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A Recap of Hometown Dates, Bachelor in Paradise Update, and a Big Night Tonight

Today is a big day for me. No, not because of the final four rose ceremony tonight. That’s whatever. I’m sure whoever gets eliminated will spoil it on their own by jumping on their social media immediately, kinda like last season’s “Bachelorette” final four where Dean was back on Instagram within hours of getting eliminated. So either the guy who gets eliminated tonight will out himself, or, I’ll find out anyway. That’s not what’s important today. What IS important is that tonight is something a month in the making. All across movie theaters in US tonight at 7:00, Fathom Events is re-showing “The Karate Kid,” which will then be followed by the first two episodes of the new YouTube Red series “Cobra Kai.” Do you realized how giddy 10 year old me is about tonight? Whoever would’ve thought we’d see the day that Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence would still have beef 34 years later and we’d get to see it. I bought my ticket to this a month ago and have basically been counting the days since. I don’t think it’s possible to be my age and not love the “Karate Kid.” Hell, just the franchise in general (and I’m stopping at 3 because in my mind, any movie made after that didn’t count). So I’ll have my popcorn and be ready to go tonight to immerse myself in close 4 hours of “Karate Kid” viewing tonight between the movie and the two episodes of “Cobra Kai.”

Been almost a week since I’ve been here, so a few things to recap that have gone on on Twitter. First off, I want to remind everyone that Nell Kalter is back and she is recapping the relationshit show that is “Ex on the Beach” on MTV, and it’s fabulous. The show airs Thursday nights, and her recaps will be up every Friday morning. If you didn’t watch it, you should. Not because you’re looking for Emmy winning television. But because you like to watch complete trainwrecks. There’s really no other way to describe this show. Good looking people, on a beach, shirtless and in bikini’s, all hooking up, and then having their exes join the party to make things even more dramatic. Check it out, then read Nell the next day. You’ll thank me.

As for the “Bachelorette,” as mentioned, tonight is the final four rose ceremony, then they are headed off to overnights and final rose ceremony. I haven’t gotten confirmation yet on where they’re headed, but I hope to within the next day or so. The only place I heard was a couple weeks ago but haven’t gotten a second confirmation. That place is definitely a place they haven’t been before, but again, it’s tough to say for sure that’s where they’re headed. Once I find out, I will tweet out where they’re going like I did for every other location this season. And as mentioned above, I’ll also be tweeting out who gets eliminated tonight whenever I find out. But once this elimination is over, basically things will be silent for the next couple weeks since whoever gets eliminated at #3 doesn’t immediately come home. They stay in the location until filming is over. And although we’ve had pictures basically all season long of practically every Becca date, once they’re in overnights and final rose ceremony, that is very rare pictures get out. So don’t expect many updates after tonight.

All four hometowns have taken place over the last week, and if you weren’t following along on Twitter, you basically missed everything. Here’s a recap in order of how they happened and all pics and videos that came along with them:

Episode 8: Hometown Dates

Jason Tartick 29, Seattle, WA. Filmed Wednesday April 18th in Buffalo, NY. They sat in the stands, skated, and kissed at Harborcenter, then had a wing eating contest at Anchor Bar, before meeting his parents at their “house.” Jason’s parents live in Charlotte and Jason lives in Seattle now, so the house they used for this hometown was some local guy who had zero ties to the family. It happens.


Blake Horstmann 28, Denver, CO. Filmed Friday April 20th in Bailey, CO. Another date where production made the audience wait around forever. They checked in at noon and Becca and Blake didn’t show up until close to 6:00 for the surprise of Betty Who performing, which Becca had no idea about.

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