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Hey Steve!

1. I loved the podcast with dalton Ross! I haven’t seen an episode of survivor in probably over 10 years but loved all his insight and info! I can’t wait to watch the next survivor this fall! Can I jump right into to the next season or do I need to know more about how the show works and/or do I need to know more about previous cast members who may be returning this next season? The next season that starts in the fall, “David vs Goliath,” is all new contestants. So you don’t have to worry about any repeats and not knowing their history with the show, so you’re good. Glad you’re back on board. It really is the best reality show out there and always has been.

2. I’m so happy about Jared and Ashley I! Do you think they’ll televise the wedding?

Thanks for all you do Steve! Sending love from Miami!

Comment: If Ashley and Jared make it down the aisle, ABC will absolutely televise it.

Hi Steve,

I love your site, thanks for all you do!

Can you please ask your readers what the name of Garrett’s Patagonia jacket is? I couldn’t find one like it on Patagonia’s web site.

Comment: Readers to the rescue! I’m not the Possessionist-er. I have no idea about any of these people’s outfits. Chime in if you happen to know.

Hey Steve! I just wanted to let you know that last weeks podcast was great! I follow two writers online – you and Dalton. So to hear you both on the podcast together was truly awesome! I hope you’re able to have him back on again – it was amazing!

Comment: So glad to hear people loving the Dalton podcast. Honestly, it was in my top 5 because I love when you can just talk to someone and let them go on for as long as they want. You can tell how passionate the guy is about the show and how much knowledge and insight he can provide. He was great. Can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed that podcast.

Hey Steve,

I wanted to write you to tell you how disappointed I am in myself. You’ve always talked about Survivor, but I never really paid any attention to it until a few weeks ago. My older brother said he wanted to watch an older season of survivor and asked me to join him. Since he never asks me to do anything, I thought I had to say yes. Now…

WE ARE ADDICTED. This show is so good. We’ll watch three episodes in a row before our parents drag us downstairs for dinner, and then all we will talk about is Survivor some more. Our parents were so excited to have us both home from school, but now they wish we would shut up and fight with each other like we normally do. How have I let myself not watch Survivor all these years? And I’ve watched The Bachelor instead??? You can understand the disdain I have for myself right now.

Anyway, I am looking for recommendations for seasons we should watch. We want to watch as many all new member seasons as possible before we watch ones with returning members so nothing gets spoiled for us. However, it is hard to look up which seasons we should watch without it getting spoiled in the process. Could you steer us in the right direction? We watched Survivor China and Survivor Cagayan already, and now we’re watching Survivor Amazon.

Comment: LOVING all the “Survivor” love in these last few emails. I would never lead you astray. Such a great show. Great visuals, great gameplay, for the most part always an interesting cast, and the concept of having to vote out people who will eventually decide your fate is almost compelling TV. Because as Dalton and I talked about, everyone has their own criteria for who they think is most deserving to win. And ultimately you have to get a majority of the jury on your side to vote for you, no matter what you did to vote them out of the game.

Since I’m not good at remembering seasons at all, I do remember Fishbach said Cagayan was one, but you’ve already watched that. Blood vs Water and Second Chances were really good if I remember those correctly. Check those out.

Hi Steve

I’m sure everyone wants to know your reaction to The Proposal premiere last night and I wanted to share my 2 cents. The whole show seemed so … awkward. The contestants did not seem comfortable or confident up on stage, most of them seemed downright shy and the timing of the show felt very rushed. But the thing that really turned me off was when one of the final three women was asked about having children and she responded that she did not want kids. This question was obviously staged for this particular contestant, but the audience “reaction” was so offensive and I cannot believe the show publicly shamed this woman for her lifestyle choice. I don’t care that the lead didn’t choose her, that is well within his right to do so, but the show made it feel so gross and regressive. Thoughts?

Comment: Of course she was specifically put on that show to utter her thoughts on having children, and they knew that. They also knew that Mike (I think that was his name) wanted kids. So it made for cringeworthy TV when he asked and she answered. No, she shouldn’t be shamed for that. It’s just embarrassing it happened on national TV because that’s obviously the reason he dumped her.

Hi Steve,

I‘m bored with this season of bachelorette can we just fast forward to the top 3 already? Obviously based on what we got to see, it’s easy to tell that she is in love with Garrett because he reminds her about her late father, likes Blake maybe because he likes outdoor and she also likes Jason because he is a good kisser. Any prediction how will people react in the final rose when they see Garrett is the winner? Will Becca and Garrett get the same reaction (or probably worse) that Rachel and Brian got because people like the runner up more? And is it safe to say that Blake is the next Bachelor? I don’t think anything is set in stone as far as the next “Bachelor” just because of what they’ve pulled the last two seasons. It’s open season when it comes to that since two seasons in a row now, they didn’t take a guy from the preceding season. They dug back into the archives and pulled Nick and Arie out of their ass. So it’s definitely not a done deal it’s Blake. Should it be? Probably. He’ll have the best story heading into next season. But you never know. Maybe they don’t want a lead who has a head like a Lego figure. You never know.

Anyway paradise is way more exciting especially after the Raven-Bekah twitter feud. Who do you think thirstier? I mean sure they both want to gain some attention but on the other side both of them also trying to defend their friends. The real question is what is it about Colton that makes both Tia and Becca fight over him? Sure he is kinda good looking but I‘m sure they both can find someone else (or even better). Your guess is as good as mine. That’s a question to ask Tia, not me. Because I don’t get it either. She obviously had something for him. Either it will culminate in Paradise, or they’ll move on from each other.

