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Hi Steve,

Like others, I loved the recent podcast with Dalton Ross. I have been following him on EW for years, and always look forward to his takes in his recaps of recent episodes. I love all of the extra cast and producer interviews he does as well. Since several readers mentioned last week that they would like to watch old seasons but wanted to remain unspoiled, here is a list of Dalton’s season rankings from 1-36. I noted ones which contained returning contestants with an (R). He’s mentioned several times that he even considers ones towards the bottom of the list to be better than most things on TV. Many of his favorites are mine as well.

1. (tie) Borneo (1st season)
Micronesia-Fans vs. Favorites (R)
3. Heroes vs. Villains (R)
4. Cagayan
5. Cambodia-2nd Chance (R)
6. Amazon
7. Pearl Islands
8. Palau
9. Millenials vs. Generation X
10. Blood vs. Water (R)
11. Philippines (R)
12. Caramoan-Fans vs. Favorites (R)
13. Samoa
14. Marquesas
15. China
16. Cook Islands
17. Game Changers (R)
18. Ghost Island (flashbacks from previous seasons)
19. Australian Outback
20. South Pacific (R)
21. Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers
22. Tocantins
23. Kaoh Rong
24. All-Stars (R)
25. Panama-Exile Island
26. Worlds Apart
27. Gabon
28. Redemption Island (R)
29. Africa
30. Guatemala (R)
31. Vanuatu
32. San Juan del Sur
33. One World
34. Thailand
35. Fiji
36. Nicaragua


Comment: Well there you go. Forgot about that column he did. Hopefully last week’s reader is reading this.

Hi Steve,

1. I know that this might be a hard question for you to answer so I just wanted to hear your insight on this: When David “returned from the hospital” to the rose ceremony, he was dressed in his formal wear but when he was taken by ambulance, wasn’t he supposed to be in his PJs since he fell off his bed?

Did the producers take all of his luggage with him? Or did they have to “re-tape” that entrance by having him put on his formal wear and then shooting the scene of him walking from the car into the limo with his formalwear? Since I know you’ve mentioned that sometimes they have to re-tape scenes. Well, he was returning to the cocktail party just so he could get the rose and leave again. Producers knew that. Becca knew that. So they just had him dress appropriately for a cocktail party.

2. Does Jean Blanc remind you of a mixture between Fred and Josiah from Rachel’s season?

Thanks for your spoilers! I love reading them and watching the show after. Your commentary is hilarious!

Comment: A little bit, yeah.

Hey Steve,

So I can’t tell for sure if Colton is back from BIP or if he’s just doing a good job on social media in trying to convince us he’s back. However if he is back do you think the producers are trying to set the stage for him to be the next bachelor. I know you have said before that would be too much Colton for us. But I can’t help feeling like that’s what they are doing. They make it known that he’s a virgin and that he’s waiting for the right person. Last episode he says things like Becca deserves a good guy and I’m a good guy. He’s a fan favorite for sure and if he leaves BIP because he still has “feelings for Becca” or for some reason I could see them setting him up to be the next bachelor. I’m curious to hear your thoughts now that he might not be on BIP for too long. And if you have any insight on anything that has gone down during BIP. As always I love reading your posts!!

Comment: No. I don’t see Colton being on three consecutive seasons. It’s never happened before and I don’t see why it would happen now.

Hi Steve!

Quick question. Do you know why Becca has not been “writing” her People blogs? I think she did one or two, but that’s it. Do you think it’s because ABC does not want to address all of the contestants’ controversies? Thanks!

Comment: I never even thought about it, but now that you mention it, yeah, she hasn’t written one in a while has she? Not sure what’s going on there. Usually those things are up first thing Tuesday morning on Sometimes even late Monday night.

Hey Steve – have you heard anything about how Lincoln is handling this whole situation with him being exposed for his work stuff, his assault charges, etc.? I’m curious if he’s allowed to make some kind of statement a la Garrett, or if he’s forced to keep his mouth shut, or if he actually WANTS to pipe down and let this pass since he’s guilty? It seems like the whole world is talking about Lincoln and I wonder what his response is.

Comment: No idea. But if I were him, I’d just disappear. Go your 3-times-a-week AA meetings, stay out of trouble, take a science class, quit fondling unsuspecting women, and stay off reality TV. He lives by that, everything else should be peaches and cream for him.

Hi Steve-

You know the gist, long time fan, never emailed. I’m sure you get that all of the time. I’ve loved your website since I first discovered it a few years ago, especially when everyone thought I was psychic when it came to predicting the results of this show. Just two questions for you today…

First of all, what are your opinions on the newest “The Proposal” scandal. I know you haven’t paid much attention to that show (neither have I), but I can’t help but notice it seems to be tanking. I know you said ratings on it weren’t great, and now this horrifying scandal that made them pull episode 2… it just seems like they’re setting up for failure. It’s a horrible look for Fleiss and his gang. His first tweet Saturday couldn’t have been more condescending and disrespectful. Then it took him 24 hrs to realize, “Oh sh**, probably shouldn’t be such a giant douche clown about a serious topic,” and does a 180 on his stance and “they’re doing everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” That’s great. It’s what he should’ve said the first time. However, only time will tell on that. It’s only words and it’s what he’s supposed to say. Actions will determine how serious he is.

