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“Reader Emails,” BIP Cast Announced & Info, Breakups, & More

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A lot of little Bachelor Nation stories to get to today before “Reader Emails.” Obviously the biggest news was the release of the BIP original cast yesterday. Yes, I’m well aware that I haven’t given you much BIP info. Give me a little time. The season just ended. There are some things I know and there some things I don’t know yet. When I get everything I need, then I will spill the info to you. There is a lot to gather when it comes to BIP because of so many different dates, rose ceremonies, etc. The basics of who went out with who is sometimes even hard because obviously people date multiple people. With that said, yes, I am aware of some of the couples, and from what I’m hearing so far (still not 100% yet), but from what I’m hearing outside of Ashley & Jared’s engagement down there, we don’t have any other engagements that took place. Maybe we’ll get one when they tape the finale like they did with Derek and Taylor last year (RIP). But as of now, Jared and Ashley is the only engagement I’m hearing took place on BIP this season, so there’s that.

As for the cast, that’s your OG cast and there might be a couple more guys in the OG cast that are still competing on Becca’s season, hence they weren’t announced. However, there are obviously more people that show up this season at some point. Here is a list I’ve gathered of people I know for sure went on BIP at some point that weren’t OG cast:

Colton Underwood (Becca’s season)
Chris Randone (Becca)
Connor Obrochta (Becca)
Leo Dottavio (Becca)
Kamil Nicalek (Becca)
Benoit Beauséjour-Savard (Winter Games)
Caroline Lunny (Arie’s season)
Jacqueline Trumbull (Arie)
Jenna Cooper (Arie)
Jubilee Sharpe (Ben’s season)
Shushanna Mkrtychyan (Ben)

All those people were on it as well. There are definitely others who were there too, but I haven’t got the full cast yet. The OG cast posted by plus those 11 brings the number of people who appeared to 28. Usually it’s right around 30 who appear at some point, so there’s only a few missing. One major name obviously missing from that list is Bekah Martinez. She never went on the show. Now, when Chris Harrison touts a contestant during the “Tell All” show about coming on Paradise in the past, they’ve always ended up being on. And he did that for Becca back in February during the WTA. They definitely wanted her on. And she was supposed to be on. Then she wasn’t. One of two things happened: either they know she has a boyfriend so it made no sense to put her on there, or, because she has a boyfriend, she decided not to do it. But I was told as of a few weeks ago she was set to go on, and then she didn’t. Who knows? Maybe the Twitter war with Raven turned producers off to her? Or maybe she started the Twitter war once she knew she wasn’t going on? Bekah wants to be an actress and get into TV. She knows what she’s doing when it comes to her social media. I don’t think that Twitter call out of Tia was just completely random and out of nowhere. She knew what shew was doing.

A couple break ups to announce in Bachelor Nation. One I’d been getting a lot of emails on recently due to lack of pictures together and lack of her wearing her engagement ring recently, but it was made official yesterday that Taylor and Derek ended their engagement. I can’t say this is surprising. I believe when I was on Olivia’s podcast months ago (or maybe when it was she did mine back in November) I was asked which of the current engaged couples did I think would be the first to break and Taylor and Derek were who I said. I just didn’t see it between those two. The distance, how quickly it happened, etc. Oh well. Moving on.

Man, hate to be the bearer of bad news here. I hope you’re sitting down for this one. Whew. Ok. Here it goes. I hope you understand this pains me so much to share this info with you that was reported last night. Man. This sucks. Let me get it together first. Ok. I’m ready. Are you? Luke Pell and Holly Allen have broken up – again. Bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Best part about that story? All the “sources” who gave them “her” side. Even though the quotes didn’t come on record from Holly, they were definitely from either her and she wanted her name left out or came from her “camp.” Nothing we haven’t heard of before when it comes to this guy. Girl moves to Nashville for him, then he basically doesn’t want her anymore. Gee, if only anyone could’ve seen that one coming? It’s wash, rinse, repeat with this guy when it comes to women. I don’t want to say I told you so Holly, buuuuuuuuuuuut yeah, I kinda did. Nothing in that story should surprise anyone who’s followed this guy. It’s stuff you’ve heard me say, and others, time and time again. We saw what went down on Winter Games and how Stassi was treated. We read the whole expose I did over a year ago on the guy. Holly if you ever feel like attaching your name to those quotes or share your Luke Pell experience with the public, by all means, you know where to find me. I’m sure there are people who’d be very interested in hearing exactly what went down after you moved to Nashville for the guy and it didn’t work out.

Did you see that 5 girls from Nick’s season will be on “Celebrity Fear Factor” this season? Forgot this was a show still, but looks like they’re spicing it up with a celebrity version. MTV is basically now the minor leagues for Bachelor Nation shows. The crossover is upon us.

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