The other shocking news is the Jared and Ashley engagement. I‘m still trying to process that now they are a couple and in love and suddenly they are engaged? Did their 3 years of friendship count as a relationship? I‘m confused. Whose idea is it for them to be engage in paradise? It‘ll make more sense if it‘s Adam and Raven. Wait was that the original idea for Adam to propose to Raven and suddenly they changed to Jared and Ashley?

I‘m v v confused and can‘t wait for Paradise. Any spoilers aside from Tia and Colton?

Hope you can answer and enlighten me a lil bit about all of those dramas.

Comment: I don’t think anything was set in stone for Adam and Raven. Not sure where that became a story. As for Ashley and Jared, I’m just over them to a point where dissecting their 3 year courtship is tiresome. I just don’t care enough. Plenty of people doubt the sincerity and have every right to considering how quickly this all came about. I guess they’re just gonna have to do everything in their power to convince people it’s real until they walk down the aisle, and trust me, I’m sure they’ll spend every living breathing second doing just that.

Hello Steve,

I’m a loyal longtime reader and first time reader emailer. The whole Ben Higgins/Lindsey Duke thing has been baffling me for a while. You said that as of a few weeks ago, they were still together. My question is, how do you have proof of this? There is no evidence on either of their Instagrams (including tagged pics) that they’ve ever dated and Ben makes it seem like he’s single as a pringle. I’m wondering if you have an inside source who knows for a fact that they’re together or if you’ve been sent pictures of them out and about together?

I don’t know why this bugs me so much, I guess because I listen to his podcast and have listened to recent interviews and he has made zero mention of being in a relationship. You would also think that Ben dating the “other woman” in the Amanda/Robby debacle would have been publicized by now.

Can you please enlighten me? Keep up the great work, Steve!

Comment: My proof is sources. Ben has been seen with Lindsay quite a few times since last summer when it first started. He just never posts it on his IG. Nor does she on hers. It’s been kept under wraps for God knows what reason. Only he knows. I don’t understand it, I’m not gonna try and begin to understand it, but know that he definitely has been dating her since last summer. Granted, people from this franchise use the word “dating” quite loosely, so you’ll have to ask him what that actually means. But yeah, they’ve definitely been seen together out in public on plenty of occasions, he/they just don’t let people know about it and I have no idea why.

Hi Steve,

Just curious, and perhaps you have some insight, when Garrett says he and his ex-wife got “divorced” two months after they got married, I assume he means that is when they got separated? And then probably legally divorced 3 months or more likely 6 months to a year later? I’m a family law attorney, and obviously I’m not familiar with the laws in every state, but I do not believe you can get an official final divorce two months after getting married in any state, even if one of them had filed for divorce literally the day after they got married. Even states with the most flexible divorce laws typically require at least a 6 month waiting period for no-fault or 3 months when there are fault-based grounds. Assuming they were divorced in California, I did two minutes of research and California doesn’t have fault-based grounds, and the waiting period there appears to be 6 months. Did one of them go to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce? Did Garrett just use the wrong word?

Thanks Steve, I always read your column and listen to your podcasts. You’re a great interviewer.

Comment: I think he used the wrong word. Sounds like the marriage ended (they got separated) after two months. But the divorce papers online that people have found showed the divorce was final 6 months after the wedding. And they were in Nevada, so maybe that’s why you didn’t find anything since you looked at California. Garrett’s parents live in California, but he’s in Reno, Nevada, that’s where his ex lives, and that’s where they got married and lived after the wedding.

Hi Steve,

First off, let me say thank you for only doing advertising in one spot in the podcasts. I get that’s how people make money on these, but a lot of people have commercials every 10 minutes and it’s really irritating. Once a podcast is great. Thanks. I do what I can. I want to get them out of the way early on in the podcast because, yes, I understand people don’t want to hear them splattered all throughout. The most I’ll ever have that I have to play during the interview is 3. If I have three, I’ll usually try and do 2 of them at around the 10 minute mark, then the third one by itself around the 20-25 mark. If there’s only 2 ads for the podcast, then I try to do them both at the 15-20 min mark. If there’s one, same. Good news this week. The podcast is ad free. So about 70 minutes straight through with no interruption.

Little late on the Meredith podcast, but a quick comment. She was my favorite Bachelorette. Beautiful, intelligent and very articulate, which is what made the podcast such a shock. I think this is why there was a lot of speculation on if she was drinking or not. She has been through some horrible things and I’m sure that would have an effect on anyone, and hope she’s okay.

Thanks for pointing out the Becca drama. The way she freaked out over Jean Blanc I though was way over the top and ridiculous. Makes you wonder or hope production told her to act like that and that’s not the way she really is.

Then finally, did they ever address why that guy was in a track suit at the rose ceremony??? They had to put tape over whatever logo was on there, so I’m thinking he must have spilled something on himself and changed or hopefully.

Comment: No, they didn’t. Totally bizarre not only that Nick was in that track suit, but yeah, that we got zero explanation for it.


James Carville is a hard-boiled liberal, and Mary Matalin is a hard bent conservative. These two have had a successful marriage for 24 years, because they have a rule never to discuss politics at home. The success of this relationship seems more like the exception than the rule. I’m not a hard core political person, but when I dated someone who had political views that were polar opposite to mine, I found myself losing respect for the person and I couldn’t trust their judgement, so the relationship failed. I wanted to get your thoughts on whether you see Becca and Garret having a successful marriage, since their views are so radically opposing?


Comment: I know nothing about their relationship. All I can go off is what Becca said when the Garrett story first broke, then look at his apology. Those are the only public statements either have made about it. Sounds like they definitely talked about it. Does it mean they’ll be together forever? No. Does it mean they’ll break up in 6 months? No. But they seem to definitely have polar opposite political views, and yeah, I gotta imagine that’s not easy. Only time will tell if it’s something they’ll be able to work through. Your guess is as good as mine.



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