Unrelated question, I know you said that when a Bachelor/Bachelorette couple gets married, you buy a gift off of their registry… does this apply for Bachelor in Paradise couples as well? How about couples that meet and wind up getting together, but not necessarily on the show (i.e. Ashley and Jared assuming they make it down the aisle).

Comment: No.

Hi Steve!

Few random questions:

I recently started watching survivor for the first time since maybe the 2nd or 3rd season because of listening to your recent survivor themed podcast. I really enjoyed it!!

I randomly picked a season to watch and picked millennials vs gen-x. Well according to Dalton’s list, that was a top 10 season, so good choice.

1. What are your favorite seasons or seasons you recommend watching?

2. How do your favorites compare to S33? It’s such a different show for me in terms of memory. You’ve heard me talk to Eliza, Stephen, and Dalton from the show. I’ve essentially watched every episode of every season, but my memory retention is terrible. I basically only remember the season that just aired. Once a new one starts, the previous one is completely forgotten unless something major happened. Ghost Island, which just aired, had a great finale. The season as a whole was ok, but definitely one of the better endings.

Perfect example of what I’m talking about: There was a recent season where a contestant was outed as being transgender by another contestant. It was huge news. Everyone was covering it. I know who the contestants involved were (just don’t want to spoil it for you), but if you ask me what season that was and who won? I can’t even remember. See what I mean?

Bach questions

1.what have you heard about Colton and tia?!?! He’s back in the states doing instagram lives but tia is still presumably in paradise. You have to have heard something!! It’s coming…

2. Was Jared and Ashley’s engagement supposed to be revealed now or was it supposed to be surprised in paradise and it just got leaked so they went with it? Well considering there was a photographer arms length away from her and Jared and it went up the next day on, no, that was definitely planned.

3. Are you going to try to get any of arie’s girls on the podcast anytime soon?

Keep up the good work!!

Comment: Yup. Will have one this week.

Subject: Becca’s Finals

I have photos of Becca with someone in Thailand that I just spotted. What’s it worth to you?

Comment: Hmmmmm, I don’t know. $.50?

This was spoiled months ago. And Thailand wasn’t the finals, that was the overnights. Good luck though.

You may have answered this before, so sorry if you have! I sometimes just scroll through the reader emails for entertaining tidbits.

Anyways, not sure if you listen to any the franchise podcasts like Almost Famous, I suck at Dating, or Off the Vine… But they all talk about how they believe Garrett and Becca her have this ‘connection already’ and how they see him ‘going really far’, etc. And they also talk about how Blake is also a ‘front runner’ and how he will probably make final 4 with Garrett… blah blah.

Is it just a coincidence that you KNOW this already and have published it like always? Obviously not, right? It’s annoying to me that they act like they didn’t already your spoilers! I would bet about 99% of the ‘franchise’ people read your spoilers as soon as possible. Then they talk about their opinions on their podcasts as if they have no idea. So annoying how transparent it is. I’ve had plenty of people on the podcast in the 18 months I’ve been doing them admit that they do. I’m sure those others do as well. Do they read word for word? No. But they know where to look to find stuff.

Lastly, I know this horse is dead…. but Jared and Ashley. I think he was always just too embarrassed to date her due to her ‘crying/dramatic/kardashian-like’ rep. But once he saw how other people really liked her, and how ‘successful’ she’d become… he became not-so-embarrassed. Agree? Just my 2 cents!

– Just another boring 40 year mom that loves your sarcasm and spoilers.

Comment: Well, when I was reading a summary of their 45 minute video to let everyone know they’d been dating 2 months, I believe he said something to the effect of when he saw Kevin and Ashley on Winter Games, it made him step up his game and realize he wanted her more. To me, that didn’t sit well. But again, it’s their life and they can choose to live it however they want, which is clearly in the public eye. I just don’t get it.

Hi Steve,

Love your post episode commentaries. They always have me cracking up!

I think you would agree that the producers can edit the cast to just about anything they want… villain, sweet, likable etc. Have you noticed Jason getting a particularly good edit this season to maybe get a following for being the bachelor? I know you have stated the bachelor will be a toss up based on their last 2 picks but I am just loving Jason (I’m guessing he is also just a likable guy, apart from their editing) but I feel like he’s really standing out to me as smart, real, and (seemingly) not into the fame like so many others. Have you gotten that vibe at all? Also, I know you obviously have no say in the matter, but can I just say please NO Blake for the next bachelor! He reminds me too much of Dean!

Comment: I mean, we’ve had a couple episodes where we saw Jason’s connection with Becca, but we’ve also had a couple of episodes where he’s been a ghost too. It will pick up once we get closer to hometowns because he’s featured more. He’s got his first 1-on-1 next week, then one episode before hometowns, then his overnight, so yeah, he’ll be featured more. But up to this point? Pretty sporadic. He’s obviously in the running because he’s top 3, but it’s just too hard to handicap at this point.



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