello RS,

Can you give any insight on how Bachelor people become paid partners with companies? I know this business is not limited to The Bachelor contestants but I wonder how the process works. As in, after a season ends, do contestants reach out to companies or do the companies reach out to them based on their following numbers? Example Kim Kardashian 107m followers verses a Bachelor contestant 40k followers promoting Sugar Bear vitamins. I just don’t get how this can become a full time job for someone after being on The Bachelor especially with new competition entering the market after each new season?

Comment: Well, someone with 40k followers isn’t making enough money on IG to make it a full time job. You need to be around the million mark. You know, without buying your followers. Then yes, you could easily make a sufficient monthly income where you could quit what you’re doing and just do that. People like Kim K with her 107 million followers just makes that much more to throw on her giant pile of money. It is what it is. The “Bachelor” people are small potatoes compared to her, but as we’ve seen, some of those in the million range in followers can easily make $10-15k a month with sponsored posts. Will they be able to make that 3-5 years from now? Probably not. And that’s where these people are completely losing sight of what their identity is. It’s pretty sad actually. Get it while you can, because it certainly isn’t lasting.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page, or listen to all my podcasts at Apple Podcasts. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. sarahe

    February 8, 2018 at 8:18 AM

    For the last emailer: I work in content marketing for a major credit card company, so I have somewhat of an idea how companies go about reaching influencers on social media and selecting how much to pay them.

    Companies bucket social media personalities and celebrities into buckets based on their following. 10K-100K is a micro-influencer, 100K-1M is typically considered middle of the road, and anyone with a 1M+ followers is considered celebrity status. Companies will offer certain pay grades based on how many legit followers certain influencers have. Most of the bachelor contestants fall under the micro-influencer category, so they could make a small sum from paid partnerships, but Steve is right in that you can’t really quit your job or not work elsewhere in that bracket. Once people hit 100K followers, they typically get offered enough per post to actually make a living. The Bachelor nation people who can actually make a living off of this are people like Amanda Stanton, JoJo, Lauren Bushnell, Raven…people who have managed to build their following to a million people.

    Typically, these people sign with agencies that help promote their brand and set up these paid partnerships for them. They are not typically setting these up themselves, but instead have representation. Think of it like a talent agency booking jobs for their actors or models, with these influencers being told what products they are supposed to promote from their agencies. The agencies ensure the products being promoted are aligned with their brand.

    Hope that sheds some light on it. Most of these girls have to work at this for at least a year after their season airs to build the following to be an influencer. 🙂

  2. atleast4characters

    February 10, 2018 at 12:20 PM

    Yes, the Paris rose ceremony was at the Musée des Arts Forains, one of the four areas at the Pavillons de Bercy (at the start of the ceremony segment you see the women walking around the grounds and eventually entering the Musée des Arts Forains. As confirmation, here’s a picture of one exhibit that got shown in the episode:×600.jpg

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